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  • Melted By Love (The Giant Wars Book 3)

    by Lily Thomas

    Jasmine is preparing for her sister’s wedding when she stumbles across a treacherous plot that will lead to her sister’s death. Caught by the killers before she has a chance to warn anyone, Jasmine is left to die in the harsh terrain of the ice giant territory. Can Jasmine find a way to earn the trust and assistance of the ice giant king before it’s too late?

    From the moment Dryden first spots the dark-haired beauty lying in the snow, he knows he should ride away and f... more

  • Grounded By Love (The Giant Wars Book 2)

    by Lily Thomas

    Kaeldar is a fierce rock giant who will die to regain the land that was stolen by the Arcaernian humans. After he is struck down in battle and lies on the brink of death, his only hope is the mercy of a human healer - but can he trust her to keep him safe from human soldiers? As Kaeldar struggles in and out of conscious, he knows he must escape, for the next time he wakes up might be his last.

    Considered a witch by her own people, Claira has long been an outcast. As a healer, though, sh... more

  • Loving His Fire (The Giant Wars Book 1)

    by Lily Thomas

    Princess Elizabeth's life gets turned upside down when war sweeps through the kingdom of Arcaern. The Crown Prince lies dead, slain at the hands of the rock giants, and now Elizabeth must help her family and her country by securing an alliance with Sardarn. On her journey, Elizabeth encounters a fierce fire giant who takes her convoy - and her heart - captive. Will Elizabeth succumb to the flames that blaze between them, at the risk of losing the alliance her people desperately need?

    <... more
  • The Sabertooth's Promise (Ice Age Alphas Book 1)

    by Lily Thomas

    The days are getting colder, and food is growing more scarce for Aiyre, a pronghorn shapeshifter, and her clan as they prepare for another long, hard winter. To make matters worse, a neighboring clan of shapeshifting sabertooths is causing problems and encroaching on their hunting grounds. When tragedy strikes her village, Aiyre will find herself turning for help to the most unlikely of places. But can she ever really trust the word of a sabertooth?

    Daerk knows that the pressure between... more

  • Racing Toward Desire: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 13)

    by Lily Thomas

    Nayli’s only goal? To win the Daen’su race series and show everyone, especially her mother, that she can succeed. Piloting and racing are in her blood, and no one is going to distract her from her goal. Not even a Krocosian male who insists that he is her mate. As the competition heats up, she soon realizes how far some people will go to knock her out of the running.

    Roeq is competing in a Daen’su race series when he encounters the most alluring creature he’s eve... more

  • His Human Temptation: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 12)

    by Lily Thomas
    Jessica isn't a tough gladiator from the Friren arenas or a genetically enhanced assassin with years of combat training. So how in the cosmos did a simple human with a fondness for animals end up getting selected as prey for the Hennian's sadistic hunting parties? It seems the universe has a twisted sense of humor, especially when Jessica's survival comes to depend on a devastatingly handsome Sri'thaen politician who should want to see her dead. With no other options, she's got to convince him t... more
  • His Fallen Star: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 11)

    by Lily Thomas

    Olivia Smith is an anthropologist, immersed in the study of alien cultures. As the Sri'thaen threat ramps up on the edges of human space, Olivia decides it's an ideal time to accept a position in a distant solar system. At first, her new job seems perfect, but when the orbital station she's working from malfunctions, she'll find herself forced to land on the planet below. She needs to limit her interactions with the aliens to avoid influencing their natural development, but th... more

  • Dark Desires in Space: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 10)

    by Lily Thomas

    Natalie is just a woman trying to make it in the unpredictable space age. Aliens are a norm that some humans have accepted and some have not. She was of the mind that aliens were okay as friends, but not as husband material. Unfortunately for her, the choice is made for her when she is kidnapped by a human agency keen on the idea of breeding humans and aliens to find the best super soldier. Natalie knows what they intend for her but being impregnated by an alien is something she’ll resi... more

  • Challenging the Arena: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 9)

    by Lily Thomas

    Evelyn loves her job as a journalist, but lately she’s come up short on her usually titillating headlines. Now her boss is riding her for a good story, or it’s goodbye job. She's got a lead that will thrill her boss but dredge up memories she’d rather forget. Unfortunately, this story could put her in danger, and when it does she finds herself face to face with memories she’d rather hide from.

    Raever Vraab didn’t chose to be in the arena, and he’s... more

  • Cuff Me Now: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 8)

    by Lily Thomas

    Vivian Merckle is a stripper. She enjoys her career and the money it rakes in, but when she witnesses a murder in the club her life is thrown into chaos. Her mobster boss, Haldon, is not only a wickedly attractive Vrak’rir, but he also happens to be the biggest threat to her life. When a Cri police officer comes poking his nose into the club, she knows she has to keep her mouth closed. Can she keep her mouth shut or will his persistence endanger her life?

    Valdohn is a Cri police o... more

  • Seducing the Enemy: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 7)

    by Lily Thomas

    Adira was created by the government to be a weapon, a skilled killer and spy controlled by the very technology that provides her with incredible strength and speed. Her life is overshadowed with the fear of failing the Chief, the man who made her what she is - and who can destroy her with a single order. Adira has few options. She will either succeed in her current mission or die trying. She must infiltrate the Sri’thaen threat and expose their defenses. No one will be able to stand in ... more

  • Wicked Prisoner: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 6)

    by Lily Thomas

    Jade Meeks is pursuing her career as a prison ship guard, but every time she looks for advancement, she’s pushed to the side. Her captain doesn’t believe a woman can handle prisoners, but she’s determined to prove him wrong. When they take on a few Vrak’rir prisoners, and those prisoners riot, she starts to wonder if the captain was right about her. Does she side with the attractive Vrak’rir prisoner who doesn’t treat her like an invalid or her captain who ... more

  • Abducting the Ambassador: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 5)

    by Lily Thomas

    Susan Mallery, the Ambassador of Earth, deals with disputes, some big and some small, but all treated equally. She’s on her way to such an assignment when suddenly the ship she's onboard is attacked. As Susan attempts to save her body guard, she's shot. When she wakes, she finds herself being sold off to a Vrak'rir. Does he mean her harm, or does he want to capture more than just her influence over Earth's government?

    Rylnuhn saw her once a long time ago and knows ... more

  • Escaping the Hunt: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Book 4)

    by Lily Thomas

    Skyler is a powerful opponent in the women’s boxing ring, but her skill and experience may not be enough to keep her alive after she’s kidnapped and dropped off on a Hennian hunting planet. Completely out of her element and desperate to survive, Skyler warily agrees to accept the assistance of Kyux, a Krocosian who claims to be her mate. As the two work together to escape the planet, Skyler is surprised and intrigued by the chemistry between them. Could this alien be the strong pa... more

  • Good Girl

    by Susan A. Buchanan
    Tech marketing VP Asia Daniels is kidnaped. However, her captor, the man in the silk hood mask doesn't want ransom, he wants pleasure. He also wants Asia to want the same pleasure too and is determined to introduce her to a world of passion and desire she never thought possible. How can a stranger elicit such desire and passion in her? The stranger behind the mask could be someone much closer than Asia thinks.
  • Paid for the Night

    by Susan A. Buchanan
    Andrew Cho paid for one night of passion. Kate's assignment was easy, one night with the handsome businessman. Things are rarely easy in life and never what they seem, especially when these two light up the sheets.