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  • The Candy Shop

    by S.R. Claridge

    One decision can change everything. One decision can cost everything. And the worst part is there’s no turning back. Kira Sullivan doesn’t realize her new job comes with a price until it’s too late. Trapped in a web of lies that has endangered her family and left her best friend missing, Kira turns to Detective Rocco Sterling for help. She quickly learns that there are no chance meetings, no coincidences and the people in her life are not what or who they appear to be. The d... more

  • Loose Ends

    by S.R. Claridge
    It’s been a year since Angel discovered her true identity in the Mafia world and being the first female boss has had its challenges. She’s been kidnapped, shot at, Tasered, blown up and thrown out of a plane. Not many women can say that. Through it all she has learned that family loyalty means everything, traitors are not tolerated and love can be deadly. Tragedy strikes on the eve of a Maratinzano celebration when a nerve gas attack renders several Bosses dangerously exposed. Racing to secure h... more
  • Death Trap (Just Call Me Angel Book 4)

    by S.R.Claridge
    When Giovanni’s private jet explodes with Angel presumably on board, the family is thrust into crisis, and Angel is forced into hiding. She watches in horror as her men are lured one by one into a trap of death, with their only chance for survival falling on the shoulders of a stranger with an unstable past. Tempers flare and bullets fly as the lines of family loyalty blur into a melting pot of Mafia destruction, where Angel must face the suffocating reality that her only hope of st... more
  • Russian Uprising

    by S.R. Claridge
    Angel knows the brutal attack on Tetterbaum’s Pub didn’t come from one of the Chicago Five, but convincing Giovanni is another story. When he orders a hit on her most trusted men, she must walk a fine line between compassion and rage to flush out the infiltrators before it’s too late. In a world where traitors are friends and friends become enemies, Angel’s only hope of stopping the Russian uprising is to turn against her own blood.
  • Traitors Among Us

    by S.R. Claridge
    With Tetterbaum’s truth revealed and her identity exposed, Angel tries to adjust to her new role as head of the Maratinzano Crime Family, soon realizing that Mafia life offers little down time. The sudden kidnapping of her mother leads Angel down a path to a past she’s never known and toward an adversary she cannot identify. When an FBI bust against her family is fueled by someone on the inside, Angel turns to the other Chicago Bosses for answers; but every lead ends up cold and stiff. Racing to... more
  • Nobody's Child

    by Libby Fischer Hellmann
    A bloodstained note left for PI Georgia Davis reveals the shocking existence of a half-sister she never knew about. Her sister, Savannah, is pregnant and begging for Georgia’s help. Determined to track her down, Georgia finds herself heading deep into the secretive and dangerous underworld of Chicago’s illegal sex trafficking business. She soon discovers that trafficking is just a small part of the horrifying and deadly situation in which her new sister is caught up. Even worse, as Georgia tries... more
  • Tetterbaum's Truth

    by S.R. Claridge
    Angel Martin plans to marry Tony and live happily ever after, until Tony disappears. Nursing a broken heart, she takes a job at Tetterbaum’s Pub, unaware it is the most prestigious Mafia hangout in Chicago. She finds herself suddenly caught in the middle of a revengeful scheme from a past she’s never known and a blackmail scandal that has left several dead; and she’s next on the hit list. Racing to find answers, Angel’s life is left hanging in a twisted balance of deception and revenge, and the ... more
  • Revenge Best Served Bloody

    by Donald R. Grippo
    Where would the detonation of a nuclear bomb do the most significant damage to the American economy? The surprising answer to that question is found in a terrorist plot uncovered by E.J. Stanley and her husband, Bret. Determined to foil the plot, E.J. and Bret become prey to the madmen who are poised to explode a nuclear device somewhere in the U.S. Complicating matters, an assassin with ties to Bret is intent on murdering him and his wife. A lethal cat and mouse game ensues and jeopardizes the ... more
  • The Source

    by Tim George

    An FBI agent’s obsession with his late father’s secret sets him on a collision course with a past he has carefully avoided, shadowy enemies he never suspected, and a most unlikely friendship with an autistic man who sees reality in ways no one else can. Will Jackson Barrett’s determination to
    unlock secrets his father took to the grave save or ultimately destroy one he only knows as — The Source?

  • The Letter From Magda

    by Gus Leodas
    'My dearest Johanna, I pray you never have to read this letter while your father and I are alive. So begins Magda's letter to her daughter urging her to change identity, and to run and hide. Do not come home.' Johanna returns home needing to uncover the deadly family mystery.
  • Fearless Heart

    by Dana Ravyn
    When investigative journalist Astrid Källström arrives in Minnesota from Sweden for her brother’s wedding, she quickly finds things are not as idyllic as they seem. Astrid must negotiate the minefield of her parents’ separation, thwart her stepfather’s inordinate affection, and bear the emotional machinations of her brother’s insecure fiancée. When a mysterious hit-and-run is linked to her brother’s former girlfriend, Astrid agrees to investigate. She quickly unveils a conspiracy at the highest ... more
  • Stolen Life

    by Chris Norris
    Linda Greef is the girl that had her life stolen. A beautiful young student who’s kindness lands her in a dark world where she would experience the harsh realities of the sex industry. In Stolen Life, author Chris Norris writes a spine chilling story based on the life experiences of Andre and Hannes, two young soldiers of fortune. Lindi Goosen and Melinda Pienaar are two detectives in the South African Police force that heads a Unit to solve and stop the hideous crime of human trafficking in the... more
  • The Lone Hunter

    by Anton Booysen
    In The Lone Hunter, author Chris Norris writes a heart-pounding story based on the experiences of Leon, a young Special Forces sniper placed in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) to learn from the best how to profile and apprehend serial killers. While working on a case, he loses his girlfriend. He vows to find and bring the perpetrators to justice for this crime. Africa would challenge Leon’s moral compass and after four long years in the desert, Leon is again faced with a choice between love... more
  • Twilight Images

    by Ethel Lewis

    Twilight Images - A Haunting Journey of Suspense

    The death of Thad Connors parents ten years ago was ruled Murder/Suicide. The case had been investigated, the crime scene searched in great detail. All findings complete. Case closed!

    Bt Thad had his doubts.

    They had to be wrong. There had to be more.

    He knew he couldn't let it go.

    For the past ten years he had been pla... more


    by John L. Evans
    From the sordid underbelly of L.A.'s Westlake District, with its roach and rat infested tenements to the glittering splendor of Hollywood's Sunset Strip---an invisible serial killer's crimes spread like cancerous tentacles across the city. Submerged in the City of Angels' sleazy underworld of sex, drugs and prostitution, two LAPD homicide detectives are thrown into a baffling case where seven gay men are brutally murdered by an unseen, phantom-like killer. No clues. No witnesses. No suspects... more
  • Life First

    by RJ Crayton
    ~BRAG Medallion honoree ~An Awesome Indies Approved book ~Best Speculative Fiction Nominee for Readers’ Choice Award Strong-willed Kelsey Reed must escape tonight or tomorrow her government will take her kidney and give it to someone else. In this future forged by survivors of pandemics that wiped out 80 percent of the world’s population, life is valued above all else. The mentally ill are sterilized, abortions are illegal and those who refuse to donate an organ when told are senten... more