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  • Deadly Investment

    by Jill Paterson
    It was an accepted fact that Beatrice Maybrick, owner and operator of the Maybrick Literary Agency, accidentally fell to her death. Or did she? Esme Timmons thought not, her suspicions fuelled by a letter she received from Beatrice following the tragic incident. Faced with this dilemma, Esme takes steps to find the killer. Meanwhile, Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn commences his investigation into the suspicious death of entrepreneur, Preston Alexander. With robbery ruled out as t... more
  • Lane's End

    by Jill Paterson
    Sydney’s Observatory on a balmy summer evening is the perfect venue for a cocktail party and, it would seem, a murder, for Peter Van Goren’s body is discovered bludgeoned to death in the grounds. The first question Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn must answer is why Van Goren was present given his name does not appear on the guest list. The second is, what was the subject of Van Goren’s vehement argument with Richard Carmichael, one of the function’s hosts. Meanwhile, Richard’s son, Ben C... more
  • Once Upon A Lie

    by Jill Paterson
    Little did, businessman and entrepreneur, Michael Rossi know that the telephone call he answered on that fateful Friday would be the catalyst for his death, and the subsequent recovery of his body from the waters of Sydney Harbour the following morning. Recalled from leave to take on the case, Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn confronts the first of many puzzles; how Rossi spent the unaccountable hours before he died. This leads him on a paper-trail into a tangled web of deception, jealousy ... more
  • Murder at the Rocks

    by Jill Paterson
    When Laurence Harford, a prominent businessman and philanthropist is found murdered in the historic Rocks area of Sydney, Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn is asked to solve the crime quickly and discreetly. After barely starting his investigation, uncovering a discarded mistress and disgruntled employees, a second killing occurs. Meanwhile, Laurence’s nephew, Nicholas Harford, has his certainties in life shaken when he becomes a suspect in his uncle’s death, and receives a mysterious gold lo... more
  • The Celtic Dagger

    by Jill Paterson
    University professor Alex Wearing is found murdered in his study by the Post Graduate Co-coordinator, Vera Trenbath, a nosey interfering busybody. Assigned to the case is Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn. Fitzjohn is a detective from the old guard, whose methodical, painstaking methods are viewed by some as archaic. His relentless pursuit for the killer zeros in on Alex’s brother, James, as a key suspect in his investigation. Compelled to clear himself of suspicion, James starts hi... more
  • Unshielded Past

    by patti morelli
    Unshielded Past picks up where Shielded Past left off. It's packed with suspense, murder, drama, and a bit of the supernatural. Samantha reappears to warn Annie and Andrew, about the danger that is about to happen. The question is -- who really is in danger?
  • Equi Knocks of Karma (Carr — Maah Consulting Agency Book 2)

    by Jada Ryker
    In the second stand-alone adventure in the Carr-Maah Consulting Agency paranormal mystery series, Celeste Carr and Ericka Maah, business partners and friends, face a powerful and ruthless adversary. Celeste and Ericka are held hostage by Toni Rae Yelton, a self-centered party girl. Toni Rae is desperate. She orders the mysterious Ericka to use her alleged supernatural powers to call off the police and the reporters, who are all convinced Toni Rae is the sinister force behind her little girl's... more
  • Dog Days of Karma

    by Jada Ryker
    Desperate to locate a missing person, Constance Twist decides to call a detective agency. Waiting for directory assistance and muttering to herself about karma, Constance jots down the address for the Carr-Maah Consulting Agency. On the way to the agency, Constance is shoved into traffic and nearly killed. Celeste Carr is shocked when Constance storms into the office, demanding help. Celeste tries to explain that Carr-Maah is a human resources consulting company, not a detective agency.Celes... more
  • Executive: A Thriller

    by Leslie Wolfe

    A rookie private investigator. An unexpected killer. Espionage, current technology, warfare, and a hint of greed.

    A friendly fire incident in Afghanistan takes a serious toll.
    A drone, out of control, brings death and wreaks havoc on a Florida highway.
    An apparently successful corporation comes under scrutiny.

    A memorable incursion behind corporate closed doors, led by an up-and-coming investigator on a mission to find the truth about the lives... more

  • Devil's Move: A Thriller (Political Terrorism Technothriller)

    by Leslie Wolfe

    It is a presidential election year and things are changing. America is overhauling its voting system, making room for modern processes and innovative technologies, but also for conspiracies and murder.

    The US presidential election system overhaul comes under fire.

    A heart transplant is denied.

    An accident claims the life of a consulting executive.


    Here, at home, terrorism has a new target. 
    We know the day o... more

  • The Backup Asset: A Gripping Espionage Thriller

    by Leslie Wolfe

    Cold War II has started with a vengeance. Or, as the American president calls it, Cold War 2.0, reflecting the impact technology has in the new age of espionage. The United States is now in the crosshairs of a renewed, unstoppable enemy intelligence operation. 

    At Langley, a report causes turbulence, as it predicts Russia’s inconceivable plans based on apparently random incursions into other countries’ territorial space. 

    In Moscow, the rele... more

  • Operation Sunset: A Thriller

    by Leslie Wolfe

    Private investigator Alex Hoffmann has a clear mission: to identify and eliminate the deadliest terrorist mastermind in history. She doesn’t know his name. She doesn’t know what he looks like. She only knows he’s Russian. The moment she learns more, it’s already too late. The timers are counting down. 

    This Russian’s plan doesn’t target a building, a person, or a city. His plan is targeting the future of the United... more

  • Glimpse of Death: A Riveting Serial Killer Thriller

    by Leslie Wolfe

    Her beautiful face, serene and immobile, resting on her folded arm. Her long, luscious hair, undulating gently in the evening breeze. Her eyes half-closed, a hint of a smile on her pale lips, as if to welcome an unseen lover. 

    When the body of a young woman is found in her own backyard, a week after her disappearance, evidence leads investigators to a chilling conclusion. She is not the first victim of a serial killer no one knew existed. She most definitely i... more

  • The Ghost Pattern: A Thriller

    by Leslie Wolfe

    It’s the new age of terrorism, where enemy interests employ the use of modern tools, weapons, tactics, and theories to achieve goals that have destructive, bone-chilling, and disturbing physical and emotional effects. Today’s terrorists are tech-savvy, manipulative, powerful, well-funded, and supported by entire networks of global experts. 

    A Scottish offshore drilling platform in the North Sea becomes unresponsive to all communication attempts. 
    ... more

  • Baby's 1st Murder

    by Gerry Stimmler
    Synopsis of BABY'S 1ST MURDER by Gerry Stimmler It's been quiet at MARGIE and JOE'S place since two-year old ALLEY was born. Not a single murder within shouting distance. But that changes abruptly when Joe stumbles through the dark to bring Alley a glass of water, trips, and falls, and wakes everyone except the man out by the pool. "Who dat?" Alley asks. Joe approaches the man and discovers it's their next door neighbor's brother-in-law, CHESTER, who they know a bit and who is kind of an ass.... more
  • When Time Is A River

    by Susan Clayton-Goldner
    On a bench at the edge of the Lithia Park playground, someone is stalking two-year- old Emily Michaelson as she plays with her eighteen-year old half-sister, Brandy. The child’s laughter curves through the sunlight, as if on wings. The stalker is more enamored than ever, but aware of Brandy’s vigilance with Emily, knows a kidnapping won’t be easy. Planning to gain Emily’s trust, the stalker gives her a necklace—little girls love pretty things. A few days later, Brandy and Emily arrive at the par... more