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  • That Year

    by Sevda Khatamian
    “That year” is the first book that I have published, which is a story of my new apartment and how I gradually made friends with it, a bunch of funny misfortunes, things and people slightly out of the ordinary. It’s a minimal memoir based on my thoughts and imaginations, and what I observe from the world around. I joke about stories in the past and believe that time covers up the feelings. It’s hard to imagine how diverse things can happen throughout one year. Well, you don’t know what’s going to... more
  • Heart to heart a gift for f to N conditional love ve

    by Pene Enochs
    My chance meeting with my "Angel in Disquise" was life changing. A gift of unconditional love would transform my Spiritual beliefs as well is my physical being. My life touch seven others that made a heart that heart impact on my life. God had opened my heart, allowing me to love myself unconditionally. Thus, directing me to love others with this God given Divine Love. My mission is to promote God's glorious Light and Unconditional Love to everything on this beautiful living Earth.
  • The Painting and The Piano

    by John Lipscomb
    The Painting and The Piano is an improbable story of survival and love. Growing up more than a thousand miles apart and worlds away from each other, Johnny and Adrianne seemed to have it all that children could ask for. However, the demons of their respective mothers would tear their fragile lives apart. Eventually, destiny would bring Johnny and Adrianne together, but first they had to endure the painful toll that alcohol, drugs, and a negligent court system would take on them. W... more
  • Bite Me: Tell-All Tales of an Emergency Veterinarian

    by Laura Lefkowitz, DVM
    Bite Me is a series of stories that gives the readers a reality based insight into the world of modern veterinary medicine. Far more than a book just about animals the book describes the comedies, the dramas and the traumas that veterinarians are regularly involved in when dealing with owners and their pets. The author also takes the reader along on her travels and provides a poignant comparison of the luxuries of modern veterinary medicine to the paucity of third world countries. Along the way... more
  • Garbage Bag Suitcase: A Memoir

    by Shenandoah Chefalo
    Garbage Bag Suitcase is the true story of Shenandoah Chefalo’s wholly dysfunctional journey through a childhood with neglectful, drug-and alcohol addicted parents. She endured numerous moves in the middle of the night with just minutes to pack, multiple changes in schools, hunger, cruelty, and loneliness. Finally at the age of 13, Shen had had enough. After being abandoned by her mother for months at her grandmother’s retirement community, she asked to be put into foster care. Surely she would f... more
  • The Power of Real Love: If God Touched Us by His Love, the Results Will Be Love Flowing Through Us to Others.

    by Gina Fauteux
    Growing up in a dysfunctional family, going through cancer and many trials. I have learned to trust God and he gave me a peace that can only come from him.
  • The Pearl of East Texas

    by William D. Albright
    In The Pearl of East Texas, Bill Albright provides a rich chronicle of the life of his mother, Mattie Pearl Albright, that sheds light on both a changing period in recent American history and the shifting intricacies of race relations in our society. Mattie grew up in Jim Crow era Shreveport, moved to booming wartime Los Angeles, and lived the last part of her life in Berryville, Texas. With a confident, compassionate, collaborative, and community-minded spirit, she demonstrated how a smart, a... more
  • Masks: A Hudson Valley Childhood

    by Rhythm Prism, A.G. Moore

    Memories from long ago often come back more vividly as images than they do they do as detailed recollections. I found this to be true when I began writing about my childhood. The pictures I saw in my mind were so powerful that I had to recreate them. I started to draw. Rendering those images was like reliving episodes from the past. As a result, Masks: A Hudson Valley Childhood relies almost as much on illustrations as it does on narrative text. The story I wanted to tell was not uni... more

  • Waterski Girl Wonder

    by Shellie Blum
    Escaping instantaneous death and paralysis from a hangman's broken neck, and shattered right jaw endured in a horrific watersking accident is only part of this unbelievable life story. Follow Shellie on her journey from the Ozarks to Egypt and even the back alleys of Hollywood streets as she perseveres through more than her share of grueling set backs. You don't have to be a waterskier to enjoy this inspiring true story told by the first female freestyle waterskier ramp jumper in the world!
  • My Three Lives on Earth

    by Tawab Assifi
    This book tells the true life story of the author, Abdul Tawab Assifi. It is written in three parts. Each part depicts unique circumstances and happenings in the author’s life and that of his family. In part one, the author gives an account of his early life, including his schooling and the degrees he earned from reputable American universities. He then discusses how he utilized this knowledge to build his home country. Mr. Assifi climbed the professional ladder, becoming governor of an importan... more
  • Gone Before: How the Here and There Are Not as Far Apart as We Might Think

    by Judy Fisher
    As a child Judy Fisher doubted, and feared, the idea that those who have crossed over can be with us in our lives on Earth. As an adult, she faced the illness and subsequent death of her mother, which taught her more about life and death than she could ever imagine… Gone Before tackles the complicated and emotional issue of life after death in an intelligent, compassionate way, taking the reader on the author’s quest not only to cope with her grief but come to terms with death and what comes a... more
  • Piece by Piece: Remembering Georgina: A Mother's Memoir

    by Helen Anderson
    In July 2013, fourteen-year old singer-songwriter Georgina Anderson received the shock news that her recent ‘indigestion’ was in fact an aggressive form of liver cancer. As doctors battled to save Georgina, her mother Helen poured her thoughts and fears into the pages of a diary. Piece by Piece is a transcript of that diary as a new member of the ‘club’ no parent wants to join. A breathtaking record of the author’s journey as a mother from that day onwards, this unforgettable book also charts t... more
  • Painting Pictures

    by Corey D. James
    Growing up in disadvantaged neighborhoods, our youth learn at an early age that they have to adapt to the rules of the streets or fall victim to it. Thus, they replicate the image of their environment, resulting in the ongoing cycle of violence, drugs, incarceration and tragedy. This book brings you into the harsh and complex world in which our urban youth struggle and you will hear first-hand accounts of the alarming images and circumstances inner-city youth must overcome. You will learn that a... more
  • Up From Where We've Come

    by Charles Wright
    A Historical Autobiography Detailing the Racism and Hardship the Wright Family Faced as Sharecroppers Near Clarksdale, Mississippi Circa The ’40s and early ’50s.
  • Simply Bob: Searching for the Essence

    by Robert Brown
    Author Bob Brown, wrote about understanding you, others and the meaning of life in his book, Personal Wisdom, which the Midwest Book Review called a “highly inspirational resource.” The prequel, Simply Bob is the backstory to the earlier writing; it tells how Brown discovered the reason why to get out of bed in the morning. This memoir describes the moment that stimulated this search, his intellectual and emotional guides, and what he learned over his fifty years of answering the big questions.