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  • I Think I'm Alright: A Collection of Personal Essays

    by Peter Ash
    This collection of personal essays explore different topics, from growing up as an only child, dealing with an anxiety disorder and confronting the self-narrative I’ve told myself and how it has held me back. As a thirty-something professional still trying to figure out who I am, I started writing reflection pieces to help me process my thoughts and feelings, as well as a way of exploring parts of myself I hadn't dare to confront before. It has been incredibly therapeutic for me, and althoug... more
  • Wild Road Home: Memoir of an Adventuress

    by Christina Nealson
    It wasn’t a difficult choice. Following five years on the road Christina Nealson faced an ultimatum: stop traveling or her marriage would end. She had hit her stride during those years, as writing and photography converged with her naturalist self and led her deep into the wild; she wasn’t about to go domestic. She traded the motorhome and husband for a 4WD pickup and a nineteen-foot travel trailer and headed solo for Alaska. Wild Road Home is the story of a courageous unfolding, from the icy wa... more
  • Letters From the Love Room: Mapping the Landscape of Loss

    by Corinne Martin
    After the death of a beloved 102 year old aunt, Corinne Martin explores the landscape of loss and learns more about her aunt, rediscovers their intriguing family, falls in love with her home ground again, and begins to heal. In the arduous trek through loss and letting go, Martin discovers that all love rooms intersect in the heart, and that our beloveds are never torn away.
  • The Colors of My Life~Short Stories and Poems

    by JL LeGerrette

    These stories and poems are reflections of the zany, humorous, and true situations that she either fell into or created because of the way that she categorized information in her mind. The main consistency in her childhood was the familiar voice in her head which helped her reason and maneuver through the complexities of life. This created some funny life lessons along the way that will make you laugh, or sometimes bring a tear to your eye as you navigate the memories in her heart, and possib... more

  • Hang In There Tough

    by Tom Yerace
    "Hang In There Tough" is the story of Charles V. "Chuck" Wagner, a legendary high school football coach in the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL), one of the nation's hotbeds for that sport. Wagner's story is not about wins and losses, although he finished fifth on the all-time WPIAL list for coaching victories. It is a tale of his unrelenting optimism and a "never quit" attitude in dealing with adversity and challenges throughout his life both on and off the field. Ch... more
  • An Adventurous Childhood

    by Malcolm Elliott

    Having grown up in eastern North Carolina, this memoir is a collection of real life short stories chronicling events in my life from birth through high school graduation. While my recollection was challenged in a few instances, the characters and incidents are real and about 97% accurate.

    I don’t think kids grow up with much confidence, so in reading these stories, I hope you feel the apprehension, concern, confusion and indecision I experienced when trying to put them into words.... more

  • Fuck Cancer: A Tale of Love Pouring in from Every Angle

    by Jennifer Lynch
    When Jennifer prayed to the full moon in Scorpio asking the universe for a partner and family, she never expected to find her way back to her oldest friend, now a bald female cancer patient with four fantastically rambunctious kids. Follow their journey of rekindled friendship and sisterhood as Jennifer hits the road to raise money and spread Breast Cancer awareness throughout New England by bike and Ericka stays home to beat the shit out of cancer.
  • The Greater Weight of Glory

    by Robin Farnsworth

    That's my son - three words that swept away everything familiar from Robin Farnsworth's life. An emergency room nurse at work one night, she identifies the dead man on an ER stretcher. Spencer, her 21-year-old son, was the unintended target of a murder. Reaching back to 1964, when Robin lost her brother, The Greater Weight of Glory is a series of small stories; tragic, tender, wild and wondrous but all pointing to the universal question: "Where is God, anyway?" This is more ... more

  • What Doesn't Kill You

    by Michelle Harris Jefferson
    In the world we live in today, too often people are suffering in silence. We are looking for hope in a world where there seems to be none. Come with me on this journey of the unbreakable human spirit! In the face of divorce, neglect, mental and physical abuse the human spirit of one girl exhibits amazing resilience! Journey with me as we break through cultural barriers, expose taboos and pull down strong holds on this journey of discovery!
  • The Sun Above the Clouds

    by Rodney Miles
    In Paul Hebert’s The Sun Above the Clouds, travel back to an age of taming the raw, Canadian land by hand, and follow through to the present, as Paul tames his soul, through tragedy to personal triumph. After suffering through an early life of alcoholism and abuse, Paul had found his calling, crawling up electrical poles as he had seen an Indian do when he was a kid. He loved his career as a power lineman. But brawls in bars and blackouts haunted him. Through sheer determination, Paul brought hi... more
  • Pictures with Stories: A Memoir by Tony Mendoza

    by Tony Mendoza
    Pictures with Stories: A Memoir is a book consisting of 84 photographs, each with an attached very short story. They relate to the photograph, and more often than not, the stories are amusing, or surprising, or revealing. I’m thinking that this format seems appropriate for our times, considering that nearly everyone today is a smartphone photographer, and they are all posting their photos on social media accompanied with some sort of a tale. In effect, they are doing their memoirs online. What I... more
  • Flashbacks of a Prairie Kid

    by Merv Letts
    Flashbacks is an historical narrative of growing up in a small Prairie town during the war years and the 50’s decade following. It documents many childhood memories of the times, events, celebrations and customs of Prairie life. Anyone who grew up on the Prairies anywhere in Canada or the United States will relate to this book and enjoy its content. The book is profusely illustrated in color with 575 pages, soft cover with perfect binding…an enjoyable read even if you didn’t grow up on the prair... more
  • The FBI - They Eat Their Young

    by William Alan Larsh
    The book is an honest and detailed memoir of an FBI agent's career, providing the reader with the unique and often amusing story of one agent's journey from his first day of work until his retirement. He exposes a dark side of FBI management in a callous bureaucracy, illustrating their pettiness, vindictiveness, massive egos, and retaliatory nature.
  • The Sacred Shed on the Edge of the Ravine

    by B. R. Bodengraven
    On the precipice between a life that is rapidly fading away and a new life in the offing, B.R. Bodengraven orders a pre-fab shed and creates an enchanting retreat in the back yard of her home on Boston’s storied North Shore. Part writing studio, animal blind, sanctuary, and chapel, the shed provides refuge from the “busyness” and distractions of life in the 21st century, but it also provides a sacred space for interacting with the underlying regenerative force of the universe. Inside its walls, ... more
  • Perpetuating Trouble

    by Chris Orcutt

    “I avoided writers very carefully because they can perpetuate trouble as no one else can,” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

    In this humorous memoir, novelist Chris Orcutt shows how true this is. Debunking the myths, Orcutt reveals that the writing life is really one of crushing solitude, chronic dissatisfaction, mood swings and self-doubt, and where successes, when they come, are like diner mints–sweet, but short-lived. And everyday life is equally stressful, with call... more

  • Lil' Lymie Fly Away Home

    by Nicolenya Caltman
    Introduction Welcome to my suffering. I am Nicolenya. I have Lyme. Sounds like an opening for a support group…but there it is. I am beginning to think that much like the saying “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic” is true in this case, and that in my case “Once a “Lymie”, always a “Lymie” will be my lot. I don’t want to believe it but I fear this is the path I am going down. There really should be support groups all over the world for us and beautiful retreats to run away to, where w... more