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    by Julio Dam
    In my book, HOW TO BECOME GOD´S FRIEND I teach how to communicate with God, way beyond the usual "prayer": to talk to Him, or to Yeshua ("Jesus") and have Him talk back to me, and to tell me jokes (I relate two repeated jokes in my book. How to be guided in EVERYTHING YOU DO by Him, and not by our mind. That is one of the most efficient keys to live a successful life. The book I wish to be an e-book and a paperback, and be submitted everywhere.
  • Private Lucky

    A teen’s dream of flying is put on hold when forced into hiding in Nazi-Occupied Holland. He later pins his hopes on the American Army, but with pilot training shut down, will he ever reach his goal? Undaunted, Private Hank evolves into a popular soldier, arriving in America broke but determined to pursue his lofty goals in a manner only this very lucky Dutch-American would even think of trying, flying by the seat of his pants to the highest levels of aviation.
  • Born Fanatic

    by Michael McCormack
    The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat doesn’t begin to describe the life of someone born a sports fanatic. For born fanatic Michael McCormack, the outcome of 600 pro football games dictated his life. Only when his father’s 50-year NFL Hall-of-Fame career ended did the grip of his own football fanaticism become clear. Few have learned from football what McCormack has. What he finally uncovers, almost too late, is the reason for his dad’s deep commitment to the game. This book start... more
  • Wartime Vignettes: A Boyhood Memoir of World War II and of Its Aftermath

    by T. A. Dolotta
    This is the story of a young boy and of his parents caught up in World War II and in the Holocaust. It describes the events that impressed themselves upon the boy's memory, as remembered by him as much as 75 years later. It recounts stories of life in the Polish ghettos, and of hiding from the Nazis and their collaborators. It describes the horrors he has witnessed, the narrow escapes he has had trying to save himself from being sent to the extermination gas chambers, and his life on the run. Fi... more
  • Peace in Pieces: A Memoir Told Through Poetry

    by Peggy Belles
    Beneath one woman’s unending will to save others is the need to save herself. Peace in Pieces is a collection of poetry about life and the power of vulnerability. Peggy Belles is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia and a retired Police Lieutenant from New York. Peace in Pieces is a collection of forty-one poems that grapple with the complexity of living. Writing has been Peggy Belles’s uncensored outlet throughout her life. Documented here in captivating verse are the ... more
  • Not My Story to Tell: My Journey Through Grief: Loving and Losing a Daughter with Bi-Polar Disorder

    by Cathy Lynn Brooks
    At a young age, Justine was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. As Justine grew up, she often made bad choices due to the traumas of her past and her mental illness. Through it all, Cathy never stopped loving her daughter. In this revealing and powerful book, Cathy takes you back to the early days of Justine’s childhoodand the events that led to her diagnosis. Cathy watched her daughter try time and again to change her life, amazed and awed by Justine’s persisten... more
  • Just a Little More Time

    by Florrie Munat
    Story is a crucial component of navigating the roller coaster that is grief. The beautifully written stories and poems in the Just a Little More Time anthology share tender last moments with loved ones, muse about what happens once we die, and most of all celebrate and delight with tales of love. The book's magic is hidden in the smallest details that underlie the universal message: that you can find hope after significant loss. Whether exploring the loss of a cherished forest or beloved wife, t... more
  • Be Brave: A Wife's Journey Through Caregiving

    by Florrie Munat
    Florrie Munat became her husband Chuck’s caregiver on the day he suffered a severe stroke. Any chances for his recovery were derailed when they learned that Chuck was also suffering from Lewy body dementia. After that devastating news, Florrie and Chuck assumed their loving marriage had been shattered forever. But what happened next surprised them. With honesty, humor, and compassion, Florrie’s inspiring memoir invites the reader to walk in her shoes as she navigates the roller-coaster journe... more
  • Up, Up and Astray: Memoir of an Airline Bachelor During the Golden Age of Air Travel

    by Jim Spaeth

     Jim, an only child, has always been a restless soul. At the age of six his dad died unexpectedly. He was left in the care of a stern Catholic mother and grandmother at home, and strict nuns at school. His curious, rambunctious nature only seemed to attract criticism. By the time Jim graduated, he had had enough of female authority. Short stints in the Marines and Cincinnati Police only confirmed his yearning for adventure.

    Fate intervened when a broken-down car turned into a career wit... more

  • I Give My Eyes...

    by Brian H. Peterson
    “I Give My Eyes…” is both spiritual autobiography and a story of healing and salvation. Author, artist, and museum curator Brian H. Peterson looks back on a creative life and reflects on his own search for the deeper layers, the “substrata.” In luminous, poetic prose, he ties together private and public, inward and outward journeys, struggling with the realities of advancing Parkinson’s disease while discovering an affirmation of belief that embraces suffering and doubt. “Somewhere there, i... more
  • Before I Let You Go: Stories for My Grown Son

    by Kirsten Wreggitt
    Every mother has things she’d like to tell her child but there never seems to be the right time; the conversations are just too personal or too raw. “Before I Let You Go” was written by Kirsten Wreggitt as way of sharing these conversations with her son. Through short stories, she vulnerably shares the triumphs and failures of the first half of her life and illustrates the greatest life lessons she has learned from these experiences.
  • Finding Myself Again

    by Dena Olson
    My memoir is about my process of healing from a traumatic brain injury. When I was 27, I suffered a sinus infection that was not treated correctly, and the infection spread to my brain. I woke from a coma to find I was deaf, and had no memory of my past, I had to relearn to walk and to trust and to love again.
  • #NotAFailure

    by Christian Locklayer
    Part memoir, part- self-help, #NotAFailure details some of my personal experiences with post-grad sadness and rejection and struggles in an uncertain job market. This book outlines how all of these experiences prepared and pushed me towards starting my own business. It also explores many issues that Millennials face in the post-grad battlefield, what it means to go after your dreams and pursue your sense of purpose, and how we could all benefit from talking about one of the most taboo subjects i... more
  • The Other Side of Ego: From Cancer to Consciousness

    by Jonathan Gravenor
    On February 24, 2012, my daughter told me “I don’t care if you live or die.” That was the day I was diagnosed with late-stage throat cancer. After spending time yelling through a closed door, reminding her of all I had given her I stopped, and the truth began to unfold. I looked back and could not remember the last time I had held her and made her feel safe, the last time I sat and praised her for what she had become, or, worse, the last time I had told her how much I love her. Suddenly I ... more
  • The Games Lawyers (and Judges) Play: An Insider's Look At What's Really Wrong With The American Justice System

    by Steve Koslovsky
    THE BOOK YOUR LAWYER DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ! "Games Lawyers (and Judges) Play" takes you behind the scenes of the courtroom and the law office to show you (1) How lawyers routinely overcharge their clients, ( 2) How bad judges are selected but almost never removed, (3) How arbitration works for corporations against consumers, (4) Why the idea of collective jury wisdom is a myth, and much more.
  • Philosophical Reflections on the Economic Crisis

    by Marc Batko
    This 54-page eBook has nine essays and 3 poems that could ignite interest in philosophy, critical thinking, and economic theory. Education is the great transformer, said the economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Words can crack the frozen soul, said Franz Kafka.