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  • Rough Draft Confessions

    by M. Jane Colette
    A non-fiction collection of inside insights about writing dirty, the power of words, taboo language, the freedoms and limitations of genres, fulfilling your creative drive, and the business of writing, this behind-the-scenes companion piece to the author’s erotica and romance novels takes readers inside the process of writing and selling flirty-dirty stories. Part coming out story, part creative manifesto, all subversive, RDC connects readers to creative resources in off-the-wall ways, exami... more
  • Faithful And Devoted: Confessions Of A Music Addict

    by Jenna Rose Robbins
    Both an ode to the joy of music and a cautionary tale of obsession, Jenna Rose Robbins’ coming-of-age adventure offers a glimpse into a subculture where unchecked fanaticism can lead to both euphoric and devastating consequences. As a love letter to fellow music addicts, the memoir of her time following Depeche Mode on the 1993 Devotional tour brings readers face to face with the artists she idolized, while speaking directly to the heart of every music fan.
  • Grimmy's Girl

    by Tina Truax

    What does a too-mature-for-her-age girl do when she meets and befriends a laid-back, sweet talking younger boy? She falls in love, of course.
    In the charming short essay, "Grimmy's Girl," author Tina Truax offers a glimpse into her budding romance with Grimmy, who captures her heart during her nineteenth summer.

  • Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down

    by Tina Truax

    Tina Truax is a free-spirited, sassy, independent woman who battles convention at every turn. In Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, she shares a thoughtful expose of her many attempts at fitting in and behaving according to society's unattainable standards. After a mental breakdown at age thirty-four, Tina took a closer look at where life had taken her and has chosen to move forward on her own terms. With Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, she throws expectatio... more

  • Where Children Run

    by Karen Emilson
    Twins David and Dennis Pischke’s lives change forever when heir father dies, and a Polish immigrant damaged by the war arrives at their farm near the isolated town of Moosehorn, Manitoba. Boleslaw Domko quickly works his way into their lives and their mother’s bed. Where Children Run opens with one of their earliest memories—the day Domko throws their infant stepsister against the wall. In this first-hand account, the twins recall years of neglect, starvation, and enslavement; horrific beatin... more
  • American Rococo: Essays on the Edge

    by Isham Cook
    What do seashells, obesity, graffiti, and the American ghetto have in common? Nude hot springs and the Japanese theater? Atheists and family-values conservatives? Why do atheists go on religious pilgrimages? How have schools infantilized our understanding of Shakespeare, and the textbook industry conspired to turn our language's history into agitprop? What is the single most dangerous sexual idea that even the liberated can't handle? Ranging across centuries and continents, Isham Cook's far-flun... more
  • At the Teahouse Cafe: Essays from the Middle Kingdom

    by Isham Cook
    It’s 1949 at Revolutionary University. Chinese students spend all their waking hours in political meetings—when they’re not hauling feces from the latrines to the manure fields. Jump to 2015. Chinese endure endless meetings at the hands of bosses and are required to keep their cellphones on around the clock and pick up at once—or be fined. They live in a technological utopia while enslaved by the same structures of psychological control of over half a century earlier. Underlying the myth of a “N... more
  • Passages Through Pakistan: An American Girl's Journey of Faith

    by Marilyn R. Gardner
    “I had grown up in Pakistan, was nurtured on her soil, took my first steps and said my first words there. Pakistan was a land that knew me before I had a recollection of ‘being;’ before I knew I was human.” Memories of joy and pain, close friendships and loneliness interweave in this compelling portrait of an extraordinary childhood. In Passages Through Pakistan, Marilyn Gardner traces a journey of growing faith and emerging identity in a small missionary community. From the close quarters o... more
  • Motherhood Martyrdom & Costco Runs

    by Whitney Dineen
    Join bestselling romantic comedy author, Whitney Dineen, as she discovers the three Es of parenting: • Exhilarating—when you first discover you’re pregnant. • Exhausting—when you realize you’ll most likely never sleep again--like EVER. • Explosive—OMG these kids spew from both ends! And that’s just the beginning. Whitney shares the ridiculous highs and excruciating lows of her catapult into motherhood. Enjoy the ride as this new mom vows to give up profanity while fal... more
  • Given Away

    by Kate Anne Kang
    When Anny Kang was six years old, she was sent by her mother to live in America, where she became Kate Strand. Within the white suburban civility of Minnesota, Kate struggles as a Korean adoptee, her voice capturing the loneliness and sadness of a young girl forced to forget everything she knows in order to navigate a new terrain. Never really identifying with her Asian roots or harboring a desire to uncover her ancestry, she comes face to face with her past when her Korean birth family conta... more
  • Midlife Cabernet

    by Elaine Ambrose

    Welcome to Midlife Cabernet!
    This title is SO much better than the original working title of Elderly Wino. If you’re a feisty, robust female tumbling down the far side of fifty, grab a glass of cabernet (oh hell, grab the whole bottle), wear your rhinestone-studded reading glasses, and savor some witty words of wisdom: 
    - Enjoy midlife love, sex, and passion (with another actual, living person)
    - Turn your adult children’s old room into a wine bar so they can&r... more

  • Watching Their Dance

    by Therese Crutcher-Marin
    “Watching Their Dance offers a compelling glimpse into the lives of an HD family, navigating a world of loss and fear with courage and clarity.” \t\t\t\t\t\t--Kate Miner, Actress and HD Advocate WATCHING THEIR DANCE A MEMOIR Three Sisters, A Genetic Disease, and Marrying into a Family at Risk for Huntington’s Huntington's disease is a devastating inherited condition that produces a combination of neurological, motor, cognitive and psychiatric symptoms. It’s been compared to having P... more
  • November Ever After: A Memoir of Tragedy and Triumph in the Wake of the 1970 Marshall Football Plane Crash

    by Craig T. Greenlee
    The legacy of the Marshall players who perished transcends wins and losses. Their tragic deaths squashed the likelihood of a bloody race riot on campus. The evening of November 14, 1970 was damp and chilly with a steady drizzle and dense fog. Students at Marshall University had no idea that the night’s horrific events would change their lives forever. On this night, a plane crash wiped out most of the school’s football team. Unless you were there, you could never fully comprehend the gravity of... more
  • Red Blood, Yellow Skin

    by Linda L. T. Baer
    RED BLOOD, YELLOW SKIN SYNOPSIS \tRed Blood, Yellow Skin is the story of a young girl’s survival in war-torn Vietnam during the First Indochina War between France and Vietnam, the civil war between North and South Vietnam, and the later American involvement in the Vietnam War. Linda Baer was born Nguyen Thi Loan, in the village of Tao Xa, Thai Binh Province, North Vietnam in 1947. When she was four years old, the Viet Minh attacked her village and killed her father, leaving Loan and her m... more
  • Moonlight in the Desert of Left Behind

    by Jan Baumgartner
    Newly married, writer Jan Baumgartner and her husband, John, pack up their home and busy lives in San Francisco trading the city verve for a quieter one along the rural coast of Maine. Looking forward to a slower pace, a life intertwined with nature, and greater opportunities to satiate their wanderlust for world travel, the couple buys a rambling Victorian house on the shores of Eggemoggin Reach, excited to begin this new chapter of their lives. But just a few years later, they receive the unex... more
  • Lords Hill

    by Maggie Miller

    A woman's life growing up in a small New England Mill town. The struggle through multi-generational abuse, alcoholism, mental illness and adultery. The residual affects of gossip, bullying and sin. The search for God and the journey through healing and recovery.