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  • The Chevalier

    by Philippa Lodge

    Emmanuel, Chevalier de Cantière, youngest son of a baron, is happiest raising horses far from his complicated family. When news comes his mother is deathly ill, he races to her side only to find she has apparently recovered and moved on, leaving behind her companion, Catherine.

    Catherine de Fouet blends into the background, saving up so she’ll never have to wait on waspish, scheming old ladies like the baronesse again. She has no interest in a resentful gentleman, estranged... more

  • The Honorable Officer

    by Philippa Lodge

    France, 1668
    Hélène de Bonnefoi’s spirit has been squashed by the ever-critical aunt and uncle who raised her. Serving as nanny and stand-in mother to her cousin’s child has saved her from the convent, especially after her cousin’s death. When suspicious accidents threaten the toddler, Hélène overcomes her near-blindness to seek the help of the child's father, a colonel in Louis XIV’s army.

    Jean-Louis, Colonel de Cantiè... more

  • The Indispensable Wife

    by Philippa Lodge
    Aurore was delighted when a marriage was arranged with the boy she loved, her older brother’s friend Dominique, Comte de Bures. But in a few years the first rush of joy has worn off, and their promising life seems ruined by loss, betrayal, and misunderstanding. One terrifying morning mercenaries overrun their château and usurpers take Aurore hostage. Miles away at Versailles, where he is required to dance attendance on Louis XIV, Dominique is nearly killed by a crossbow bolt. Escaping, Aurore tr... more
  • Flaming Swords

    by Lilian White
    Beneath the Australian sky, one man and two women embark on a hunt for truth. A hunt that will sever friendships, plunging them into tides that wash upon the foreshore of the Asian Triads. For Steven Bray, former football star, flames rise because he wants to recover from his accident and find a lifelong love. For the lovely Marion Carter, it is time to wield her sword in a world where football means everything. And for others, such as hit men and is time to break dangerous ... more
  • Vampire Witch

    by Eileen Sheehan
  • For Love of a Vampire

    by Eileen Sheehan
  • The Princess and the Vampire King

    by Eileen Sheehan

    What happens when the king of vampires on Planet Earth and the heir to the throne of Planet Kurr fall in love? Jessica, the princess of the planet Kurr and heir to its thone, is captured by the evil flesh eating Dragos. Jack, the king of the vampires on Earth rescues her. Unbeknownst to Jessica, Jack has been guarding her for most of her life from afar as a promise to her deceased father. Over those years he grew to love and desire her. Now that he’s so close to her, he struggles to sub... more

  • Love for All Seasons

    by Stacy Henrie
  • Cutlass

    by T.M. Franklin
    Sarina Talbot is certain notorious pirate, One-Eyed Jack Tremayne, murdered her father and stole his prized cutlass. Out for revenge, she sneaks onto his ship disguised as a cabin boy, but Tremayne quickly catches on to her scheme. He claims she has the wrong man, and that, if they work together, he can help her gain the vengeance she seeks. She doesn't really trust him, and he doesn't trust anyone. But they need each other to find the killer, and their uneasy alliance slowly turns to friend... more
  • Hard Proof

    by Debra Kayn

    Identical twin sisters move to St. John's, Oregon, buy Vavoom's Bar, and purposely put themselves into the path of Notus Motorcycle Club.

    Burdened by a deep, dark secret, Clara has to be careful because one wrong step, one wrong word, could land her and Gracie in prison. Her need to stay close to the motorcycle club members backfire when Wayne Shaw throws her heart into a tailspin. There is more to the possessive biker than she originally thought. Cornered and out of options, sh... more

  • The Irish Tempest

    by Elizabeth J. Sparrow

    Ireland, 1911: After seven centuries of unyielding oppression, there is a tempest rising, a national yearning for Irish independence. It threatens to sweep away all that is precious to the very privileged O’Rourke and de la Roche families. Seismic changes are but a whisper away.  What begins as a squabbling friendship between the wastrel Courtland O’Rourke and the defiant, mischief-making Lacey de la Roche matures into a deeply passionate, tempestuous love, fraught with secre... more

  • Learning to Love Again

    by Jessa Stephens
    Bree is a survivor of domestic violence. Now, she is a single mother of two children. Her world has revolved around them since the divorce. She thinks she is happy because her children are...nothing could be further from the truth. Ryder is a survivor of a different aspect of abuse. He is a widower with a son and daughter. His world has been focused on moving them to a safe environment and making it even safer. Bree and Ryder’s lives will intersect in a profound and surprising way. Through Br... more
  • Train Wreck

    by Elise Faber

    train wreck

    1. A chaotic or disastrous situation.
    2. An utter catastrophe or mess.
    3. A devastating calamity or source of trouble.
    4. Pepper O’Brien.
    As the daughter of a famed film producer, Pepper O’Brien is Hollywood royalty.

    Also, her life sucks.

    Because, unfortunately for her, the old adage is true: money can’t buy everything—including grace, true love, or the ability to not screw up every single opportunity her life... more

  • The Lighthouse Library

    by Donald Averill
    Rocky Linfield and Jerry Morgan have both lost their fathers in war. In 1952, they meet in the small coastal town of Crafton, Maine, and become best friends pitted against spies seeking information about the first Us nuclear submarine. The story begins with Rocky and Susan, Rocky's younger sister, selling books to Mr. Waicukauski, who runs the lighthouse and the library. The youngsters are visiting their grandmother, Martha Makler, in Crafton a few weeks before school starts. The adventure takes... more
  • CarpeDiem 1 A Second Chance At Happiness

    by Corinne Julienne

    How many times can the day of one’s birth radically change one’s life...again? The day you were born was unexpected, but can lightning strike twice, to make your 60th just as remarkable?  Elizabeth Wakefield is about to find out when finally meeting the big client she’s been trying to do business with for 3 years.  But when summoned to the corporate office of the billionaire CEO, she discovers Prescott Hamilton uncharacteristically wants her to have a huge account,... more