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  • Forest Lungs: A Poem

    by Andrew Zubinas
    In Lithuanian, "eileraStis" is the term for poem. "Eile" is the term for line. "RaStas" is the term for writing. -- Andrew G Zubinas
  • i think i need help

    by Sloan Kyler
    Emotional breakdowns are never easy. With only one semester standing between her and her diploma, Sloan Kyler lost almost everything-her friends, her health, her home, her future, her family, her mind, and her will to live. After bouncing from one mandatory hospital stay to another, searching for the right doctor to listen and the right medicine to keep her lucid, she did the only thing she still could: writing. This collection of poems (purposely ordered non-chronologically) detail a struggle t... more
  • A Poet's Diary 1

    by Dean Zeviar formerly known as Earnest Navar Williams
    When you see " A Poet's Diary 1 " your first thought may be, " that book is a how-to book." However, it is not an instruction book for poetry. Instead, it is the suppressed feelings and observations captured in a journal. That journal became the foundation for the poems that brought meaning to the colorful illustrations you will see throughout the book. “A Poet's Diary 1” is a collection of thought-provoking poems such as, “Revelation,” “Facing Slavery,” “Anticipation,” and “God’s Recipe for Lo... more
  • Chant of a Million Women

    by Shirani Rajapakse
  • Chocolate Mint Nite Drives

    by Victoria Blanco
    A book filled with poetry and short stories, crafted to make you long for the night, deserted streets, neon lights, unknown shadows, and the night air with less concentration of volatile compounds. Chocolate Mint Nite Drives offers obscure sorrows that wander in the abyss of negative reflection. Come join me for a tangible colloquy as the minty air breeze hits our faces.
  • Beauty of Morality

    by Pierre Edens Sully
    The author wants to enter the hearts of readers more delicately with some poems with the book Beauty of Morality, letting the readers believe that the value of life depends on planned parenthood and other forms of social organization planning for the future in being responsible to bring the children into the world when they could not provide with the full range of material and cultural assets essential to successful competition. What is the main concern of human life? One of the answers we s... more
  • Poetry Crossing: 50+ Lessons for 50 Years

    by Phyllis Meshulam
    Poetry Crossing: 50+ Lessons for 50 Years of California Poets in the Schools celebrates the long history of one of the oldest and largest literary arts education programs in the US. California Poets in the Schools (CalPoets) has engaged more than a million young people in poetry through its programs at schools, juvenile detention facilities, hospitals, and other settings. CalPoets’ 50th anniversary collection of poetry lesson plans offers ideas and inspiration for poetry teachers working with ... more
  • Old Songs

    by Neal Warren & Adam Lizakowski
    Old Songs is a collection of poetry & poetic prose with contributions by me and my friend, Adam Lizakowski. Adam has a long history of poetry with Old Songs being a small selection. Old Songs for me is my coming out party. There's a non-fiction short story that describes in detail my experience in war. It was the most honest I've ever been, not to others, but to myself. The poetry is a mixture of emotions and is far from restricted solely to war. It was worth my effort and I hope yo... more
  • Between

    by David Stringer
    Between is a collection of 70 poems, divided into 7 sections. It was written over a period of 20 years and gradually culminated into a work of poetry exploring time, being, space and the pregnant moments in between. Between is rich with metaphor and meaning, reflecting ordinary moments and moments suspended in time.
  • The Illustrated Poetry for Perverts

    by Derek Mathias and Judith Walter
    An all-original collection of mildly obscene and correspondingly illustrated poems to tickle your inner pervert.
  • Pulling Back the Seams: Collected Poems 1998 - 2015

    by Mindy Cooper
    This collection of poems follows the author’s loves and heartbreaks from her late teens into her late thirties. Hand selected from many journals and stacks of papers, these poems range from the telling of first love and heartbreak, to family and motherhood, and plunges into the depths of grief after losing a parent. It’s a quick and powerful read.
  • Love...or Lack Thereof

    by Megan Theodore
    A collection of poems on love, growth, normalizing the tension and depth of human emotion that often gets obfuscated by society. Scattered amongst them are a series of eloquent sketches contributed by the ingenious Jane Thompson, along with both the front and back cover. We all feel, we all hurt, and we all love. So this book is for me, for them, for you, and for us.
  • On the Darker Side of Things

    by Autumn Crow
    How I see the world of depression. Swimming in its pain, drowning in its fear.
  • 100 Concentric Dialectics of Eccentric Fish Antics

    by Blundering O'Bloat
    A sole soul's dissertation on the state of Earth's nations. From soil contamination to crude oil saturation. Degradation, alienation, Earth?s deforestation, plastic in a cetacean and inane illegislation. Poison vaccination, monopolized medication, noisy demonstration met with militant remediation. The mass monetization of all civilization. A sad edification of our Earth?s situation. Yet, hope, brings inspiration of a wide realization, that appreciation and a closer relation with this space stati... more
  • Musings: A Poetic Perspective

    by Robert Jerome
    Musings provides a poetic perspective on life from the author's point of view. Life, love, death, and social commentary are all highlighted within the various writings.
  • The Lights Are On, But No One Is Home

    by Grace Caraway

    “The Lights Are On, But No One Is Home” is a collection of poetry that is raw and honest. It covers topics that many choose to shy away from, mainly mental health. As it is poetry, I believe the best description for the collection can only be communicated through poetry.


    This is escaping from the

    Cage of my own creation,

    Breaking the fast from my

    Sincerity. This is a journey to

    a place of healing. This Is

    Filling the emp... more