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  • To Conquer Heaven

    by Felix Long
    Jeremy Wang, still smarting from his fall from grace at the urging of his college roommate Brett East, has found a clue. A clue to the location of the lost Tomb of the First Emperor of China. A legendary lost treasure more amazing than King Tutankhamun's tomb. And he needs Brett's help to find it. There's just one problem ... the First Emperor was a powerful Taoist sorceror obsessed with discovering the Elixir of Life ... and he is not ... quite ... dead.
  • If I Scream: A mystery novel (The Ward Trilogy Book 2)

    by W.H. Clark
    When a malnourished woman is involved in a fatal car crash Ward's attempts to identify her falter. Suspecting the woman to be the victim of an abduction, the detective races against time to try to uncover what happened to her. And then the brutal murders start.
  • An End to a Silence (The Ward Trilogy Book 1)

    by W.H. Clark
    A twisty, fast-paced crime mystery set in small town Montana. On the brink of retirement, Newton, a detective broken by his failure to find a missing boy twenty-five years earlier, gets one last chance for redemption. With the help of his replacement, a city-hardened Texan detective called Ward, can Newton finally break the silence? Can Ward conquer his own demons?
  • Belfast Central

    by A.K. Amherst
    Belfast 1993: A nocturnal ambulance service at the Belfast Central Station almost turns deadly for the young paramedic Ryan. In the crosshairs of the IRA, he is badly wounded and wakes up in the hospital with muddled memories. The police close the case fast, leaving too many burning questions unanswered. Most importantly, who was that old man who appeared at the scene out of nowhere and saved Ryan’s life? Not fully recovered yet, Ryan begins searching for the mysterious man, only to get dragged ... more
  • Waiting for You

    by Alan Johnson
    It's been almost forty years since Cubby James and the group of close friends graduated from high school, left the small mountain town where they grew up and went in search of success and happiness. For the most part, they've achieved their goals, and are beginning to think about slowing down a little. All except Cubby. The life he dreamed about simply has eluded him. As he contemplates changes he hopes will bring happiness, he receives news that his best friend has been in a serious auto accid... more
  • Battlefield Taiwan

    by Miranda Watson

    Is it too late to stop the dominoes from falling?

    Not since the US pulled out of Vietnam has the communist threat been so real.

    Taiwan is at risk.

    If America loses its ally in the Pacific Rim, the Chinese will be one step closer to dominating all of Asia. Japan, Thailand, the Philippines—no one will be safe from their hostile takeover.

    The President must act. Force is needed, but the deployment won’t be popular. Politics ar... more

  • Neapolitan Sky

    by James Wood

    Dreams of becoming a professional writer are abruptly put on hold for college student Nica Mitchell following the unexpected death of her mother and her father’s cancer diagnosis. Forced to return home when he’s hospitalized after encountering a near death experience, Nica learns that her father has been keeping a dark secret. Something in between the stages of life and death that, when revealed, will change her life forever.

    James Wood is a writer, musician... more

  • Dante's Town of Terror

    by Patrick R Delaney
    Bill, Brian, and Cathy had the perfect camping trip planned. It was supposed to be a weekend filled with good friends and healing. But when an unexpected collision with fate leaves them stranded deep in the wilderness, they find a deserted town not listed on any map. Somewhere time doesn't exist and nothing seems quite right. Somewhere no one ever leaves and insidious things wait in the dark. When they meet a desperate man searching for his lost love and a suspiciously prepared stranger they ... more
  • Cyber War Attack!

    by Ed McDonald
    It is set in Arizona during the two months leading up to North Korea's combined nuclear and cyber attacks on the United States and the few days immediately following. Murf is faced with two problems simultaneously: his duty to prepare his community for the cyber attack he believes is imminent and his concern for his estranged 14-year-old daughter. He has no idea that both is ex-wife and his daughter are the victims of a vicious drug dealer and pimp. Ultimately, he leaves safety behind and tr... more
  • The Palm Reader

    by Christopher Bowron
    Jackson Walker once again faces his demons in this haunting sequel to Best Seller-- Devil in the Grass. Now working as an investigative lawyer for Peter Robertson, Jack teams with Janie Callaghan to solve the disappearance of a sleazy client specializing in taboo pornography. Meanwhile, the evil head of the Church of Satan weaves an intricate web to lure Walker as the sacrificial lamb in an Everglades Black Mass ritual.
  • Logo Max

    by milton william
  • Thrill Girl

    by Jack Curran
    It’s June of ‘51, and a beautiful vigilante is stalking the streets of LA. She's come to the rescue of citizens being mugged, saving their lives while mercilessly dispatching their attackers. When the cops arrive on the scene, she has disappeared like a whisper in the rain, leaving no clues to her identity behind. Journalist and WWII hero, Jack Curran, has been tracking and writing about her since with one goal in mind, to file the exclusive revealing who she is.
  • Juncture

    by M.Kelly
    A juncture is a place where things collide. It is the end of one road and the beginning of another. the story tells about a group of people, how they intertwine with each other in a way that changes them all. Its layers of mystery that are circumvented by a simple key. It is the third book in the "Pathways in the mind series." The story is about Riccardo's life that is filled with disappointment. Leaving the reader will he walk away from his troubles or stay and fight.
  • Godiva-From Wretch to Riches: How One Woman Turned Her Failure Into Success

    by Richmond Donkor
    This is one of the most powerful and interesting stories I have ever heard. Godiva started life well but went on to fail miserably. She threw away her two sons after giving birth to them, and she involved herself in many practices. She became hopeless because failure was following her everywhere she went. Her own parents and best friends left her when she was desperately in need. But her failure turned to success because of some things that she eventually realized about herself. Her life changed... more
  • One Must Kill Another

    by Marcus Alexander Hart

    Failed sitcom writer Matty Savage would do anything to get back together with his ex-wife. After all, marrying Kimberly Savage—the hottest vampire-slaying movie star of the 1990s—was the greatest achievement of his life. A life that took a nosedive after she divorced him thirteen years ago.

    Their daughter, Rebecca, is a twenty-three-year-old personal trainer in financial trouble. A loan from her millionaire mother is all she needs to put her life on track, but the scar slash... more

  • Deadly Shadow (The Assassin Chronicles - Book One)

    by Kim Cresswell

    The Assassin Chronicles TV series is in development with Council Tree Productions.

    Two recent murders. Two serial killers. A conspiracy that reaches beyond the physical world.

    Consumed with grief over the tragic death of her husband, FBI agent Victory McClane is obsessed with finding Ohio’s serial killer, “The Wrapper”.

    When another young woman turns up dead and the victim is linked to Derrick Lynn, son of the Secretary of Defense,... more