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  • Prude: Misconceptions of a Neo-Virgin

    by Carrie Lloyd
    SEX. LOVE. VIRGINITY? In the dating game these days, the V-word has become as strange and complicated as the Love-word, and purity as outdated as pay phones. How exactly is a Christian girl supposed to handle herself these days? How can she create healthy boundaries without scaring off every available guy? Is purity even possible without being puritanical? In this candid, humorous account of the true-life trials of Christian dating, Carrie Lloyd shares the wisdom she ’s gleaned in her quest f... more
  • A Good Princes Love

    by Dr Hussein Medhat Bassim
    This Book is to show what it means to be a Prince of the underworld and how to shape the recent history of the world and the worlds future . Essential reading if you want to be a prince
  • Adios, Havana: A Memoir

    by Andrew J. Rodriguez

    A legacy to future generations, this memoir is intended to remind readers of the fragility of freedom, and to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening in America

    Adios, Havana is a true account of romance and peril, adventure and patriotism. Fueled by love--love of family, of country, and of each other--a young couple must face the most wrenching of choices: remain in the country they cherish, lose the wealth and position their families strove for generations to attain, and watch th... more

  • Together Through Korea and Alzheimer's

    by Joyce Sorensen
    Sixteen-year-olds Dick and Joyce fall in love and manage to marry at nineteen despite a mother determined to split them. When Dick is drafted and shipped to Korea, Joyce and their infant are forced to live with her manipulative mother. In letters from six thousand miles away, Dick poetically writes of his longing for Joyce and relates bizarre incidents which occur around him. Separated and existing in alien environments, their relationship shifts. Late in his life, Alzheimer's attacks Dick but... more
  • Life Between Naps: Stories from a Full-Time Unemployed, Stay-at-Home Dad

    by Jim Noonan
    life between naps is a humorous collection of stories and essays about a man and his ridiculous understanding of what it means to be a parent and husband. As a stay-at-home dad, Jim to tries to go with the flow, but when a urgent intestinal explosion is about to change the lives of everybody at the local grocery store, it gets a narrative unlike any you've heard before. His stories are light, funny and touch on the awkward experiences we all face: Gym memberships, doppelgängers, whales, Costco, ... more
  • Grace in a Wintry Season: Feeling Our Creator's Love in a World Grown Distant and Cold - And Loving in Return

    by Edwin Steinmann

    Grace in a Wintry Season traces attorney Ed Steinmann’s journey from a “none” to a “mystic” as he examines fourteen dreams occurring over thirty years and one extraordinary inner vision (“mystical experience”). Their creator, experienced by Steinmann as his Creator, imaged “hirself” by turns as masculine, feminine, a divine light, and otherwise. In this moving memoir, he shows how paying attention to the nurturi... more

  • Ways to Navigate

    by Walter Lacey

    Ways to Navigate is a collection of 16 stories, both

    nonfiction and fiction.  Five nonfiction anecdotes have previously been

    published in several editions of Transformation Magazine

    ( and

    “Connecting the Dots” is an engaging past life recall story.  “The Familiar

    Face…” is an intriguing soul recognition anecdote.  “Discovering the

    Essen... more

  • Small Town Ho

    by Duke Diercks
    New author Duke Diercks bursts onto the scene with the hilarious memoir of one family’s move from the big city to the panhandle of North Idaho. No Jobs. No friends. Just buckets of our own ignorance. Follow along in horror and hilarity as the family acclimates to the new small town way of life and the author bounces from jobs working in a school cafeteria to selling women’s clothing in a call center to opening a barbecue restaurant.
  • Waiting to Die, Longing to Love

    by Russell Lanier
    I was the top-rated evening news producer for a dominant television station in the Chattanooga, Tennessee market. It all came crashing to an end after an investigation into crack cocaine and prostitution, when a drug dealer convinced me to "just try it for yourself." I became hooked and went from being admired and respected to unemployed and suicidal. "Waiting to Die, Longing to Love" ...chronicles a year of my life in a residency program for drug addicts. I witness whacked-out relapses, outra... more
  • Heart Medicine: A True Love Story - One Couple's Quest for the Sacred Iboga Medicine & the Cure for Addiction

    by E. Bast
    Two longtime lovers: spray paint artist, Chor Boogie, and yogini and performance artist, Bast. One shocking drug relapse—after more than a decade clean. Then the disheartening discovery: 90% of narcotics addicts relapse in the first year in our Western Medical system. The lovers navigate the treacherous labyrinth of addiction and ultimately chose to pursue treatment with an obscure indigenous African sacred plant medicine called iboga, used since ancient times for spiritual healing and ... more
  • The Broken Places

    by Joseph McBride
    In The Broken Places, Joseph McBride, an internationally acclaimed American cultural historian, recalls his troubled youth in the Midwest during the 1960s. Searingly immediate and yet reflective, this is the author's memoir of his breakdown as a teenager and triumphant recovery. It gives an unsparing look at physical and psychological abuse, family dysfunction and addiction, sexual repression, and Catholic guilt. And at its heart, this is a haunting, often joyous love story. The Broken Place... more
  • Edwina

    by Jill Hofstra
    Get wrapped up in the warm memories of Edwina, a precocious and delightful girl who lived just outside of Boston in the early 1900s. Edwina's recently uncovered memoirs-found in old notebooks and diaries by her granddaughter, Jill Hofstra-tell the story of growing up the child of a single, working mother who never let her daughter know how hard life really was. Told in the first person, Edwina's humor, spunk and optimistic spirit shine through stories that introduce us to the diverse cast of cha... more
  • Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Rickshaws, Chai, Chapattis and Gurus

    by Elizabeth Rae Kovar
    Finding Om is a travel memoir that looks into the mind and soul of 22-year old, Bowling Green State University college student, Elizabeth. In 2005, Elizabeth studied abroad in Australia, which ignited a fresh perspective on life. Australia, and the ocean, became her first love – a sacred place that rebirthed her soul and introduced her to yoga. Emboldened by the South Pacific, Elizabeth returned to Ohio and fell ill from reverse culture shock. Her collegiate responsibilities, boyfriend issues... more
  • The Days of My Youth: A Childhood Memoir of Life in the Oneida Community

    by Pauline Caputi
    This 5 1/2 hour audiobook brings to life the memories of a child in the unique 19th-century social and religious experiment that was the Oneida Community. Successfully conveying what it felt like being a young girl in the commune, it is an important source of information about one of the longest-lasting and successful ventures in utopian living in America history. It is filled with affectionate and amusing portraits of members of the community and their neighbors and employees. Corinna Ackley No... more
  • David and the Giant Mailbox: Walking 1000 Miles to Talk About Climate Change

    by David Henry
    Angered by the seeming indifference of people to the crisis of climate change, David Henry set out to cross the country by foot having conversations with people along the way. What he found might surprise you.
  • Broadway, Schrafft's and Seeded Rye--Growing Up Slightly Jewish on the Upper West Side

    by lyla blake ward
    A lighthearted look back at life in the 1930's and early 1940's. Through essays and poems, histories and vintage photos, the author makes this unique neighborhood—72nd Street to 110th, east and west of Broadway--come alive. It’s a place, she recalls, where almost everyone she knew was Jewish and only the pigeons ate white bread.