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  • The Dragon of New Orleans (The Treasure of Paragon Book 1)

    by Genevieve Jack
    New Orleans: city of intrigue, supernatural secrets, and one enigmatic dragon. For 300 years, Gabriel Blakemore has survived hidden among humans after a coup in his native realm of Paragon scattered him and his siblings across the globe. Now a voodoo curse threatens to end his immortal existence. His only hope is to find an antidote, one that may rest in a mortal woman. Death is a welcome end for Raven Tanglewood. After five years of unsuccessful treatment for her brain cancer, her illness... more
  • Rhona's Cottage

    by Rebecca Dooley
    “Welcome home, Krista Acheson. It seems that you are the one we have all been waiting on." Sean Acheson can not believe his good luck. He has inherited his family's ancestral home in Scotland. Finally, something is going right in his life. Everything he has ever wanted is within reach. Maybe this is just what he needs to keep Krista from leaving him. Krista Acheson wants her marriage to work and is willing to give her husband Sean another chance...again. Praying that the good fortune that ... more
  • Two Lefts, One Right

    by Renee A. Moses
    Kimberly Duncan is recently engaged to a man she doesn't fully trust, and she isn't always honest with him. But after eight years together, she feels he's good enough. Once faced with a temporary relocation for work, her fiance, Trenton Marks, shows his true colors. His behavior brings back all the things she thought she forgave and now she questions her future with him.
  • Curse Of A Werewolf: Haunting Memories Unfold (Werewolf Series Book 1)

    by Cathy Mankin
    Love. Death. And secrets. Twenty-four-year-old orphan, Abby Campbell, has experienced more than her fair share of all three. Sanford, Maine, has been her home for half of her relatively short life. But as everything crumbles around her, not least her relationship with Nathan, she panics. Uncovering the years-old secret about her aunts passing leads to yet more heartache and a near-death experience. Will Jack Richardson, who has secretly loved Abby for as long as he cares to reme... more
  • Goa Escort

    by Ishita Smith
    When you are looking for approaches to illuminate your own worries, the possibly you would consider having the best idea of fun. For this situation, female escorts of Goa might be extremely useful for you. This is a direct result of the genuine fun that you can have. These escort young ladies are a necessity for a large portion of the men since they can be a decent companion, buddy and they can act like a genuine sweetheart. Being an escort, she will go to any level for giving you the coveted jo... more
  • HOPE: Hold On, Pain Ends

    by Kandis Dotson
    Unwanted by her father, beaten by her boyfriend, and abandoned by her mother Seventeen-year-old Cameran was sent to live with her best friend, Nick, in Hillcrest, West Virginia for the summer to get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Tyler. Her world got flipped upside down when she discovered she would not be going back to Miami after the summer. She was happy where she was until Tyler showed back up in her life. Forced to move to New York with her father, Cameran’s world would come crashing... more
  • Shadowmancer (Paladin Charm Book 1)

    by Devin Harnois
    Marius Everhart is something even mages fear — a shadowmancer. His power marks him as cursed, a creature belonging to the Queen of Shadows. Marius escaped her realm with his memories corrupted and his sanity in tatters, managing to live a fragile, lonely existence at the edges of society. Some might call Ayodele Sauveterre delusional. He prefers the term “optimistic”. With his homeland in danger from invasion, Ayodele will do anything to protect it, even recruit a shadowmancer. Marius’s incre... more
  • Noah: True Love Never Dies

    by Jewel Hart
    Noah is a heartbreaking saga about Tiffany Mitchell’s often difficult journey to find love. From the start, Tiffany Mitchell’s road to love took her through dramatic twists and turns that left her thinking that love would be forever out of her reach. In fact, for many years love seemed elusive, like a never-ending pathway to certain disappointment until Tiffany meets a handsome bartender named Noah Crawford and, she falls in love at once. The special event gave Tiffany an immediate attraction to... more

