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  • Now Everyone Will Know

    by Maggie Kneip
    After a fairy-tale courtship in 1980s NYC, Maggie’s young marriage shatters when her “perfect” husband is diagnosed with and dies of AIDS, leaving her with two young children in a city electrified by paranoia about the new epidemic. NOW EVERYONE WILL KNOW is an honest, unflinching look at the damaging nature of secrets in relationships and an inspiring call to embrace every truth—the good, the bad, the ugly—that makes us who we are.
  • Ciao Pussy! A Memoir of Florence

    by Susan Kelley
    Susan Kelley writes a hilarious memoir of one couple’s sixteen-year romp living, working, and playing in the artistic treasure house of the Western world. In delightful and always-surprising chapters, she relates the compelling adventures of a writer and artist finding their true path in life while encountering a cast of unforgettable characters, ranging from the endearing residents of Florence to a consecrated nun, Italian royalty, a legendary rock star, and of course the indomitable "Ciao Puss... more
  • Sister Moon of the Philippines: Amidst a Culture of Terrible Abuse and Poverty, an Astonishing Filipino Girl Rises Up

    by Victoria Mulato
    Xulli entered the world in a way no child should ever have to; into a family and Filipino culture of poverty, neglect, and terrible abuse. Astonishing and unforgettable, this is a captivating story about the effects of abuse on the mind of a child, the heart wrenching struggles of an impoverished family, and how a young girl strives and dreams for something better. Born in the Philippines in the 1960s, Xulli is the first child of many. By the time she is four, she is taking care of three oth... more
  • Please Excuse the Mess: A Memoir

    by Heather Portenier
    In 2007, a near-fatal accident on a Colorado highway left the Porteniers' eight-year-old son with a severe traumatic brain injury that changed the course of their lives forever. It was the first in a series of tragedies and challenges they would face over the following six years, testing their familial bond and marriage. "Please Excuse the Mess: a Memoir" is an inspirational story of courage, forgiveness, strength and the power of love.
  • The Garbage Man's Daughter: Letting Go of Shame

    by Gloria Shell Mitchell
    A heartwarming story of a child’s resilience! Inquisitive nine-year-old Davida Kincaid struggles to escape impoverished living conditions in rural South Carolina, understand her mother of eighteen children, and adjust to life without her beloved father, a garbage man. Her public school teachers and faith in God help her to triumph over every crushing blow to her heart.
  • TINY

    by KIMI
    TINY is based on my true life experiences and fight for survival against a severe Bi-Polar husband. I survived countless attempts on my life, and witnessed miracles of God allowing me flight for survival. My book begins with a backstory of my biological mother, and how I came to be. I was taken from the floorboard of a pickup truck at 4 months of age, and placed for adoption. Adopted at 3 1/2, by two hard-working Christian parents who were both diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease while I was... more
  • Tango Goes to Africa

    by Camille Cusumano
    On Saturday, September 21, 2013, Camille Cusumano had just hit the send button on her computer that would alert thousands of her contacts she was headed to Nairobi to teach tango to slum-dwelling youth when a phone call came informing her that Somali terrorists had bombed the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. Some 67 people died and more than 175 were wounded. The Islamist group al-Shaabab claimed responsibility. She wondered what al-Shaabab thought of the tango. She wondered if she should be going to K... more
  • Eat Dance Love: Anthology of Tango Stories

    by Camille Cusumano
    This collection of travel stories and essays traces the author's burgeoning love of Argentine tango from accidental tanguera to living in South America frequenting Buenos Aires' steamy dance halls and learning a thing or two about life and love, as well as enjoying Argentina's favored folk dance, el tango.
  • Ollie Ollie In Come Free: A Memoir of Swallowed Time

    by Anne Bernard Becker

    Ollie Ollie In Come Free: a Memoir of Swallowed Time explores the impact of the deaths of the author's older siblings on her childhood and growth into adulthood. It is narrated largely in the child and adolescent voices, from ages three to seventeen, with adult interludes. The memoir is based on the author's reawakening of childhood memories and emotions during the process of psychoanalysis. While delving into the anguished world of an introverted child struggling with unvali... more

  • In the Wake of the Frontier: A True Account of Living in Alaskan Isolation

    by Ruth Vincent
    In 1954, Ruth Vincent was a young teacher and Alaska was not yet a state when her biologist husband, Bob, decided to conduct research on rugged, isolated Afognak Island. As they left Oregon for the unknown, both Ruth and Bob eagerly anticipated their pioneer adventure. Hours later, the two stood on the remote island with nothing but a short-wave radio and bush pilots as their connections to the outside world. Dressed in heels, Ruth reveals how she was ushered into her tiny new home that had look... more
  • Smash-Mouth Jesus: A Memoir: God's Answer to Violence

    by Jack Flynn
    The life of an abused child is filled with pain and self-blame. And there is the never-ending question of why one of the people who is supposed to love you is also responsible for hurting you. Millions of children experience abuse and neglect every day. For most, their stories go untold. In author Jack Flynn’s memoir, Smash-Mouth Jesus—A Memoir: God’s Answer to Violence, he takes you on a journey of redemption through the nightmare of helplessness and self-hatred associated with child abuse. Fly... more
  • Save Them All

    by Allan Fredrickson
    Allan Fredrickson grew up in Southwestern Manitoba, Canada and attended the college of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota. Upon graduation he accepted an associate position in a mixed animal, full service veterinary hospital in Mount Vernon, Washington. He has four grown children and lives with his wife Barbara in Mount Vernon.**When Dr. Friedson approached the horse he ran his hand along the neck under the mane then down her face and over her nose. He reached up and felt her ear... more
  • Tails of the Prairie

    by R. A. Baldwin
    In Tails of the Prairie, Baldwin shares a collection of stories from his work as a veterinarian in three rural Wyoming counties from 1951 to 1964. Living in Wyoming can be a challenge as well as an adventure. Wyoming is a place of extremes and this affects the people who live there. The people are tough and tenacious and the country is full of all different types of personalities. This book lends a glimpse into the challenges of living and working in such a drastic environment and the characters... more
  • Sustaining Ecstasy

    by Dian Parker
    Falling in love is dangerous. Is it real? Will it last? Can you trust it? Could this be just a lusty romance, destined to end? At 53, Dian Parker lives on her own land and is hardworking, talented, spiritual, and happily alone. Until she falls deeply in love. Everything she thought about herself crumbles in the wake of this new passion. She had thought she was successful, an independent strong woman, and confident. Instead, unresolved fears erupt from her past and doubt permeates her newly fou... more
  • The Plate Spinner Chronicles

    by Barbara Valentin
    From author Barbara Valentin comes a collection of hilarious Plate Spinner columns from her bestselling Assignment: Romance series... What working parent hasn’t considered delivering a performance review to their child prior to granting a salary, er, allowance increase? “The Plate Spinner Chronicles: A Working Mother's Epic Adventure” is a hybrid memoir/how-to guide that is stuffed with multi-tasking advice and relevant, but nostalgic anecdotes, all written in the wry tone of a harried working m... more

    by Doody Richards
    Following a nasty split-up with his long-term partner, Doody Richards feels his broken heart will never heal, when—one night staring at his bedroom ceiling in the emptiness—suddenly decides to travel to Bali. Above of all, he has had enough of Sydney life; the glamour gay parties he lead and the superficial Sydney gay scene he lives in. So he gives up his job and flies to Bali in the hope of finding a little piece of heaven to settle his troubled soul. Beyond all expectation, he finds himself wa... more