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  • The Reluctant Caregiver: Missives from the Caregiving Minefields

    by Joy Johnston

    Not everyone is born a natural caregiver.

    One moment, digital journalist Joy Johnston is a cynical workaholic with an underwater mortgage. The next moment, she faces the responsibility of caring for her eccentric mother who's battling colon cancer, just six months after her father's death from Alzheimer's. As an only child, she has no choice but to slap on the latex gloves, and get to know more about her mother — and herself — than she ever imagined possible.

    ... more
  • Lenin Hitler, and Me

    by Vera Kochanowsky
    Here is the amazing autobiography of a man born to a life of wealth and privilege as the youngest son of a Siberian industrial tycoon. With the coming of the Russian Revolution, his charmed life is swept away, and he is thrust into a world of poverty and oppression. Relying solely on his wits, his optimism, and luck, he makes his way to Germany, where he becomes a successful mining engineer, despite the privations of the German depression. But then, in a single day, his secure position is lost, ... more
  • Loopey to Beau: A Troubled Author's Journey with Dogs

    by James W. Bennett

    Acclaimed YA novelist James W. Bennett's autobiographical narrative of his long-term struggle with a psychiatric disorder and the wonderful dogs that brought aid and comfort along the way. It's a dog book, as well as a mental health book. It contains useful information about mental illness, as well as some Christian content.  Available in trade paperback or ebook.

  • Hiking the Holy Mountain:Tales of Monks and Miracles on the Trails of Mount Athos, Greece

    by John McKinney
    “Hiking the Holy Mountain” tells the story of John's adopted son Daniel and the Greek monk/iconographer named Father Daniel who foretold his birth, amazing trips back in time and in faith to Mt. Athos, and the miraculous events that occurred on—and off—the Holy Mountain. While the ‘plot’ and colorful cast of Greek monks in “Hiking the Holy Mountain,” seem like they came from a movie script, this is very much a true story!
  • My Bumpy Journey on the Road to Find God!

    by Jim Painting
    As a baby boomer, the author found himself in many unfortunate situations while growing up and becoming an adult. These troublesome and often humorous moments were usually caused by his own defiance, curiosity, and goofy judgment. The book shares several incidents that ultimately led a self-conscious loner to developing a relationship with God. Despite breaking windows, engaging bullies, falling from trees, losing friends, eating bugs, and riding sheep, to name a few incidents, the author discov... more
  • A Girl with a Special Name

    by Adelina L. Kennedy
    For years, author Adelina L. Kennedy endured a long battle with anorexia and its complications. In A Girl with a Special Name, she chronicles her journey through hardship and her miraculous recovery to a healthier, more fulfilled life. Faced with a multitude of challenges including anorexia, blood infections, medical coma, drug-induced hallucinations, emergency surgery, resuscitation, intubation, attempted suicide, seizures, and pancreatitis, she eventually took two trips to rehabilitation facil... more
  • A Teacher's Tale

    by Joe Gilliland
    It was never in author Joe Gilliland?s plan to become a teacher, certainly not a college teacher and most certainly not an English teacher. But that?s what happened, and he?s never looked back. In A Teacher?s Tale, he explains, how by neither planning for nor seeking a life of learning and teaching, lacking a syllabus or lesson plan, he discovered that a life in academe lay in his path?a path he?s followed for more than fifty years. A Teacher?s Tale begins in 1932 with Gilliland?s first experie... more
  • Growing Up Guyanese

    by Ashti A. Motilall
    This memoir specifically highlights the experiences of a female of Indo-Guyanese decent growing up in the Midwest. Often confused for being an immigrant East Indian, Ashti offers a brief exposure to a thriving culture that is consistently overlooked. Ultimately, she aims to show others what it is like to be a West Indian living in the United States. As she explains her ethnic background, Ashti also covers the nuances of growing up Guyanese?the struggles she and others like herself face and the c... more
  • Shaped Notes: How Ordinary People with Extraordinary Gifts Influenced My Life and Career

