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  • A Window to the Soul

    by William Dickie
    This book contains many poems on a number of varied subjects, but I could say the one true thread connecting all of them is the thread of love. Whether it is a poem on divine love or human love, love for pets or love for the environment that you find yourself in, all the poems are connected with this in mind. The book also contains poems created for family and friends with a strong bond of love flowing through these sections also. The result is a powerful yet compassionate collection of p... more
  • Blood on Paper

    by Maurice Wisdom Bishop
    Blood on Paper is an emotional and heartfelt poetic pieces that ministers the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hearts, minds, and souls of the urban youth. Maurice 'Wisdom' Bishop powerful and poetic words takes you on a journey of his past experiences, the lives of others, and illustrating stories to show you God's love for us; as well as those who reject him. His powerful and anointed words will cause you to examine your own life and make a decision that will change your life forever. Maurice 'Wi... more
  • Pain Living in My Pen: The Untold Truth of a Street Poet

    by Maurice Bishop

    "My heart on paper recite words that can't flow through my windpipe." 

    Maurice "Wisdom" Bishop is back with another compilation of poetry that will move you emotionally. The powerful, spoken word poet, serving in the United States Army takes you on a journey through life on the streets as he saw it. Battling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, suicide attempts, and the death of his only child, he prevails. 

    Bishop feels it'... more

  • Shadows of Footsteps

    by William Kofoed
    I do not know why most poets write poetry but I know why I do so. I write because a thought gets in my head and bounces around till I write it down. You could say that I don't try to write but that I am forced to write. Now I do try to write "good" poetry that people will enjoy reading, but I don't try to write poems for people to read. Most people find that they like some of my poems and hate others of them.
  • The Monsterbet: The ABCs Do Not Scare Me!

    by Sarah Steele
    Join these twenty-six monsters in your silliest journey through the alphabet yet. Be sure to remind the monsters at every chance you get that...."The ABCs do not scare me!" Creatively illustrated, cleverly rhymed, you'll walk away from The Monsterbet inspired, happy, and achy (from all that laughing). Warning: while children of all ages always beg for more of The Monsterbet, moms seem to always gag and run away. Dads, give the moms a break, and read this book to your kids.
  • The Shoephabet: Walking Through the Alphabet

    by Sarah Steele
    In The Shoephabet, shoes take on a new form as letters, hand-drawn exclusively with colored pencil. The engaging rhymes highlight each shoe's personality and bounce off the tongue with their toe-tapping cadence.
  • Dark Days Lonely Nights

    by D. R. Nguyen
    \tThere’s something about the night, staying up at two or three in the morning, unable to sleep, while everyone else is in bed. The world feels like a lonely place deep in thought with the TV playing in the background for comfort while playing with our phones trying to sleep. D. R. Nguyen captures what it feels like to feel isolated from the world and chasing a dream through poetry, prose, and free verse. In his captivating book “Dark Days Lonely Nights.”
  • Poems of Worship

    by Dorothy McDonald
    Poems I wrote while in a mode of worship over the last five years. These are poems that worship God Almighty. I hope they inspire you to worship Jesus Christ while you read them. Also, check out Think, Pray, Meditate you will find more poems incorporated into the book.
  • Redemption

    by Eric Christopher Jackson

    "What have you done in your life that makes it seem impossible to recover from? A crucial mistake? A misunderstanding? A tendency to cling to immaturity? A row of decisions that scream irresponsibility? Or have you committed the greatest sin: Not really doing anything? No goals. No dreams. Believing life & success come easy. You took time for granted & now it feels like your time is up. Wasted.

    I know the feeling. You wake up every morning wondering: Why am I still here? There&rsqu... more

  • Speak

    by Eric Christopher Jackson

    "Speak" is my second collection of writing. It features poetry, including "Skin" and "My Last Prayer" and short stories like "Just a Fan" and "The Judge." Short scripts (Too Cold for Meowing), essays (A History of Blood), and personal stories like "Escaping Pornography" are also included. My goal in this book is to be more transparent as an individual in order to help and inspire others. Most of the work was written between 2012 and ... more

  • The Beginning of Me

    by Eric Christopher Jackson
    November 2013 | Publishers Weekly Cover Feature "As I began my journey into adulthood, I realized the persona of what I was led to believe a man should be was a standard I could not meet. I believed in God, but I did not believe in me. I felt fear. I felt anxiety. I felt insecure. And I could tell no one about it. Instead, I began to write my feelings down in the form of poetry on scraps of paper. This process helped me to be honest with myself about who I saw in the mirror. As you read thr... more
  • by
    Walter Schenck presents a new, exciting version of the Book of Jonah, with an expanded clarification of biblical events. It is written in free verse, poetry, block verse, and prose, while maintaining the essence of the original narrative. If anyone thinks they know what the Book of Jonah is about, think again.
  • Hermead Volume 5

    by Surazeus Simon Seamount
    Hermead of Surazeus is an epic poem in pentameter blank verse about the greatest philosophers and scientists who contributed to the growth of civilization. Volume 5 contains in 20,780 lines of blank verse the following episodes: Library Of Demetrios Phalereus, Garden Of Epikouros, Spheres Of Arkhimedes, Organ Of Ktesibios, Parallels Of Eratosthenes.
  • Lost in the 4rest: Experiments in Kishōtenketsu

    by Garrett Ray Harriman

    Kishōtenketsu is an ancient Chinese and Japanese literary structure that presents stories in four distinct parts: ki (introduction), shō (development), ten (surprise), and ketsu (conclusion). Unlike many Western flavors of plot, here surprise supersedes conflict as the foundation of tales worth telling. Part flash fiction, part prose poetry, and across multiple genres, LOST IN THE 4REST collects 52 four-sentence pieces that experiment with this fascinating storytelling tradition. Ea... more

  • Thee & Me in a Mellow Thine

    by Walter Schenck
    This poetry book looks at the 2016 election, his love for his wife, ands views on everyday subjects.
  • Thoughts & Glimpses in Playful, Emotional Verses

    by Walter Schenck
    Walter's poetry thats on the political, religious, and various stages of life in an easy to read style.