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  • Imposter

    by Nate Lee
    Home on summer break following her junior year of college, Haley Jacobs is enjoying some time with her family while working at her mother's bakery. Life is good and all is well... until the doorbell rings one fateful afternoon, heralding a heartbreaking tragedy—a death in the family. As if that weren't gut-wrenching enough, Linda, Haley's mother, receives a phone call the day after the funeral. The grave of the deceased has been violated. The casket has been unearthed and pried open. It appears... more
  • Bad Moon Rising

    by Morgan Hunt
    Tess Camillo moves to a charming Oregon theater town to help her recently widowed BFF. She looks forward to coffeehouses, world-class theater, wineries, and nature walks. But when a university student is gutted in his dorm room, the peaceful town reels from the impact of evil. Toss into the mix an ancient manuscript, wild billboards, a vitriolic election, and a cancer diagnosis, and Bad Moon Rising rushes along a zany trajectory, slowing only for moon gazing and the cannabis harvest.
  • Osama's Skull

    by Michael D. Urban
    Osama bin Laden didn’t die in Abbottabad. He wasn’t buried at sea. Kidnapped, hidden at a CIA black site in Poland, he perished in custody. Then certain powerful individuals wanted a souvenir—his skull. But the CIA has other plans. It recruits Navy SEAL Ingvar Rogers to steal the skull and act as live bait to destroy ISIS and al-Qaeda cells embedded in the U.S. When things go south, Rogers turns to Zach Colt for money, guns, and backup. Together, they must outrun and outwit rogue CIA agents, mur... more
  • Blood Sons

    by David Liscio
    A suspenseful new mafia thriller about the cost of loyalty in a family where blood is the strongest bond.
  • The Lost Men of St. Aldo's

    by Jack Young
    Detective Gil Conroy doesn’t like the looks of his future. Forced into early retirement by a gunshot wound, he finds himself in a double-wide trailer in the woods of upstate New York, collecting rocks and enduring visits from his womanizing neighbor Glenn Stiles. But a chance meeting with the strange Pastor Brumestead at the St. Aldo New Mind Center challenges Conroy's professional nature. He senses that the secluded setting conceals something deeply evil. Amidst an odd collection of players i... more
  • Ten Dark Tales of Mystery & Suspense

    by Craig Enger
    Inspired by and in the tradition of classic authors like Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe, TEN DARK TALES is a dazzling collection of short stories. Ten gripping tales of mystery and suspense. Starting with four sound mysteries filled with twists and murder, noir and adventure, the next three tales lead further into realms of imagination, and the final three add sharp and palpable tension, with hints of myth and magic. TEN DARK TALES is sure to widen your eyes and stretch your imagi... more
  • Bangkok Shadows

    by Stephen Shaiken
    When American criminal defense lawyer Glenn Murray Cohen grabbed a bundle of illicit cash from a murdered client and started a new life in Thailand, he thought his troubles were over. For seven years he enjoyed a life of leisure as a rich expat, and then the CIA came calling, pressuring him into undertaking a dangerous mission for which was ill-prepared. Glenn is forced to confront the dark underside of Bangkok, with its intrigue, corruption and peril. Assisted by his friends from the mysterious... more
  • Dead Sure?: A Paranormal Mystery

    by Eric Webster
    Dead Sure is a paranormal mystery thriller that brings the gangster life of the 1920’s Prohibition era roaring back to life. Jack, a cocky young construction manager, finds himself quickly entrenched in a mystery that spans present to past. A mysterious apparition encountered during a building demolition leads Jack to an old journal that will expose many secrets. The deadliest, being the location of an ancient medallion that allows the bearer to go back in time. Menacing forces are at odds t... more
  • Son of Syria

    by Ben Schafer
    If you need a miracle, call Kyle Hoyek. The former Marine turned Vatican agent specializes in hopeless causes. But when he returns to his homeland of Syria to rescue civilians, what was supposed to be a simple extraction becomes a desperate cross-country scramble to survive. Caught between clashing armies and pursued by a ruthless intelligence officer with a personal vendetta, Kyle struggles to keep his band of misfits alive. As the pressure mounts, old secrets and fresh betrayals threaten to de... more
  • Blood Gold in the Congo: White Collar Crime Political and Financial Suspense Thriller

    by Peter Ralph
    Fiction inspired by real life events that took place in the Congo in October 2004 when Congolese troops ran amok pillaging, raping and killing villagers and miners. More than 70 innocents were massacred and two years elapsed before anyone was charged and this only after pressure from the international community.
  • Night of the Dragon

    by Angelo Victor Mercure
    Kim Anh Thi, a beautiful, transgendered Vietnamese-American CIA agent, is hot on the trail of Jason Glenn Dawson, a ruthless American war profiteer in early 1970s Saigon. The action is fast and furious. The sex is red-hot. You will never forget Night of the Dragon.
  • A Dark Place

    by Keith Yocum
    As an inspector in the CIA’s Inspector General’s office, Dennis loves policing the agency’s network of spies for liars and thieves. But each time he plows into a case, it’s harder for him to keep alive his relationship with Judy, the only woman who understands his passions and quirks. When Dennis and Judy meet in London to rekindle their relationship, they are sucked into the city’s dark underworld. To save Judy’s life Dennis must solve two cases simultaneously. If you like non-stop action, dark... more
  • The Victim's Game

    by Laura Giebfried
    After his reputation is maliciously ruined, August transfers to a college in the backwoods of Maine. But when he begins to question the details about a former student's suicide, he finds himself being attacked from all sides by people who don't want to question what the truth really is.
  • The Devil's Chaplain

    by Bruce Hartman
    "Brilliant... A highly entertaining mystery with a heroine as compelling as she is gutsy." -- Ken Bruen Disillusioned with her corporate legal career, attorney Charlotte Ambler volunteers to handle the final appeal of Christopher Ritter, a Florida death row inmate whose execution is imminent. Ritter had been a prominent biologist before being convicted ten years earlier for the brutal murder of a prostitute. He denies killing the woman but is tormented by guilt for other, secret transgression... more
  • Hate: A Novel of Vitriol, Vengeance, and National Debate

    by Brad Randolph
    Craig and Cate are wealthy, smart, driven business professionals who have their idyllic world shattered and turned upside down. Their two children are killed during a hate crime shooting. They are devastated and consumed by grief. After the killers are set free, the two take matters into their own hands. They embark on a calculated quest to avenge their children while finding out who was really behind the shooting. Unsatisfied with their revenge taken, Craig and Cate plan on the destruction o... more
  • Impending Disaster

    by Colin Guest
    Three friends had been out enjoying a sightseeing plane trip. They were happy and carefree as they were about to pass over the mountain above their town nestling down in the valley. A gently bubbling creek ran through the centre of it. On each side of its banks were a variety of timber built summer homes and cabins. It looked and was a peaceful town of around 350 inhabitants. As they woke that morning, no one knew that high above them a terrifying plane crash would result in most of them able to... more