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  • reflections from a broken stream

    by Douglas Sinclair

    "reflections from a broken stream" is a collection of 45 poems that are my response to the tsunami that is life in the twenty-first century. From the first poem, 'reflections from a broken stream" with its existential angst through the next 44 and culminating in the last poem, "Outward Bound", with its message of hope, these poems evolve from a literary tradition stretching back to Dante and Shakespeare: 45 poems exploring the multi-faceted depths of human ex... more

  • God's Rain: Poetry of Love, Life, and Family

    by Daniel Walker
    Author Daniel L. Walker has written many poems about difficult times he experienced in his life. His debut poetry novel 2015 Mary Ballard Award Nominee titled” God’s Rain” talks about his personal demons, his marriage to co-author Teirra Walker, and dealing with rumors that his father allegedly molested a family member. Just as life began to look promising he would face tragedy with the untimely passing of his wife Teirra N. Walker.
  • Crossing Bridges

    by Felene M. Cayetano
    Crossing Bridges is the second collection of poetry by the author, inspired by her experiences between 2004 and 2014 in the towns and cities in America and Belize. These poems capture the emotions involved in transitioning from being a student to being a professional librarian, through love and its opposite, and the wonderment of motherhood. While many of the poems are written in English some are in Garifuna (with translations) and Belize Kriol. The collection is conversational--covering diverse... more
  • The Dollhouse Mirror: Poetry by Frank Watson

    by Frank Watson
    In this beautifully crafted collection of poetry, you are invited to stop and wander over each poem, to let yourself linger in that moment between dream and reality. Within that world, you may find that many of the things you thought were only fantasy are more real than you imagined. From the burning carnality of love, to the mystical attraction of nature, these poems leave a lasting impression and that will catch you at the most unexpected moments.
  • Love and Ordinary Things: Poem from the wheat field, kitchen, dance floor and the heart.

    by marcy goldman
    What sort of poetry comes from being a master baker, mother of sons, wheat’s handmaiden, tango dancer, mistress of scents and a woman with a Jane Austen romantic bent? Personal, riveting, evocative, sensual poems that tell a tale from kitchen to fields of grain to the baseball diamond, to dance floors with worn patinas of unending tangos danced till midnight and a heart that takes no prisoners. This is a special and highly personal collection of poetry of the baker & cookbook author who danced t... more
  • Mug-Mug: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

    by Naveen Bokhari
    Do You Love Poetry? Join Me On My Journey As a Poet with Mug-Mug Poetry and Prose Collected Through A Lifetime You know you're growing up when you decide to quit caring about all the things that once seemed important. At one point or another you decide to sit down, throw everything out, and start from scratch. Tediously you re-evaluate and somehow comprehend the value of everything and anything relevant to your life. Some things you keep, others you burn. Why? Simple: you're sick of it all... more
  • Poetic Potpourri

    by Marc Mullo
  • Heart Strong

    by Nina Serrano
    This book includes my most matured poems as well as many drawings extracted from my journals and dreams or drawn expressly for a particular poem to extend the poetic visions beyond words. The exquisite cover by Adrian Arias and the other paintings and photographs presented in the book are by artist friends. I am especially proud of Estuary Press’ production values, from the layout of the drawings and poems to the table of contents and the inclusion of endnotes to explain the historic context of ... more
  • what the lizard said

    by Mandana Talieh
    Two characters called Wise Dog & Jimmi meet various animals and share their stories throughout each poem.
  • Through the Trees: The poetic end to a toxic relationship

    by Nina C. Palmer
    "Through The Trees: The poetic end to a toxic relationship" is written from personal experiences, It truly captures the occurrence of verbal and emotional abuse experienced in a toxic relationship. This collection of poetry is based on the grief encountered when that relationship ends. The nature based metaphors allow the reader to easily apply them to the loss of any type of relationship. Whether it be a spouse, a sibling, parent, or friend, these writings will hit home with all. A truly inspir... more
  • Pretty from the back

    by sharon white
    I wanted to write poetry to express my hidden fears, my love for family and friends, and to show me growing as a woman of color.My perspective of life has made my poetry joyful with laughter, to see life disillusions. To have a inner strength about Love loss, Love hurt, to awaken to the real power of Love . How loving each other opens the door for God to walk in with Joy .
  • adolesence

    by Abi Lynne
  • The Dark Lord and the Seamstress: An Unconventional Love Story In Verse

    by J.M. Frey

    This COLOURING BOOK FOR ADULTS features a tale that's filled with little trickery, a little romance, an a little bit of sartorial fun - in verse! The Dark Lord, a brooding demon from the depths, is tired of being the butt of all the devils' jokes for his outdated wardrobe. When he invites the world's most famous Seamstress to Hell to make him some new threads, he doesn't expect to be struck by love at first sight. Now he has to figure out how to convince her to marry him ... more

  • The endeavors of the fallen

    by Irene Mavromati
    "The endeavors of the fallen", is a poetry collection of a few poems that depict a journey over four years of joy, sorrow and some pain. Each poem is a state of mind and emotion, while the writer, like an acrobat, tries to find her standing both inside her head and heart, as well as in the outside world.

    by Schiller Marcelin
    Marcelin’s poems are beguiling, remarkably lush and sharply satirical. They are like little heirloom mirrors that slightly distort and illuminate wisps of detail in Haitian culture. This latest collection of poems is culled from over 27 years and multiple continents. Each piece illuminates an ever shifting face of clouds that reflect his experiences and anchor his poetic foundation. His evolution from national labor union leader in his native Haiti, to international spokesperson & representative... more