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  • Sweet Promise

    by Jennifer Woodhull

    Every time someone tells me how much they love my baking show, it shocks me. It's as if I can't quite remember that all the hours of work I put in filming segments and writing cookbooks is actually meant to be seen by the public. 

    The first season of my show was a hit, and I love what I do, so when my agent called to tell me about a new show the network wanted me to audition for, I was surprised. I'm almost twenty-one, not a teenager anymore, and as it turns out, s... more

  • 978-0996438971

    by Ruthie Robinson
    Caleb Jones knows who he wants to be with–beautiful, fierce, independent Nakia Noble. He knows if she gives him one chance, he can prove how incredible they are together. Nakia Noble can’t deny her attraction to Caleb, but she also can’t deny that he’s never not known privilege–he’s never understood what it’s like to be her, the challenges of being a minority in America, and that’s a deal breaker. All of that changes when they wake up in another life. The world Nakia and Caleb find themselves in... more
  • The Hitman's Mistake

    by Sally Brandle
    Miranda Whitley’s been told to flee from a felony crime scene in Seattle involving a crooked cop and a mob boss. She tracks FBI Agent Grant Morley to a mountain near his vacation home in Montana to enlist his help, but after her riderless mule alerts him to where she’s wounded in the woods, threads of deceit weave her version of the circumstances into conflicting patterns. Witness or accomplice? Discover how Miranda and Grant fight off killers intent on silencing her, while losing their battle a... more
  • Rosemillion

    by J. Helen Elza
    She is no hillbilly, her papa told her so; he said she was a survivor, just like her mama and daddy but they are gone now. They left her with four younger siblings to feed and see to. Penniless and illiterate with a horrible fear of strangers, the girl is terrified but she has no choice; she must go among them to find work. And it is them, the strangers, who mean to destroy her home, Widows Hollow, turn it into a golf course and country club. "But they'll never!" Sixteen-year-old Pick McKinl... more
  • Gypsy Love: Dream or Reality?

    by Piu Book
    How far would you go to search for your dreams? Do you believe in the unbelievable? When is your life a dream or a reality? In the second half of the XVII century, in Spain, a story of love and magic reveals the drama and suffering of soul mates, who must fight against the prejudice and social rules of the time to find their joy. As they are about to leave behind everything and everyone to live their great love, their plan of escape ... more
  • Marauder (Outcasts)

    by Cyndi Friberg
    Rex Dravon, a notorious smuggler, is one of the Outcasts’ most important allies. Many of the Outcasts’ philosophies and approaches to life in general appeal to him, but he’s hesitant to commit to any cause. Hoping to entice Rex into committing, Arton the Heretic, tells Rex that he is genetically compatible with one of the “captive brides”, a feisty blonde named Thea Cline. Thea is still enraged that she was dragged from Earth without her permission, and she’s recovering from a horrendous trag... more
  • A Secret to Keep

    by Railyn Stone
    Keeping secrets is a horrible way to live. Sloane Davis should know. She’s kept her son a secret from his father for almost a year. Now, her worst nightmare is coming true. Her ex is re-entering her professional life in the midst of the biggest project of her career. She's about to come face to face with the only man she’s ever loved - her son’s father. Gates McCall is a brash man. He hasn’t always been this way, but when Sloane walked out on him, something inside him broke. When his c... more
  • The Falcon's Prize

    by Kelly Jameson
    THE FALCON'S PRIZE Texas Hill Country, 1869 A man they call The Falcon isn't the law and he isn't an outlaw. He's somewhere in between. Possessing an instinct for self-preservation and a knack for administering justice, Chandler rights wrongs when others have given up. He's been sidetracked by a bloody civil war and a woman who brutally betrayed him, but now he's finally closing in on his ultimate prey—his father—a vile man he's been trying to locate for years. The trail has led Chandler to ... more
  • Resonance

    by Jennifer Greenhall
    A psychic assassin. A whirlwind romance. Can Sophia find love and survive? As extraordinary abilities emerge in the human race, Sophia Walsh uses hers for good, protecting the innocent, rescuing hostages in war zones, even tracking down nuclear weapons. But not all of the gifted are so benevolent, and after a loved one is murdered, she herself could become the next target. Enter Nate, good looks, endearing smile, magnetic charm. He's drawn to Sophia and captures her guarded heart, bu... more
  • Xander: An Open-Door Policy Novella

    by Anna Ambrose

    Xander Penn has been around the block more times than he cares to count, always searching for an elusive something he’s never admitted to wanting, not even to himself. Until now… Then again, realizing what he craves doesn’t mean he accepts it. It’s one thing to dabble at the open-door policy club he belongs to, but quite another to declare it to others in the real world. After a harsh rejection pushes away the one person Xander wishes he could pull closer, he spirals ... more

  • Lucy: An Open-Door Policy Novella

    by Anna Ambrose

    Born into a strictly religious family, nineteen-year-old Lucy Whitman likes to think she’s gotten past her stifling upbringing. After all, she’s not a virgin. But when her best guy friend of ten years admits he’s part of a community with an “open-door policy” on sex, Lucy is intrigued. She’s always wanted Rylan with a fierceness bordering on obsession, but he has never treated her as anything other than a sister. Getting him to agree to take her may be her ... more

  • Darkside Love Affair

    by Michelle Rosigliani
    I have never wanted to become a lawyer, but that didn't mean that I wasn't perfectly cut for the job. I loved order, justice, and the little, annoying habits that I never strayed from. My life was a well-oiled machine, then I met him, and everything burst into flames. Marcus King, the handsome stranger who rescued me in that dark alley from the clutches of three drunk men, was chaos embodied, a storm about to be unleashed, and a definite pain in my back. He was infuriating and charming at the... more
  • Growing Pains

    by Kanika G
    Thirteen-year-old Tara, is in a new school in a new town, and she is feeling very sick. It turns out that she needs an emergency appendectomy. This is a story about her anxiety before the surgery, the hurdles she faces during recovery, and amusing visits from quirky friends and well wishers. At the same time, Tara finds herself attracted to a boy from her class. It's the first time she has ever had a crush. Plagued by confusing emotions and hormones, Tara tries to figure out this new, befuddl... more
  • The Changeup

    by Mary Billiter
    The Feds changed her name, occupation, and location, but Cupid and crime still found her. Both Witness Protection and her position as a hotel conference services manager require Rebel Roberts to maintain a low profile. But when she finds herself at the center of high crime and high romance at the high-rise Point Resort in Long Beach, even the best-laid plans are subject to change. Former college baseball pitcher Ryan McHenry plans on becoming a deputy sheriff like his late uncle. But when Rebel... more
  • From My Balcony

    by Patricia Bond
    Do you want to live your life or hide from it? Diana knew she lied to her best friend when she said she wanted to live it. Oh, how desperately she wanted to hide! Hide from her husband’s betrayals, hide from the blame and guilt heaped on her by her younger daughter’s refusal to accept the divorce, hide from the pity, the questions, the snarky innuendos from her “friends.” Most of all, hide from herself and her failures. Her family accepted her need to “find herself,” and this apartment... more
  • Bad Night Stand (Billionaire's Club Book 1)

    by Elise Faber

    The man had seemed so innocent in the bar—okay, not innocent, per say. He’d been hot, hard, and possessed a butt that I wanted to bite like the last chocolate chip cookie in my stash.

    He’d also skipped out of town faster than a villain in a B movie, leaving me woefully unsatisfied. I’d chalked the whole incident up to a bad night stand and moved on with my life.

    That was before the news of a failed IUD. Before the plus sign. Before Jordan showed back up det... more