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  • No Off Buttons: The Journey Begins

    by Stephanie Patel
    This is a spiritual memoir. A true and highly validated account of spiritual communication and interaction. This book covers the first 40 days of one woman's profound experience. Retired from her work as an attorney, exhausted and depressed at age 65 after a challenging life, seeing little further purpose beyond attempting to resolve all the lessons of life, to clear the slate, to find the essence of spiritual nature before she leaves this world, she is unexpectedly confronted with a "voice" f... more
  • Warrior Patient: How to Beat Deadly Diseases with Laughter, Good Doctors, Love, and Guts.

    by Temple Emmet Williams
    This book is the surprisingly funny story of someone who recovers completely from a relentless series of medical problems, many resulting from the system designed to prevent them. They include cancer, kidney failure, dialysis, deadly infections, partial blindness, shingles, large open wounds, a hernia and a little amputation. It takes almost three years to accomplish, but the patient now plays tennis, walks, bikes and works out in a gym. Almost miraculously, he recaptures “ normal.” Learn how he... more
  • The Token Black Guide: Navigations Through Race in America

    by Donald Guillory
    The Token Black Guide offers a conversation on race discussing aspects that many are not exposed to, are uncomfortable with, or simply uncertain how to challenge. The Token Black Guide is a blunt, informative, and sometimes humorous account of what it means to be confronted with prejudice and ignorance.
  • The Boy Who Knew Too Much

    by Cathy Byrd

    “Mommy, I used to be a tall baseball player.” “Yes, you will be a tall baseball player someday.” With a look of exasperation, he stomped his foot and hollered. “No! I was a tall baseball player—tall like Daddy!” What was my son trying to say to me? Did he mean . . . he couldn’t mean . . . was he trying to tell me that he was a grown-up in a previous lifetime? At the tender age of two, baseball prodigy Christian Haupt began sharing vivid memories... more

  • Surviving Remnant

    by Hanna Perlstein Marcus
    Set in the deteriorating north end of Springfield, Massachusetts in the 1950s and early ’60s, Surviving Remnant is Hanna Perlstein Marcus’ sequel to her award-winning memoir, Sidonia’s Thread. In Surviving Remnant, she recreates her childhood community of ambitious, humorous, and resilient immigrant refugees who occupy an apartment building, eager to adapt to their new homeland and build new lives for themselves and their children in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Within the backdrop of the ... more
  • Incest, Murder and a Miracle

    by Morgan St. James
    Cheryl Cuccio and Robert Cuccio written with Morgan St. James. This inspiring—and sometimes shocking—TRUE story is about love, trust, incest, murder and, yes, an actual miracle. The producer of the 2017 Discovery ID TV episode featuring Cheryl Cuccio says, " I laud Cheryl Pierson Cuccio and Rob Cuccio for blazoning their traumatic pasts and valiant love story so that others who suffer in silence might be emboldened to seek help. Like so many, I was first drawn to their story for its spectacl... more
  • Letters to Her: A Memoir

    by Gesild Muka
    No one likes getting dumped and for a young man in his 20s there are few things worse. A desperate love letter turned memoir this work by first time writer Gesild Muka chronicles the author's move to the United States from a young age as well as a collection of personal anecdotes, fictional short stories and essays all framed as a long letter to a mysterious girl that has evaded him on multiple occasions.
  • Bernie's Paris...Travel Stories with Love

    by Linda Spalla
    Later in life, writer Linda Spalla fell in love with both a native Frenchman and his hometown of Paris. In "Bernie's Paris," Spalla and photographer Bernard "Bernie" Verdier share the wondrous moments they have spent in the City of Light and give great advice for readers planning their own Paris fling. Their escapades over an 11-year period tenderly reveal that is it never too late to experience the charm of Paris. "Bernie's Paris" is full of tips, recipes, mistakes, surprises, suggestions on wh... more
  • Greater Things

    by Kristin Beale
    Greater Things is my story of a Jet Ski accident at age 14. I was told I wouldn’t live and, when I did, my doctors forecasted that I won’t be able to breathe independently; speak; swallow; feel or move below my injury; or walk. I’ve worked as hard as I can to prove all those things wrong, and I’m still working on the last: walk. This book is my story of traveling around the country, rediscovering the world from the height of a wheelchair, trying new things, having fun, and learning about myself.... more
  • A Time to Pause: Reflections Along a Former Frontier

    by Henry R. Engler
    Journalist and author Henry Engler takes us on a tour of modern Germany and asks whether the memories of the country's past 40-year division still resonates among young and old. What he finds raises questions about collective memory, and its importance for future generations in shaping society.
  • Living in Italy: the Real Deal - How to Survive the Good Life

    by Stef Smulders
    In 2008 the author emigrated to Italy, bringing husband and dog along, to start Bed & Breakfast Villa I Due Padroni. But a lot of hurdles had to be taken before the first guests could be accommodated. In 2014 Stef reported about his adventures in buying and reconstructing the house, obtaining a tax number and a bank account, registering at the commune and at the national health service, importing their car and a range of other things that lead to a myriad of bureaucratic troubles. These problem... more
  • 3 Lifetimes In 1: A True Story About Change And Redemption

    by Mark Wayne Allen
    This book is Mark Wayne Allen's memoirs about his life. Coming from a normal background of a fun-loving, active kid, he has withstood many trials of life and has had to begin his life again, not once, but twice. A tragic car wreck would force him to leave the innocence of childhood behind at just 12 years of age. His survival was only by Miracles. Physical healing would take months, but the traumatic events would force him to rethink his life. Some years later, he would suffer a major head... more
  • Lemonade and Holy Stuff

    by Miranda Gargasz
    At times poignant as well as hilarious, Lemonade and Holy Stuff examines the small moments in life that help us turn bad situations into good and leave us feeling more blessed than we realize. Through the eyes of a mother, wife, daughter-in-law and aunt, readers will find more than their fair share of laughter and tears in her observations of everyday life. They may even find a glimpse of themselves. Whether observing the humor her children use to calm an upset cousin, complaining of "mining" fo... more
  • The Curse of Iqbal/978-1-63263-534-1

    Following a devastating car crash, a young man becomes isolated and alienated. His unfortunate accident gives him the insight he will carry throughout life, that nothing is guaranteed, not even his next breath. He rejects a secure position in his father's business, and begins searching for a higher calling. A chance meeting in 1969 with Donald Trump, a friend from high school, assures him that he is right in abandoning all interest in a business career. In this first memoir the author weaves the... more
  • N of 1: One Man's Harvard-Documented Remission of Incurable Cancer Using Only Natural Methods

    by Glenn Sabin with Dawn Lemanne, MD, MPH

    Twenty-five years ago my doctors had no cure for my cancer. So I went on a quest to find my own treatment. This is my story... In 1991, Glenn Sabin was a 28-year-old newlywed diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)–a disease doctors called “uniformly fatal.” Treatments could buy him some time and eventually ease his discomfort, but there was no conventional cure. Glenn’s prognosis was clear: he was going to die. Although Glenn and his wife, Linda, continued to consult with doctors, ... more

  • My Struggle 2016

    by jean claude dehmel II
    A political biography recounting my life from childhood to present with an emphasis on my world view.