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  • The Lady and Her Secret Lover: a Lords of Time story. (Lords Of Time Series Book 7)

    by Jenn LeBlanc

    In late Victorian London, Louisa, the daughter of a viscount, falls in love with Ellie, the daughter of a new money family. Absolutely impermissible, they manage their trysts in plain view of their families, ever wary of being caught out. 

    Unfortunately, Louisa’s father is keen on Louisa being married as expediently as possible. Three years on the market is enough. He arranges to have another man ruin her in society, forcing a marriage—but it goes horribly wrong. <... more

  • Escape from Ruby's Ranch

    by Rhonda Frankhouser
    Katherine Adams dreams of getting far away from her overprotective mother and the quiet, subdued life on Ruby's Ranch. She's drawn to the excitement of the city, the idea of her paintings hanging in glamorous art galleries, wearing the finest fashions and eating in quaint sidewalk cafes. Every detail of her escape is lined out until a handsome horse whisperer gallops into her world. John Lattrell is a master at taming wild animals but he's never seen a creature as stubborn and free-spirited as ... more
  • Return to Ruby's Ranch

    by Rhonda Frankhouser
    Ruby Lattrell inherited Ruby's Ranch after the death of her grandmother. Before she can begin to live her own life, she has to answer the questions that have haunted her for the two decades since her father dragged her away from the only home she had ever known. What really happened to her beloved mother? And what drove her poor Granny Rube insane? When Ruby returns to the ranch, her chance at true happiness comes in the form of a handsome cowboy named Billy McCallister - who has loved her since... more
  • Health Nut Cafe

    by Rhonda Frankhouser
    Imagine recognizing someone you've never seen before... Becka Clemmons' one true passion is running the Health Nut Café. Awakened every morning by the same nightmare, Becka sees the world through tainted eyes. She's never believed in fairytale romances until Jonathan Parker walks through the café door one cool, foggy morning. She struggles to understand why this familiar stranger makes her crave things she's never craved. Solving the mystery of Jonathan is the first thing that has ever taken h... more
  • Stowaway by Darcy Flynn

    by Ella James
    Her identity is hidden … He’s determined to uncover it Charleston, South Carolina shipping heiress, MIRANDA MERRICK, discovers one of her family’s cargo ships, the Elle Merrick, has suffered multiple attacks by a saboteur. The devious actions have put the company at risk for bankruptcy. Miranda refuses to sit idly and wait for years of hard work to be destroyed. She boards the Elle in hopes of gaining help from her uncle, the ship’s captain, only to discover a stranger at the helm. In an e... more
  • Michael, Is It True

    by Lisa Lahti
    Michael, Is It True is an unusual love story between two teens, who find themselves ending up in marriage against the wishes of their families. It happened too quickly for fifteen-year-old Jessie, and before she could think about Michael’s past, taking precautions, and using protection, it is already too late: she is pregnant by eighteen-year-old Michael. In spite of Michael’s reassurances that he will handle everything, it is hard for Jessie to feel confident and certain that all will be well. ... more
  • The Secret

    by Karen J Mossman
    Dear Diary Kerry O’Brien has a hot new boyfriend! Yay! His name is Tommy. He’s a biker and he’s gorgeous. He seems to like me too. He makes me feel good about myself and it’s been a long time since anyone has paid me that much attention. I also have a monster for a stepfather. But I’m scared, scared Bill will find out about him and scared he will find out about Bill. Tommy’s very protective of me and if he ever found out my secret, I think he would murder Bill. Bill started again las... more
  • Monsters in My Closet

    by Margaret A. Daly

    A new place, a new start on a life, that’s all Becky wants. A place she can feel safe and free herself from her past. No one knows her secrets, not even her best friend. She wasn’t ready for love, not just yet. At least that’s what she kept telling herself. Deep down she yearned for it, even burned for it. But every time she lets herself fall, it fails miserably. She isn’t going to let that happen, not this time. She will find herself first.

    All of her plans are ... more

  • Forever Be Mine

    by Lauren Smith
    What’s love got to do with it? Her life was a Tina Turner song. Celia Lynton had been told her entire life that she couldn’t marry for love, marriage should be a business agreement, poor men were only after the family fortune, blah, blah, blah. But now, there is no fortune. There’s only debt, and an urgency to find a way to pay her younger brother’s tuition at a school that can tend to his special needs. So yeah, there’s going to be a marriage. One of convenience. Just like her parents wanted. ... more
  • Across the Stars

    by Lauren Smith
    “We wait, we hide, and watch Earth burn across the stars…” – From the lost pages of the ARK Diary She’s one of the last free humans. On the run… And running out of time. Laina Roberts has been on the run for ten years, a freeborn human hiding from the cyborgs of the Silver Legion who now controls what’s left of humanity. Moving secretly from planet to planet and space station to space station makes for a damn lonely life—and don’t even get her started on how long it’s been since she last... more

    by Maeve Greyson

    No home. No clan. No need of a wife. Until her.

    Alexander MacCoinnich fights for hire if the cause is worthy and the price is right. Life as a mercenary suits him—until a fierce beauty snatches him from death's door after the massacre at Glencoe. Though he has nothing to offer but himself, he canna leave behind the sweet lass who risked everything to save him.

    She made an impossible promise.

    When Catriona Neal promised her dying... more

  • Loving Leisl

    by Michele E. Gwynn
    Sergeant Leisl Craig spent her life fighting for everything she'd earned including becoming a combat nurse—alone. Then cancer threatened to take it all away. Until now, she never needed anyone...and then she met Doc.
 For Sergeant Major Jason Lee Gordon, codename Doc, a Green Beret medic in a tight-knit special operations group, life happened, and he rolled with it. The easy-going charmer only ever had to flash his dimples and women lined up outside his door, already half in love with the car... more
  • Counting Flowers

    by Beth Andrews
    At seventeen, Natalie Hewitt has her future mapped out. Graduate top of her class, get into an Ivy League School and along the way be a top athlete, the perfect daughter, and nice to everyone. It’s not easy living up to the pressure she puts on herself. Sometimes she feels overwhelmed with anxiety. So she has her quirks, like counting the flowers on her wall, to help her focus, help her get calm. Lately, it’s taking so much effort—and more counting—to meet those expectations. Nothing is the w... more
  • Too Much Into You

    by Samara Dev
    Mel has been Ria's friend for years. Just a friend. Ever since the earthquake that rent apart life in their little village of Panna. Then there were three friends, Mel, Ria and Ian. Mel wanted Ria but she chose Ian. They have been a couple since high school. But Ian left, taking a job hundreds of miles away. He never asked Ria to go with him. She's been left hanging for these years, waiting on his whim. Mel saw it all and stayed quiet. But now he's aware of her as never before. How can he ig... more
  • Forever Free

    by J.Grayland
    How far will Nate King go to fight for the woman he can’t live without? After confronting the demons from her past and laying them to rest with the only man that gave her the ability to trust and ultimately her freedom. Casey and Nate try to settle into a future together. Nate has healed her aching soul and helped to give her a home and now they feel complete. While the pair focus on their future Casey’s past reels it’s ugly head and threatens not only their powerful bond and consuming love, b... more
  • Twisted Freedom

    by J.Grayland
    After battling to escape the hold of a brutal past, Doctor Casey Tyler found emotional freedom in an unlikely place, with an unlikely man, Nate King owner of King International Security not only saved her from a kidnapping but also from herself. With the tough walls broken down and a new found trust and love with Nate, Casey is ready for a new beginning as they slowly ease into a normal life together until... Casey receives a phone call from home. Now having to return to Sydney Australia to fa... more