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  • The New Holy Warriors

    by Alice Sandoval
    The day after 9/11 a young Mexican-American attorney just out of UCLA law school gets a phone call at his office in Beverly Hills from a family friend who is president of Doctors Without Borders. Marc Bravo, the protagonist, has a father (Rodrigo) who is a noted plastic surgeon. He does volunteer work at a medical clinic in a rural Mayan Indian village outside Mexico City. His wife Sally, a registered nurse, always goes with him. Both are reported missing on September 12. The head of Doctors... more
  • Unraveled

    by Andi Neal
    “Are you getting this?” he whispered. The stub in his ear came to life with Jack’s voice. “Yeah. I’m in position. Whenever you’re ready. And remember, at least one kill.” In the national capital, politics are the name of the game. No one is more aware of this than FBI Special Agent Kat Winters. But when she is assigned to the investigation of the kidnapping of a senator’s daughter, it’s clear that there is more to this case than meets the eye. Teaming up with disheveled and often bewildered ... more
  • The Elite (Progeny Novels Book 4)

    by Andi Neal
    As the chief information security officer of her father’s company, Amy Douglas feels like her life should be a relatively peaceful and quiet one. Thanks in most part to her trouble-finding family, it’s anything but. However, when her first real vacation in two years is disrupted unexpectedly by kidnappers, she is thrown headfirst into a chaotic and confusing conspiracy that threatens to consume her. Recruited to a special unit of the DEA after years as a US Marine, Logan Bale thinks he knows ... more
  • Deception's Gamble (The Progeny Novels Book 3)

    by Andi Neal
    What you see isn't always what you get... Lexi has spent her life trying to right the wrongs of her past. But at a point when she feels she has finally managed to find solid footing and reconnect with the sister she lost, her father calls. That one call is all it takes to crumble the foundation she has built and force her back into the life she left behind so long ago. Ryan Randall has spent his life coasting on his charm and good looks. But he is finally ready to turn things around when L... more
  • The Refuge (The Progeny Novels Book 2)

    by Andi Neal
    Where the line between MAN and MONSTER has blurred... As a scientist, Dr. Griffin Maddox has spent his life dealing in facts, not legend or myth. But when a longtime friend recruits him to help track down a mysterious creature supposedly haunting the Okefenokee Swamp, Griffin can’t seem to say no. Despite his better judgment and complete lack of faith that the creature even exists, he teams up with a wildlife photographer and starts the search. Intrigued and always game for a little weird ... more
  • Angel's Isle (The Progeny Novels Book 1)

    by Andi Neal
    Sometimes the most peaceful place is the most dangerous... Hayley Peters has finally made a home for her son she is proud of on a small island off the coast of Maine. But when shark attacks riddle the waters out from her new refuge, she is cursed with a charming marine biologist filled with friendly curiosity. Disturbing the peace she has found, he threatens to crumble the walls she has carefully built around her past. Marine biologist Tony Douglas marvels at the glorious island a select f... more
  • Beyond Madness

    by Andi Neal
    Obsession is its own Madness… Adam Webber has worked all of his adult life to separate himself from his past. With the charming city of New Orleans as his new home, he finally begins to feel he may have succeeded. Until the unsolved murder investigations start to pile up around him. Learning that he was never really free of any of it, he finds his worst fear coming to life. Police Officer Zoe Blake thinks life is pretty grand when she stumbles across an attractive doctor with a quiet manne... more
  • Race Against Madness

    by Andi Neal
    A breath holding, edge of your seat thriller, Race Against Madness tracks the disturbing game a serial killer plays with his victims. But this time…one victim refuses to lose. The game is on, the clock is ticking, and winning means the difference between life and death. Adam Webber is a high school senior who has been invisible for most of his life. But even as the girl of his dreams begins to notice him, both of their lives take a drastic turn for the worse when they catch the eye of a se... more
  • Rituals of the Dead: An Artifact Mystery (Adventures of Zelda Richardson) (Volume 3)

    by Jennifer S. Alderson
    Art, religion, and anthropology collide in this exhilarating and suspenseful thriller! When a famous American anthropologist’s journal is found inside a bis pole, Zelda Richardson gets pulled into a world of headhunters, shady art collectors, missionaries, and smugglers – where the only certainty is that the sins of the past are never fully erased.
  • Shaw's Obsession

    by A.M. Goetz
    Dr. Katherine Galway has a mission: Stop a serial killer before he destroys another family, just like the monster who destroyed her own.
  • Veronica Mars - the TV series: Woolf and Lamb

    by Merrick Green
    A bully has been picking on kids at Neptune High School just in time to ruin the Spring Musical. With nowhere else to turn, Al Hart looks to hard boiled high school PI Veronica Mars to do what you'd expect of any diminutive detective when a huge football player is barreling your way - be his bodyguard. While tackling oversized linebackers, and counseling her lovelorn friends, Veronica is still in midst of trying to find the villain capable of killing a schoolbus full of kids, and has new clues... more
  • Veronica Mars - the TV series: The Secret World of Callie Beck

    by Merrick Green
    Has Veronica Mars met her match? Callie Beck hadn’t invented human depravity, but she is uncannily skilled at it. Veronica Mars, teenage PI - fresh off catching the Hearst College rapists and breaking up with the tumultuous Logan Echolls - must use all of her cunning and witty repartee to keep a fellow Hearst College freshman from the depths of exploitation.
  • Veronica Mars - the TV series: The Scarlet Liter

    by Merrick Green
    It’s Halloween in Neptune, CA, someone has played a nasty trick on one of Veronica Mars’ friends, and she doesn’t have a lot of friends to spare. Unfairly wrought as the most hated person in the history of Neptune High, and perhaps smarting a bit from a recent breakup, now it’s up to the teen sleuth to take the case - the corrupt and lazy Sheriff’s Department refuses to look into the attackers. Veronica needs to find who did it, and get back what they stole, before time runs out. She may also ma... more
  • Dead Passage

    by Pauline Rowson
    Inspector Andy Horton receives a mysterious telephone call from Adele Goldsby, the daughter of a dead Portsmouth politician, with an urgent request to meet him on the Isle of Wight ferry because she has something to reveal about her father’s death twelve years ago. When she doesn’t show, Horton is at first inclined to think it was a hoax until more information comes to light. As he unofficially looks into the circumstances surrounding the politician’s death he becomes more convinced that the in... more

    by Keith L. White

    Most private detectives would panic if they were kidnapped at gunpoint in the middle of the night.

    Most private detectives would accept ten thousand dollars not to take on new clients for a week—especially if the alternative was death.

    Most private detectives would break off their investigations if a trail of bodies revealed a collision course with a psychotic professional killer.

    Most private detectives are not like Michael Talent.

    Instead, these events compel t... more

  • Wild Goose Chase

    by David Rowlett
    Beautiful Russian spy Eva Fleet and goofy film professor Hieronymus Dent must track down a long-lost Hollywood film to save the world from nuclear war.