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  • Guarded Heart

    by Addison Carmichael
    It's been a year since Andee Peter's father sent an assassin through the dimensional veil to hunt down and kill her, and she's been living incognito with her Guardian Prime boyfriend Mick Barron in Roundup, Montana ever since. Now her Iroment king father, Lydon tel Mortem, kidnapped her foster sister with the threat to kill the little girl unless Andee crosses the divide and faces him on their home planet of Noma where his own power is strongest. But in the process of sending her military gu... more
  • The Future Memoir of Ann Jones: A time travel Chick Lit Romance with a Sprinkle of Magic

    by Alex Bailey
    When the perfectly-normal Ann Jones rants on about a bizarre and hauntingly immersive vision into her own future, her best friend, Alex, thinks she may have taken a swig or two. After her freak encounter, Ann recounts the strange and foreboding glimpse of her future life—one that holds an unanticipated exuberance: her beloved husband dies suddenly (and questionably); she moves to the East Coast; finds love again; joins a peculiar knitting club (full of the strangest assortment of women, none ... more
  • Loving Harry

    by Joan Fallon
    Fashion designer Carla Kane has been too busy climbing the career ladder to sustain a long-term relationship – until she meets the charming, charismatic Harry Wilkinson, and falls deeply in love for the first time. There’s only one problem: Harry is already married to Barbara, a stay-at-home wife who’s been content until now to devote all her energies to looking after her husband and children. The close-knit Wilkinson family unit is blown apart when Harry leaves Barbara, deserting the family hom... more
  • Faster

    by Deana Birch
    Producer Louana Higgins isn’t a fool – she knows when a fling with a member of a rock band is just that: a fling. The only problem is that she can’t seem to keep Jake Riley, drummer for The Spades, out of her mind. And judging from his texts, she’s on his mind too. The two lovers hesitantly start to wonder if their fiery sexual chemistry could be the foundation for something more serious. Jake discovers the stability he’s begun to crave after more than a decade of a rock and roll lifestyle, an... more
  • My Lullaby of You

    by Alia Rose
    For fans of Jenny Han and Sarah Dessen, My Lullaby of You is a Young Adult Contemporary Romance about guarded love, complicated families, and the summer that changes everything. AMY It's the summer after high school. Amy can't wait to leave her small hometown in North Carolina for the vibrant city of Chicago, where she plans to go to her dream college and hopes to build a stronger relationship with her father. But as she deals with her mother's resentment over her leaving and an intriguin... more
  • The Thin Place

    by Hope Carolle
    Synopsis Ellie Hartford is a smart, red-headed, divorced mother of two. On break to visit her old college pal, Jane, who is a fellow professor of Middle English, and a part owner in a castle, they are startled to find Jane’s brother, Ellie’s ex-boyfriend, drunk on their doorstep one night. And the strangest part is he is handcuffed in a pair of very old manacles. Jane calls their old friend Harry to uncuff Harry, so as not to involve the local police. John gets Ellie alone to tell her someth... more
  • Anything For Love (The Bradens and Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls Book 2)

    by Melissa Foster

    After Charlotte Sterling loses her last family member, she moves to Sterling House, her family's Colorado mountain inn, to live a solitary life. As an erotic romance writer, her days and nights are filled with passion and intrigue-even if only fictional. She loves her busy, quiet lifestyle, and she learned early on that real men can't live up to the fictional heroes she creates-until ruggedly handsome Beau Braden arrives to do some work at the inn and, for the first time in forever, s... more

  • Black Magic

    by Dawnell Jacobs
    Kash Matthews is a secretive, yet charming man, who has wealth, fame and the admiration of women everywhere-- and also the eyes of Ocean Alexandra McQueen— a small town girl working in her Grandmother’s quaint diner-- who stops at nothing to get what she wants. However, Ocean’s Grandmother isn’t just known for making the best pies in town, but also casting the best spells—especially those dealing with revenge. Yet, Ocean doesn’t believe in her Grandmother’s Hoodoo magic until it’s her heart that... more
  • Looking Glass Friends

    by E. L. Neve

    15-times Award-winning Love Story, Inspired by Real Lettters

    When our souls fall in love...before our bodies meet

    Looking Glass Friends is a story about finding your soul's reflection, the ideal person put on this earth just for you. But what if you are already married? What if you have kids? This quest for happiness lies at the heart of all our lives. Many of us face the choice that turns the pages of this story. Many of us know that our life will be... more

  • Chocolate Mousse

    by Germina Melius
    Chocolate Mousse is based on the life of the French native, André Roché ― a widower and renowned retired pastry chef of the Mange de Paris ― a three-star restaurant, in the heart of London. He is desperate to change his solitary life and hopes to find love again. Left with another broken heart, he joins the British Army and is later faced with a disability. Unable to live with himself, he sells his Victorian mansion and settles in the Veterans’ Home, in Wales, where he encounters Sophia Jobson ―... more
  • Falcon's Prey

    by Terry Odell
    Heroes aren’t fearless. They just don’t let fear get in the way. Police officer Lexi Becker is being targeted. When her husband was murdered three years ago, Lexi moved to a small town to get away from the memories, to get away from the pain. But she can’t get away from the gut feeling that a drug lord, known only as the Falcon, was responsible for her husband’s death. As she quietly conducts her own investigation, it becomes clear to Lexi she could be the Falcon’s next victim. Afraid her loc... more
  • Falling for Mr. Slater

    by Kendall Day

    He was the worst teacher I ever had. I was the worst student he ever taught.
    I can't believe I'm standing on the steps of Bracken Middle School again.
    Ten years ago, this place was my worst nightmare, no thanks to Jack "McSlutbag" Slater, the teacher who blocked my shot at a full basketball scholarship. But time heals many wounds, and I'm only a few months away from earning my undergrad in educati... more

  • Beneath Deception: An Unbreakable Series

    by A.L. Long

    From The Award Winning Author of the Shattered Innocence Trilogy

    Everyone has a story and for Xavier London, he preferred to keep his hidden. As ruthless as he was, he still had morals and those morals included betraying the one man who saved his life. He never thought that meeting one woman could change everything.

    Tessa Sands never knew the truth about her life, nor did she ever question it. The only life she knew was the one she was taught, disciplined by the man who rais... more

  • Werewolves Only

    by Carrie Pulkinen

    When the alpha's love for his fated mate is forbidden, he'll risk everything to hold her.

    Detective Macey Carpenter has been on the trail of a vicious attacker for weeks, with nothing more than a vague description of a red-eyed man to go on. She has no clue she’s hunting demons, and if the evidence doesn’t stop disappearing, she’ll never solve the case.  

    Before Luke Mason becomes alpha of the Crescent City Wolf Pack, he has to end the French Quarter... more

  • The Scent of You

    by C.D. Samuda
    She saved his life, but his obsession with her may just put her life in danger.
  • The Moon and the Two Stars: A story of Love, Tolerance and Humanity

    by Miriam Ribeiro Taurines

    A story of tolerance and humanity The moon and the two stars - a story of love, tolerance and humanity