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  • Inspired by Murder: An Emerald City Thriller

    by Audrey J. Cole
    To write the perfect story, he needs to commit the perfect crime. Tired of his day job, psychiatrist Eric Leroy yearns to fulfill his true destiny of becoming a New York Times bestselling author. But there is one thing he lacks to create an enthralling murder mystery: real-life inspiration. The nation is shocked when a famous Seattle resident and his wife are found dead in their upscale Madison Park neighborhood. It looks like murder-suicide, but Detective Blake Stephenson isn't convince... more
  • Sullivan's Secret (Marie Bartek & the SIPS Team Series Book 1)

    by Robin Murphy
    "Communing with the spirits may leave you with some very unwanted responsibility. 'Sullivan's Secret' follows Marie Bartek as she rediscovers her talents to communicate with spirits. Working with friends in a paranormal society, she finds that her skill leaves her with the responsibility to stop murders from sweeping her town and she has to put out her own neck to stop the hysteria. 'Sullivan's Secret' is a fascinating read that will be hard to put down." - Midwest Book Review-
  • Coma Dreams (Blue Warp Book 2)

    by N. Lawrence Mann
    A follow-up to the critically acclaimed suspense novel, Full Breach, N. Lawrence Mann unleashes the second installment of the Blue Warp series. Struggling with inner demons after the loss of his child, Retired Air Force Colonel Brett Stafford is in search of missing pieces in his life when he is involved in a single-car accident and slips into a coma for six months. Using his newfound—and unrefined—ability to heal, Brennen Reynolds attempts to revive the colonel on the day his life support is t... more
  • 9780998358918

    by Nelle Lewis
  • The Clown Forest Murders

    by R.R. Brooks
    At age eight, Dave Austin witnesses the murder of his brother and a friend in the fields behind his house. Amnesia protects Dave from remembering what happened, and the killer escapes. Locals suspect an itinerant madman, a pedophile, or a disturbed friend, maybe driven mad by strange, psychedelic mushrooms with clown-like multi-colored caps. Ten years later college pressures and alcohol bring on the dreams. And each one dredges up a new, revealing memory. When the murderer strikes again, Dave s... more
  • The Rusted Scalpel: A Medical Thriller (A Dr. Nicklaus Hart Series Book 3)

    by Timothy Browne, MD
    A pharmaceutical company promises you hope and happiness in a pill. Would you take it if it cost your relationship with God? Dr. Nicklaus Hart returns from responding to a massive earthquake that rocked the Middle East, allowing an ISIS terror cell to enter the ancient area of Mesopotamia. Captured, tortured and blinded by the hands of the radical terrorists, Nick arrives home a broken man. He has lost everything he holds dear—his sight, independence, profession and most of all, hope. But at ... more
  • The Walking Horses: Book Two/Parlor Game Mysteries (Volume 2)

    by Linda S. Browning
    It all started with a haunted Ouija board in Nashville and the cold case murder of Sophie Mathews. Then, Henry Meyer did not commit suicide in his tobacco barn in Columbia and the case went cold. When Olivia Honeycutt takes on the case of Eloise Venable Freeman, she must accept her paranormal proclivities. Eloise and her infant daughter, Andrea, allegedly died in a horrific fire thirty years ago. Her husband, David, is not satisfied with ashes. David wants answers. Olivia travels to Shelbyville,... more
  • In The Shadow of the Ivory Tower

    by Alan Kirby
    When a shooter attacks a Middle Eastern Religions class at a prestigious West Coast university, the serenity of the seaside campus is rocked and the lives of its community members are threatened. Is it the work of a determined group of students, or a sociopath with his own agenda?
  • The Chihuahua Witch

    by Sally Wilshere
    Kara Murphy, is a free-lance architectural general contractor and consultant who travels around from each job in an old Winnebago with her two little Chihuahuas, Philadelphia and Taffy, refurbishing and remodeling older homes and buildings. She learned this love of bringing old building back to life from her late father who was a general contractor and civil engineer. But from her mother she has a second passion, the study of paranormal activities. Her occupation brings her and two, four-... more
  • Deadly Conflicts

    by Amy N Showers
    Lilly Clemants thought she had left her previous life behind for a safe new one, but she finds out one cannot truly run from her life when dealing with the Agency. Now she must make sure that she can survive being back in a place she hates, convince others that she is towing the line, and that her ultimate mission isn’t discovered. She also must deal with the love of two men in her life and not break either one of their hearts. All in a day’s work for this little flower while dealing with deadly... more
  • Captor Captive

    by L.J. Kane

    Kidnapped. On the Run. Hunted by a Psychopath. What if you’re with her all the way through to the end? Will Ellie survive? Would you?

    Snatched from her sadistic captor's lair by his own getaway driver, eighteen-year-old student Ellie realizes that she's still kidnapped. As the enigmatic Darren Broderick drives off into the night with the terrified girl beside him, the sadistic Jon Braddon is not far behind.

    Thrown together, o... more

  • The Urge: Who's More Evil, the Pedophile, or the Killer of Pedophiles? (A Devil's Rules Series Novel Book 1)

    by CL Gibson

    The terror was the theft of childhood innocence. It tore the center out of Woody and Vette, and changed their destiny. The terror was also the taking of seven-year-old Alice’s life in the cruelest way possible, leaving eight-year-old Betty alive to remember the nightmare of her friend’s kidnapping and death.

    In The Urge, the families move on but their lives are forever entwined. They know the monsters are no longer under the bed. The monsters live in the cars p... more

  • The Moving Blade

    by Michael Pronko
    When the top American diplomat in Tokyo, Bernard Mattson, is killed, he leaves more than a lifetime of successful Japan-American negotiations. He leaves a missing manuscript, boxes of research, a lost keynote speech and a tangled web of relations. When his alluring daughter, Jamie, returns from America wanting answers, finding only threats, Detective Hiroshi Shimizu is dragged from the safe confines of his office into the street-level realities of Pacific Rim politics. With help from ex-... more
  • Shattered

    by J.M. White
    Dayna Harris thought her problems began in her bedroom. More specifically in her bed, the bed she shared with her husband, Richard, for twenty-six years. The bed where she witnessed Richard cheating on her with a woman half his age. But maybe they really began in the motel room that day. What conjured the dark figure Dayna first glimpsed in the motel mirror? The dark figure that continues to haunt her as her marriage to Richard crumbles. Consumed by Richard’s infidelity, Dayna begins unrav... more
  • Messenger Bags and Murder

    by Dorothy Howell

    Event planner Haley Randolph returns in a new novella.

    Haley must somehow stand out at a prestigious conference—not easy with a celebrity chef marinating in all the attention.  Plus she’s distracted by mouthwatering messenger bags—delectable treats that are up for grabs!

    Family secrets, broken dreams, and old grudges make a recipe for murder!