    by Tawna Fenske
    When Mark Bracelyn lumbers into Chelsea Singer’s cupcake shop with an axe, she’s poised to hit the panic button. But he fixes her door, praises her buttercream, and sends her skittish heart pounding like a hammer on a hollow log, so he can’t be all that scary. Chelsea’s sure there’s a gooey marshmallow center under Mark’s tough outer shell, though admittedly she’s been wrong before. Mark may look like a grungy lumberjack, but he’s also the wealthy part-owner of Ponderosa Luxury Ranch Resort. ... more
  • Work For It (Irresistible Billionaires Book 3)

    by Ashley Bostock

    Billionaire CEO Dylan Truex was burnt out. Not from his empire, DIRTY GAINS, but from his celebrity status. Having the body he did as well as the motivation to lead the pack, was no longer all it was cracked up to be. Heading to Estes Park for a two-week getaway all by himself sounded like the perfect solution to all his problems. Until he arrives and finds that the condo has been double-booked. Sharing the condo, he can handle. Cute blondie tempting him to break his no-sex bet, err…... more

  • My Racy Reverse Harem Book Club: A Reverse Harem Short Novelette

    by Lina Jubilee

    Nothing can keep Rose away from Romance Book Club at the library—not even the snowstorm of the century. Catching a ride home through the storm with Lance, the stunningly attractive librarian who happens to be her neighbor, and Vaughn, his chiseled, alluring housemate, Rose takes them up on their invitation to drop by sometime and join them for their own book club. Rose gets more than she bargained for when she’s introduced to Rafael, their magnetically charming third roommate, and... more

  • Bayside Escape (Bayside Summers Book 4)

    by Melissa Foster
    Two years ago Violet Vancroft was a nomadic artist who never wanted to put down roots and Andre Shaw was a prominent Boston physician whose roots ran too deep to unearth. Their love didn't stand a chance-or at least that's what Violet believed when she received a plea for help from the sister she'd never really known-so she snuck away like a thief in the night. Now Andre travels the world, setting up new medical clinics, and Violet has finally found the family she'd always craved and the roo... more
  • The Truth About Love and Dogs: The laugh out loud new romcom about friendship and happily ever afters

    by Lilly Bartlett
    Four little words, uttered by her husband… ‘Oh my god,’ he gasped into her shoulder. ‘Shannon!’ There’s just one problem: her name isn’t Shannon. Rewind six months and Scarlett and Rufus aren’t in the honeymoon stage anymore so much as the honey-should-we-bother phase. Desperate to get their sparkle back, Scarlett has plotted, planned and waxed more than any woman should have to, but none of it is working. Which makes it very hard to start the family they want. At least her business is ... more
  • Reality Show Romance (My Korean Crush Series Book 4)

    by Shannon Kent

    Letty McDonnell—a hug first and ask questions later kind of gal—stumbles into an unexpected scandal with her favorite K-pop star when she spots him at the airport. Is it bad timing or a blessing in disguise? The international publicity leads to a job offer from the reality show Marry My Stalker, where the two pretend to be man and wife as they complete a variety of crazy couple missions.

    Wacky challenges, jealous fangirls, and a language barrier can’t slow Letty down. ... more

  • Flower Boy Tour Guide (My Korean Crush Series Book 1)

    by Shannon Kent

    Flower Boy: noun 1. slang for a really hot guy

    Hannah Reynolds travels to Korea in search of her own drama hero come to life. What she gets instead is gorgeous, but surly tour guide, Jae Lee. He seems determined to ruin every romantic location they visit with his snarky comments, but Hannah can’t deny the crackling tension between them. As they travel around the country with a busload of wacky K-drama and K-pop fans, their chemistry keeps... more

  • Sleeping Together (Perfect Drug Book 1)

    by Kitty Cook
    Vanessa Brown is having nightmares: about babies. Ever since her husband, Pete, mentioned he wanted to start a family, Ness has been trying to convince herself she’s stoked to spawn despite her inability to keep a cactus alive—and a decade-old secret she doesn’t like to remember. So when she catches her slacker-cool coworker, Altan Young, stealing sleeping medication from the pharmaceutical company they both work for, she decides to try the pilfered pills to finally find some rest. But side e... more