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  • Jake's Redemption: The Angel Eyes Series Prequel

    by Jamie Schulz

    An imprisoned cowboy. An empowered woman.
    When true love is forbidden, opening their hearts could destroy them both…

    Chained and enslaved, Jake Nichols is convinced he’ll die alone. In this new order where men are stripped of all power, he endures brutal torture at the hands of his female captor. But when he’s hired out to build a ranch home for an outspoken beauty, his dreams of escape transform into visions of... more

  • Mr Warren's Profession

    by Sebastian Nothwell
    England, 1891. Lindsey Althorp, the only son of a wealthy baronet, has never worked a day in his life. Aubrey Warren was born in a workhouse and hasn’t stopped working since. Buoyed by Lindsey's optimism and fuelled by Aubrey's industry, the two men strive to overcome the class gulf between them. But a horrific accident reveals a betrayal that threatens to tear them apart forever.
  • Laura the Explorer

    by Sarah Begg

    At twenty-seven, Laura Baker finds herself single for the first time in her adult life, her now-gay ex-husband the only man she's ever slept with.

    Moving into an apartment on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Laura's two new eclectic roommates convince her that she needs to get herself out there and start dating (and sleeping with) as many men as possible.

    But as Laura's fun new lifestyle kicks off, her work ethic begins to slip. Her mum won't stop pestering her about... more

  • The Show Must Go On

    by Kate Karyus Quinn

    After a freak accident changed her whole life, a guilt-stricken girl put as much distance as she could between her hometown and herself. Now, over a decade later, she must find the courage to return home and face the music.

    Ever since her thirtieth birthday, Jenna’s been battling a bad case of the blahs. Hoping to shake up her life, she agrees to take the lead role in a theatrical production pitched as Annie meets Fifty Shades of Grey. However, b... more

  • All those Tears We Can't See

    by Gita Audhya
    When a first generation Indian-American girl named Monica falls in love with Brandon, an American and a Christian, her mother believes that this will put an end to Bengali traditions for future generations. In Gita Audhya’s All Those Tears We Can't See, published by Austin Macauley, we see how a clash in cultures greatly affects Monica and her happiness and if is not accepted by her family, specially her mother it creates unhappiness and even family break-ups. Although Monica loves her parent... more
  • The Ravenhurst Legacy

    by Jamie Boltman
    Evil has an unquenchable thirst, knows no bounds and comes for you when you least expect it…whether it has a reason or not. Blood spilled forth, dark crimson pooling around them. They were dead. Murdered by the man standing over their lifeless bodies, the bloody knife still clutched in his hand. Slowly he turns and reaches for her. As the clouds part and the blood moon bathes the room red, a mysterious stranger suddenly pulls her to safety. Cassandra Lockhart’s nights are haunted by this... more
  • A Knight to Remember

    by Ceillie Simkiss
    Ser Genevieve, lady knight and heir to the Duchy of Teagan, has been chosen as part of the prince’s honor guard at his coming out ball - a high honor for a woman who’s only been a full fledged knight for a year. The ball is an opportunity for Genevieve to make a name for herself with a functional chainmail dress of her own design, and maybe a chance for her to properly get to know Duke Avery of Wolvington, a man she’s had a quiet crush on for years. The paths of a gentle blacksmith, a know-it-a... more

    by M. Chelyk
    Like the legendary mermaid, Sofia didn’t have a voice. She was a mute college student who also working for the library. Her beauty was mesmerizing. I looked at her like her eyes were newly discovered planets. I wanted to know all about them. All their oceans, forests, deserts and their satellites. I had become a satellite myself. I was revolving around her with the hope of getting close to her. Like a moth circling around the fire, I was ready to be burned.
  • A Study in Seduction (Moriarty's Men Book 1)

    by Eva Chase
    To escape a demonic fiend, criminal mastermind Jemma Moriarty must con the finest investigative minds in London into executing a perilous heist. Their passion softens her heart, but her only hope of survival is to betray them. Wits clash and sparks fly in this modern paranormal spin on the classic Sherlock Holmes characters.
  • Losing Adam

    by Adrienne Clarke

    What happens when the person you love most in the world suddenly becomes a stranger?

    Adam and Jenny's world is falling apart. Their dream of attending college together away from home quickly becomes a nightmare when Adam begins hearing the voice of the Snow Queen. Adam's startling transformation from popular drama student into a withdrawn, suspicious stranger leaves Jenny frightened and confused. How can the person she loves most in the world suddenly become someone she do... more

  • Nobody Tells Lia Anything

    by Carol Maloney Scott
  • The Awakened Prince: A Historical Fantasy Romance (Royals of Cardenas Book 2)

    by Elise Marion
    The Awakened Prince is Book 2 in Royals of Cardenas, a historical romance series set in the fictional kingdoms of Cardenas and Barony, following the lives of the royal Rothchester family. When a devious plot against the royal family results in her husband’s death, Princess Isabelle Rothchester is left with a broken heart and an uncertain future. Only one year after his brutal murder, she has no choice but to choose a new husband and return to her own kingdom, taking her place as queen and rep... more
  • Brazen Desires: Desperate Hours

    by J. Saltwick

    Audacious lady rancher confronts Beverly Hills tycoon.

    Kate Clark was content with life on her Montana ranch, until she met billionaire developer, Jarrett Sinclair; a meeting that changed both their lives forever.  Overwhelmed by her beauty, Sinclair lavished Kate with affection.  During which, she got wind an anonymous developer was scheming to break up her ranch for a colossal resort he sought to build.  Sinclair kept his identity as the developer secret as he quietly c... more

  • Lord Darkwood's Revenge

    by Jennifer Wenn
    A decade ago, Douglas Scott, the elusive Lord Darkwood, survived a horrendous accident that left him with both physical and emotional scars. Abandoned by his beautiful fiancée at his darkest moment, he turns his back on society, embracing a hermit lifestyle, until an unexpected meeting awakes a desperate need for revenge. Unaware of Lord Darkwood's wicked plans, Wendolyne Russell travels to his crumbling manor in the middle of the dark forest to be the companion to Douglas's sickly, bedridden... more
  • Unbroken (Port Lewis Witches)

    by Brooklyn Ray
    Despite the rumors about Port Lewis, Michael Gates doesn’t expect the house he rents with his sister on Foxglove Lane to be haunted. An eerie meeting with Victor Lewellyn, the resident witch-turned-demon who is bound to the property by dark magic, changes his mind.Michael isn’t looking to start a relationship with anyone, let alone someone like Victor, but the intense attraction between them can’t be ignored. As he dives into the world of magical drug rings, demons, witches, and necromancers, Mi... more
  • The Itch of Gloria Fitch

    by Paul Hood
    Gloria Fitch, a young woman overcome by a mysterious skin ailment plaguing her life, contemplates her place in the world and her relationship with longtime boyfriend, Dewitt Monday. As Gloria struggles to find the cause of her relentless irritation, her need to scratch soon excavates something rather profound awaiting deep within her soul.