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  • Cursed By Culture-Cluttered Mind

    by Ray Khan
    Cursed by Culture is based on the idea that man is shaped by external influences, education, culture, nationality, roles, environment etc. These influences ultimately shape his demise. The idea developed as the author and illustrator went beyond their study of Bruce Lee’s notes found in Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Cursed by Culture is a unique mind body approach to perception. The ideas presented in the book are built on a three step approach to mind body awareness:
  • Love Hard Live Free:Conversations with She

    by Shaunteka LaTrese Curry
    Love Hard Live Free: Conversations with She is a collection of poems inspired by life, love and spirituality. The author uses her thoughts to inspire, heal and strengthen souls that seek refuge from environments that are tainted with bias. A true poetry story, a wonderful journey of life illustrated thru words with a passion for a better humanity. Each poem is a continuous building of relationships, engaging the reader with topics of love, politics, justice and a survival of the soul. This work ... more
  • Poetic Pause: Because Truth Is Liberating

    by S. Denice Newton
    Truth may be hard to take at times, but the liberation that can result from it can be life-changing. This short book of poetry presents a view of the world that motivates readers to pursue change.
  • Poems de Terre: A Small Collection

    by David Menefee
    In France, potatoes are called "pommes de terre", literally translated as apples of the earth. Poems de Terre is a short collection of poems which celebrate nature, love and mystical spirituality. All of these poems arise from life experience, revealing the hidden treasures uncovered by David Menefee and Rachel Anderson. Climbing Vine Your words Put forth a climbing vine That wraps my spine With joy. - D. Menefee This collection is divided into two sections. The first section... more
  • 1000 Twitter Haiku

    by Matt McHugh
    One-thousand daily, news-inspired haiku from author Matt McHugh, as posted on his Twitter feed from 2009 into 2012.
  • Salt Runs in My Blood

    by Susan Schmidt
    As sailboat captain, rower, flyfisher, gardener, and Quaker naturalist, SUSAN SCHMIDT writes poems about moving from dark into light as she plays in boats and walks long trails. She remembers bright parrots, big trout, gales at sea, glaciers, peach pie, old loves, Celtic ancestry, Civil War battlefields, and learning to navigate. Salt Runs in My Blood relates the poet’s personal journey—mostly by boat: her inner flights and actual escape; as she loves her family and natural neighbors. Observing ... more
  • I Stand Corrected

    by Dewdrops
    The book is witty, motivational, inspirational and filled with wholesome family friendly, rhymes, version and wisdom that will keep you glued to the pages, on the edge of your seat and grinning like a Chesire cat.
  • I Stand Corrected

    by Dewdrops
    Witty, motivational, inspirational and filled with family friendly rhymes and verses that will keep you glued to the pages, on the edge of your seat and grinning like a Cheshire cat.
  • A Vampire's Dark Soliloquies

    by T.M. Thor

    This is the first book from Poet and writer T.M. Thor. " A Vampire's Dark Soliloquies" pulls you in with passionate and sometimes erotic words and brings the feelings that they can evoke. Yet some that may touch a personal note and unlock a window into your own self. Where others will cast your mind adrift and allow fantasy to grip your mind.

    Journey into the world of Vampire Thor if you dare.

  • Foxglove In Springtime

    by Abigail-Madison Chase
    Foxglove in Springtime, is a collection of beautiful lyrical expressions of love in the springtime. Many of the poems reflect on longing and great passion. Written from the perspective of a lover, there are poems for every mood and occasion.
  • Quelle meiner Gedanken

    by Jörn Schimmelmann
    Seit meiner Kindheit leide ich unter Depressionen in unterschiedlichen Episoden, die in meiner Kindheit ausgelöst wurden. Ich habe neben vielen Therapien durch aktives musizieren und später durch schreiben eigener Lieder vieles kompensieren können. In den letzten Jahren, war es mir durch meine Krankheit weder möglich aktiv Musik zu machen, noch war ich in der Lage neue Lieder zu schreiben. Im Herbst 2012 begann ich wieder kleine Texte zu schreiben, die ich oft mit eigenen Fotos verband. So e... more
  • Gefühle & Gedanken

    by John McLane
    Was wäre der Mensch ohne Gefühle wie Schmerz, Verzweiflung, Hass, Trauer, Liebe, Glückseligkeit? Seit Jahrhunderten bringen Dichter Menschen mit ihrer Poesie zum Lachen oder Weinen. John McLane bringt Ihnen Gedichte der besonderen Art, erfüllt von seinen eigenen Gefühlen, Gedanken und seinen Erlebnissen. Tauchen Sie mit ihm ein in seine Welt und entdecken Sie diese auf seine Weise...
  • We Don't Have to Answer

    by Cody Jaey
    A Collection of Poems
  • Home

    by Uvi Poznansky

    Home. A simple word; a loaded one. You can say it in a whisper; you can say it in a cry. Expressed in the voices of father and daughter, you can hear a visceral longing, in poems and prose, for an ideal place. A place never to be found again. 

    Imagine the shock, imagine the sadness when a daughter discovers her father’s work, the poetry he had never shared with anyone during the last two decades of his life. Six years after that moment of discovery, which happened in her... more

  • Scarlet Revelations

    by Robert Ahanes
    Scarlet Revelations is filled with dark, yet spiritual fantasy, exploring the emotions experienced during the final moments leading to the last day of human beings on Earth. Inspired by the Book of Revelation and biblical scripts, the poems of the book highlight the turmoil and despair that an apocalyptic destiny invokes within ourselves. In his third book, Robert Ahanes utilizes various and unique poetic styles to create a world encompassed by fear and suspense, while kindling sparks of hope an... more
  • Old Fashion Poetry

    by Nickolaos Christidis
    I have written many poems. For every poem I list the conditions which prompted me to write it and th message which I wanted to express. I have recieved many poetry awards and I am listed as a member in good standing by the International Society of Poets.