    by Larnelle Harris with Christine Schaub
    The majestic tenor voice of Larnelle Harris has helped define a generation of contemporary Christian music. Most people know about Larnelle’s notable successes – his Grammy Awards, his Hall of Fame inductions, his #1 hit songs – but no one has heard the true story of how a little boy from the hills of Kentucky made his way to music’s most acclaimed stages and venues. His journey -- from the son of a bootlegger to being the first gospel artist to sing inside the Kremlin after the fall of the So... more
  • Van Life: Exploring the Northwest with Two Dogs, a Cat, and a Van

    by Sarah Leamy
    The housesitter backed out only days before the planned departure, so Little Stevie would be coming with them after all. Three months, two dogs, and one cat: What could go wrong? With her two friendly pups, and a somewhat feral cat called Stephen, Sarah explored the backroads of the Northwest. Passing through Colorada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, this little family stumbled across little rural villages, lakes aplenty, and many a microbrewery, chatting to the locals along the ... more
  • The Jihadi

    by Tohon
    Life’s journey is complex and diverse. War is being continually waged on various fronts in different shapes and forms. First, there is a war against oneself - call it an inner drive or a journey hidden in the depths of one’s own heart. And then there is the outer war in the visible world. The Jihadi unfolds as a chance meeting with an American professor in Jakarta lands a Bangladeshi youth in his dreamland: America. By the time the youth finishes his studies, he has formed a bond with the profes... more
  • Sunburst and Luminary: An Apollo Memoir

    by Don Eyles
    Fresh from college, the author gets a job at the MIT lab that created the Apollo guidance system. His assignment is to program the complex lunar landing phase of the mission. As he masters his art the reader learns about the computer, the mission, and a bit about spacecraft navigation — and meets a cast of brilliant characters along the way. As Apollo 11 approaches, the author flies lunar descents in simulators and meets the astronauts who will fly the LM for real. He explains the computer alar... more
  • Traveling High and Tripping Hard

    by Joseph Davida
    What happens when you take a musician with a quest to find the meaning of life, the herculean task of trying to save the world, and insatiable wanderlust? Throw in a liberal dose of drugs, sex, and rock and roll and what results is Traveling High and Tripping Hard by Joseph Davida, a new book set for release in January. The story of one young man’s quest to find meaning through a series of altered states and high adventures, Traveling High and Tripping Hard is highly unusual, highly unorthodo... more
  • Illegal: A True Story of Love, Revolution and Crossing Borders

    by john dennehy

    A raw account of a young American abroad grasping for meaning, this pulsating story of violent protests, illegal border crossings and loss of innocence raises questions about the futility of borders and the irresistible power of nationalism.

    Illegal tells the true story of love and deception, revolutions and deportations as it chronicles the trials of John Dennehy. Naïve New Yorker, Dennehy refuses to be part of the feverish nationalism of post 9/11 America. His search for ho... more

  • A Walk with Purpose: Memoir of a Bioentrepreneur

    by Michael Becker
    With a prolific career in biotechnology, serving as CEO of two companies who worked in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, Michael Becker knew and understood cancer. It was his job. So, when he was looking in the mirror at age 47 and saw a lump in his neck that wasn’t there the day before, he knew something was wrong. After several tests and agonizing waiting periods for results, his worst fears were confirmed – he was diagnosed with stage IV oropharyngeal (head and neck) cancer in December 2... more
  • Choosing Light

    by Viral Dalal
    In January 2001, 25-year-old Viral Dalal was vacationing in India when a catastrophic 7.7 magnitude earthquake devastated the city of Bhuj, destroying the high-rise building where he and his family were staying. His father, mother, brother, sister-in-law and 2 year old nephew were killed during the event, leaving Dalal alive yet trapped in a concrete box. Finally rescued five days later, he found himself facing not only a life irrevocably changed by tragedy and loss, but with a new sense of purp... more