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  • Midlife Cabernet

    by Elaine Ambrose

    Welcome to Midlife Cabernet!
    This title is SO much better than the original working title of Elderly Wino. If you’re a feisty, robust female tumbling down the far side of fifty, grab a glass of cabernet (oh hell, grab the whole bottle), wear your rhinestone-studded reading glasses, and savor some witty words of wisdom: 
    - Enjoy midlife love, sex, and passion (with another actual, living person)
    - Turn your adult children’s old room into a wine bar so they can&r... more

  • Watching Their Dance

    by Therese Crutcher-Marin
    “Watching Their Dance offers a compelling glimpse into the lives of an HD family, navigating a world of loss and fear with courage and clarity.” \t\t\t\t\t\t--Kate Miner, Actress and HD Advocate WATCHING THEIR DANCE A MEMOIR Three Sisters, A Genetic Disease, and Marrying into a Family at Risk for Huntington’s Huntington's disease is a devastating inherited condition that produces a combination of neurological, motor, cognitive and psychiatric symptoms. It’s been compared to having P... more
  • November Ever After: A Memoir of Tragedy and Triumph in the Wake of the 1970 Marshall Football Plane Crash

    by Craig T. Greenlee
    The legacy of the Marshall players who perished transcends wins and losses. Their tragic deaths squashed the likelihood of a bloody race riot on campus. The evening of November 14, 1970 was damp and chilly with a steady drizzle and dense fog. Students at Marshall University had no idea that the night’s horrific events would change their lives forever. On this night, a plane crash wiped out most of the school’s football team. Unless you were there, you could never fully comprehend the gravity of... more
  • Red Blood, Yellow Skin

    by Linda L. T. Baer
    RED BLOOD, YELLOW SKIN SYNOPSIS \tRed Blood, Yellow Skin is the story of a young girl’s survival in war-torn Vietnam during the First Indochina War between France and Vietnam, the civil war between North and South Vietnam, and the later American involvement in the Vietnam War. Linda Baer was born Nguyen Thi Loan, in the village of Tao Xa, Thai Binh Province, North Vietnam in 1947. When she was four years old, the Viet Minh attacked her village and killed her father, leaving Loan and her m... more
  • Moonlight in the Desert of Left Behind

    by Jan Baumgartner
    Newly married, writer Jan Baumgartner and her husband, John, pack up their home and busy lives in San Francisco trading the city verve for a quieter one along the rural coast of Maine. Looking forward to a slower pace, a life intertwined with nature, and greater opportunities to satiate their wanderlust for world travel, the couple buys a rambling Victorian house on the shores of Eggemoggin Reach, excited to begin this new chapter of their lives. But just a few years later, they receive the unex... more
  • Lords Hill

    by Maggie Miller

    A woman's life growing up in a small New England Mill town. The struggle through multi-generational abuse, alcoholism, mental illness and adultery. The residual affects of gossip, bullying and sin. The search for God and the journey through healing and recovery.

  • Piping Hot! Tales of a Wandering Bagpiper

    by Susan Planck
    How does it feel to play the bagpipes on the summit of Mt. Fuji? Or march with the riotous skirl of 10,000 bagpipers through the streets of Edinburgh in the 2000 Millennium parade? What is it like to serenade mystified onlookers with bagpipe tunes on the Great Wall of China? And who are these strange folk who don wooly kilts and funny shoes to partake of this ancient musical rite? Susan Hadley Planck tells all in an engaging new book, Piping Hot! Tales of a Wandering Bagpiper. (MoonScape Publish... more
  • Homelands: A Memoir

    by Neal Moore

    At age 19, Neal Moore, a drug-addled sixth-generation Mormon, bids farewell to his cancer-stricken mother and grants her dying wish: to become a missionary. Accepting an assignment to the South Africa Cape Town Mission, Elder Moore goes from the comfortable, upper-class suburbs of his native Los Angeles into a nation emerging, sometimes violently, from the strictures of racial apartheid. But this naive and troubled “soldier of God,” who toys with suicide because of the deaths... more

  • Do I Still Need My Head Examined Or Just A New Pair Of Running Shoes?

    by Mitchell Milch LCSW
    For the first 30 years of my life I raised survival to an art form. All grown up and still child-like, I commenced psychotherapy in 1981 and began to sift through my past to rewrite the misbegotten, self-limiting scripts that held me back from expressing my artistic gifts. When I discovered running in college, I soon internalized the seeds of a vision of life as a successful marathon. I developed a knack for marrying form and function to ride currents of creative flow that carried me to the fini... more
  • The Way Gargoyles Play: An Inspirational Journey Through The Heart of Darkness to Lasting Happiness

    by Andrea Britt Cadelli

    Why do some people overcome adversity while others get stuck? What core aspects of the human spirit help us overcome tragedy and grow from it? Poignant and powerful, Andrea’s honest journey through life’s most challenging circumstances answers these questions and serves as a guide for all who are searching for a path forward and a purpose-driven life.

    Interweaving inspirational personal narratives with beautiful poetry, The Way Gargoyles Play takes the reader on a journ... more

  • Re-Membering

    by Ann Millett-Gallant
    Re-Membering is a memoir about being congenitally physically disabled and experiencing traumatic brain injury. Millett-Gallant recounts her accident, recovery, and consequential discoveries by engaging multiple genres of writing. Chapters are composed of personal narrative, research on brain injury and art therapy, disability studies and other critical theory, information from medical records, voices from other memoirs, and examples of her artwork. She underscores the vital role of her family an... more
  • Always in Fashion

    by Bert Geiger
    Albert Geiger's autobiography tells of a lifetime in the fashion industry. From his humble start as a milliner to his illustrious work in couture clothing, Bert's many successes in design are owed to his indomitable motivation to have his own fashion label. His styles outlived the trends of the times, from the conservative cuts of the forties to the rebellious "Disco Daze" and beyond. Classic lines and casual elegance distinguished Bert's designs, resulting in clothing that was "Always In Fashio... more
  • I Was Born a Boy, From Venus

    by Ella Marques
    In her debut memoir I WAS BORN A BOY, FROM VENUS, Ella Marques discusses the impact of transitioning from male to female in her sixties. The memoir not only explores gender identity, but presents the full life of a globetrotting polyglot, passionate about travel, her family, and her work.
  • A Maverick Traveller

    by Mary Jane Walker
    Whether it was eating dog unintentionally in Indonesia, meeting the rapper 50 Cent at a backpackers or kicking a US nuclear submarine in New Zealand, A Maverick Traveller is filled with the unique stories and experiences of Mary Jane Walker. Mary Jane has travelled to all corners of the globe - to large cities, visited rural villages and tiny unknown islands off the coast of continents. A Maverick Traveller is a mixture of laughter, culture shock, amazement and sadness, it is a compilation of... more
  • The Strange Paths We All Follow

    by Chance J.J. Edric
    When I first set out to write this book, I never thought it would make it this far. I figured it would be a few short stories for my kids to read when they were old enough. Not so much because I wanted to leave a legacy but because I've lived through some crazy stuff. I wanted to show them just how nuts it could all get but how spectacular it could be as well. I hoped they would be able to find some sort of lesson in it and maybe live a little better because of it. What ended up happening is the... more
  • Wild Willful Heart

    by W. Boone Hedgepeth
    After a life threatening illness the author goes on a determined spiritual journey across America to find healing and transcendent reality. This mind expanding story takes one from physician to medicine man to mountaintops, meeting many profoundly unusual characters along the way. This is an astounding expose of marriage and relationships, Mormonism, the New Age, American Indian fundamentalism and modern Christianity.