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  • MOON TALK by Wade Stevenson

    by wade stevenson

    A sweeping poem of love and loss, desire and consummation, of androgynous force and mystical identity. Erotic, transformative, mythic, corporeal, "Moon Talk" concedes no boundaries between the poet, the moon, and his lover.

  • I Write Because I Have No Choice

    by Rose Cirigliano
    Collection of wonderful poems on thought provoking topics written with rhythm and rhyme by Native American, Steve Stone. Great bedside reading.
  • ISBN-13: 978-1519463524 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1519463529

    by Rose Cirigliano
    A unique collection of poems inspired the works of American photographer, Frances Benjamin Johnston. If you never heard of her, you have definitely seen her work. This wonderful collection of poems are the stories Fannie's pictures told Simon.
  • Inspirations and Emotions

    by Hunter Dan
    My name is Daniel Hamel AKA Hunter Dan. Thank you for purchasing a copy of my book of poems. The book is titled,” Inspirations and Emotions”. The title suits this collection very well. They are all written because a topic or an event inspired me to write it. And the Emotions that I felt while writing virtually all of these, especially the ones written that have to do with my disease. While I was still active and after I went to rehab. There were many many tears shed with pen to the paper. These ... more
  • Under a Toenail Moon

    by Terry M Gresham

    This is a collection of poems, a bit on the surreal side and not so surreal, too, taken on over the last ten years or so. I was interested in putting a few things together for readings and noticed that by doing those readings there emerged a few unshakable themes and images. It would seem that I had been working with them for a long time--my father used to tell me that the moon, when shaped a certain way, was a toenail that a giant clipped and it stuck in the sky. I believed hi... more

  • Addicted to You: Poems of Romance

    by Liv Kalay Hernandez
    A collection of poems just in time for Valentine's day! This book is sure to make your cheeks flush and your Mama blush. Put some romance in your Valentine's day. For mature readers only due to adult content
  • Raging Love

    by Liv Kalay Hernandez
    a collection of poems on the subject of love, what it means to be loved and the emotions or feelings love can cause or bring.
  • Under Angel Skies: Poems

    by Liv Kalay Hernandez
    A collection of poems on a variety of topics that everyone can relate to. From love, to happiness, to heartache. Suitable for all ages.
  • Trials and Tribulations

    by Olivia Nicol aka Liv Kalay Hernandez
    a collection of poetry which touches on the fact that we must all endure things in life, but assures the reader that all obstacles no matter how big or small can be overcome. suitable for all ages.
  • A Mind Full Of Poems

    by Nicholas Bingham
    Nicholas wrote the poems in this book to satisfy his creative desire to use words, to form rhymes, and to tell stories. ‘A Mind Full Of Poems; In This Present Moment' is his first collection of poems, inspired by the beautiful moments in life which we often take for granted. A lot of the poems in this book are directly inspired by mindfulness. Being mindful we let go of struggle and simply allow things to be as they are. By doing this and experiencing life with a ‘beginners mind', we step out of... more
  • Life's Rhymes for Our Times

    by B. D. Mullins
    This book is about a passion for writing. The poems contained herein are a selection of many which I have written. They are a variety of many places of the mind and in our times. Throughout the years I have been in contact with some special people and some special places. I have been offered a rare opportunity to be a part of recording things as I saw them. It is great fun to re-arrange words to give a different meaning to what we thought we already knew. I will continue to write poems for those... more
  • Our Paths Are Connected by the Presence of Love

    by Renata Bigham-Belt
    Having lived through many of the peaks and valleys in life, Renata writes inspirational poetry to bring strength and peace to others traveling this same journey.
  • I Am Gone Like A Shadow When It Lengthens -A Tale of An American Life

    by Marlon Paul Moseley

    The author tells a poetic story of his evolutionary transition of American life as an immigrant Trinidadian; growing up in America circa 1980's. He tells a tale of a friend being killed through a brutal racial beating & murder while the other dying of AIDS in secrecy the the caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago.The book touches all aspects of young male black life through pictures and poetry....

  • Ghetto Conversations

    by Elizabeth Thomas
    Ghetto Conversations is a collection of urban poetry that addresses subjects such as love/betrayal, faith, empowerment, and social issues like domestic violence and war. The poems are based on conversations between the author and people in the urban communities in which they live.
  • Poetically Correct

    by Ciera S. Louise
    Ms. Louise magnifies into verse, using a variety of creative formats, the very questions that arise during certain events we are a part of both personally and globally. At the forefront is the media, chosen by the few and fed to the many. Much of this author's work had been accepted and printed until the poem "Sunday Hypocrite" got censured for the raw truth it conveyed. Told that, "Freedom of The Press", had only to do with "their freedom to choose" what is best for the public to read. This boo... more
  • Asomatos Erotas (Bodiless Love)

    by Maria Psanis
    Explains a love beyond the physical need, the beauty to be fearless, the courage to have faith, the conscientiousness to communicate with another soul in silence, and be content with the untouchable.