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    by Francis Xavier Holden

    Without warning, Russia starts a lightning operation to seize control of a vital arctic waterway off the Alaska coast.

    For America, it's a threat to national sovereignty. 
    For Russia, it's a matter of life or death.
    For hot-wired naval aviator, Karen 'Bunny' O'Hare, it's about to be a very bad day at the office.

    NOT everyone is as relaxed about impending nuclear amageddon as O'Hare... more

  • A Glance at My Other

    by Bruce Wilkerson
    Synopsis: Paris was only supposed to be a break from college until Josh Cohn is evicted from his lodgings. While sulking in a bistro, he notices a beautiful Arabic girl, who minutes later, he saves from drowning. But then josh is killed while pulling her unconscious form from the water, and when the two strangers spirits meet, Josh's consciousness is thrown into the young girl's body. Immersed in the unfamiliar fundamentalist lifestyle of Neïla's family, Josh is forced to wear the hijab, t... more
  • The War Within

    by H. A. Pell

    Jack Thomas, an Iraq War hero, returns from service and finishes law school. He's now an FBI Special Agent and SWAT team leader. Thomas is assigned as commander of a joint terrorism task force . Calvin Hendricks is a Viet Nam veteran turned mercenary. He fought with the mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Russians, married a tribal chief’s daughter, and took up the Taliban cause. Hendricks is the mastermind and leader of a homegrown terror cell. W... more

  • ISBN 1546456090

    by Dana Stewart Quinney
  • The Phoenix Series: The Complete Set, Book 1 & 2 (The Phoenix Mission)

    by L. Sydney Fisher

    The critics say, "You won't forget this book!"

    From the bestselling author comes a supernatural suspense inspired by the U.S. Military's clandestine program, Stargate. For two decades, the U.S. Army trained special agents in remote viewing. In 1995 during the Clinton Administration, the program was shut down. Now twenty years later, a new story emerges. Meet Sergeant Major Seth Phoenix. He's spent his entire life guarding his extraord... more

  • The Phoenix Codes (The Phoenix Series Book 2)

    by L. Sydney Fisher

    Sergeant Major Seth Phoenix's story continues in The Phoenix Codes as he battles the CIA and the U.S. government's plans to duplicate his DNA codes for future use in the Human Clone Research programs already being explored in Russia. When he meets Russian Agent Nikita Oleshun for the second time during a rescue mission in Srebrenica, Bosnia, Phoenix realizes that the would-be enemy is actually an ally and attempting to defect from Russia.

    Phoenix races ... more

  • The Devil's Board

    by L. Sydney Fisher

    Experience the terror of The Devil's Board in this new supernatural thriller from the Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, L. Sydney Fisher.

    Inspired by TRUE EVENTS.

    On an American college campus in 1987, three students began playing a seemingly innocent game of contacting the dead. Word spread fast around campus and curiosity grew, expanding the group to more than forty people. Spirits were summoned almost daily, and the dark world's influence began to take its toll as one stude... more

  • Remote Access

    by Barry Finlay
    The president of the United States is about to impose crippling tariffs on China. A computer hacker hired by the furious Chinese regime is on a mission to stop it. The impetuous president is not listening to anyone, and especially a hacker. The hacker is equally determined not to fail. In this suspenseful cat and mouse game, the stakes include national security and the life of the president.
  • A Real Daughter

    by Lynne McKelvey
  • Lethal Relations

    by Lo Monaco
    Private investigator TERRY STRONG, a former model, with a black belt in Taekwondo, is hired by attorney DONALD REMICK to clear his sister, BARBARA, who is charged with shooting to death her lover, FRED, Remick's wife's, EVELYN’s brother. Fred has an adopted son, ROBERT and Remick has a daughter, SILVIA. When Evelyn is taken ill and rushed to the hospital, Terry learns that Evelyn's symptoms are the same as those of Robert's mother, who had died several months earlier. Terry suspects that Robert ... more
  • PharmaMafia

    by Lawrence Drake
    The Mafia’s Pushing Drugs. Prescription Drugs. John O’Connor Fights Back and Defies the Mob! A young man takes a job as a representative for a pharmaceutical company, not realizing that his predecessor was murdered, because she knew too much about what was really going on! The Mafia-connected conspiracy to steal and sell prescription drugs on the multi-million dollar pharmaceutical gray market. John O’Connor is quickly ensnared into a web of deceit and criminality that he could never have... more
  • Jack Frost

    by Christopher Greyson
    What do you get when you mix Agatha Christie's masterpiece And There Were None with the blockbuster television show Survivor? JACK FROST! Jack and Alice have a new assignment: to investigate the suspicious death of a soundman on the hit TV show Planet Survival. While Alice researches the incident from home in Darrington, Jack goes undercover as a security agent where the show is filming on nearby Mount Minuit. Soon trapped on the treacherous peak by a blizzard the media are calling the "Two-... more
  • The Book of Judges: A Maura Garrison Mystery

    by Traci Tyne Hilton

    All things work together for the good for those who believe. Too bad Maura Garrison, private investigator, isn't a believer. The murder she was hired to solve hinges on it's parallel in the the Old Testament book, Judges, but she was just dumped by her pastor-husband so the Bible is the last thing she wants to turn to for answers.


  • Juggling Kittens

    by Matt Coleman
    Ellis Mazer is a soon-to-be father, a first year English teacher, and a directionless twenty-something entering the directionless 2000-somethings. Local and national tragedies feed Mr. Mazer's seventh graders the essay fodder that almost makes his job bearable. But when Spencer--trailer trash with more ring worms than friends--stops coming to school, Ellis discovers that he may be the only person who even notices, much less cares. What begins as a good-natured attempt to deliver some make-up wor... more
  • Darkness in Malaga

    by Paul S Bradley

    This first book of the Andalusian Mystery Series finds grizzled, veteran detective Leon Prado assisted by two interpreters—ex British soldier Phillip Armitage and American videographer Amanda Salisbury—frantically hunting elusive people traffickers gone to ground among the stunning landscapes and historic towns of Andalusia.

    Among those they've taken is Juliet, a beautiful English friend of Phillip who has her own secrets. Under the searing summer heat, blue sk... more

  • Revelations: Roads to Redemption (Goodman Chronicles Book 2)

    by Yanatha Desouvre
    After Amara’s fiancé goes missing, Grayson Goodman and his unorthodox, ragtag vigilante crew must get ahead of the FBI to find out what happened that night at the upscale Club Escape in Philadelphia. Our heroes take on an action-packed, emotionally charged journey from the city of 'Brotherly Love' to the 'Magic City' of Miami, that will unravel their deepest, darkest secrets, and force them to face the dire consequences of yesterday’s choices. Justice is a fury, but redemption is a slow burn. On... more