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  • The Consequence of War

    by Brian Oldham
    Elijah McCoy was trained to kill. It's been two years since he returned from the war in Afghanistan, yet he still can't find peace. His only solace comes from being a vigilante, using his skills to brutally put down abusers, stalkers, and worse. But when he kills a member of a ruthless biker gang, Elijah is thrown back into a war zone that threatens to destroy him and those trying to save him. As the violence escalates, he draws attention from not only the police but also demonic forces who seek... more
  • Dark Corners

    by Elaine Raco Chase
    Exciting Explicit Extraterrestrial? Dark Corners (Roman Cantrell-Nikki Holden Mystery II) All over south Florida people are seeing things – things that can't be real – or can they? Nikki Holden's boss gives her the most bizarre assignment of her career. More than 200 solid citizens have reported sightings and contacts with UFO's! Soon she's on the trail with help from the University of Tennessee Space Institute & the Air Force! Roman Cantrell comes to the aide of an old Army budd... more
  • Dangerous Places

    by Elaine Raco Chase
    The 7 Deadly Sins have never been so - Deadly! Or so much fun! Meet Nikki Holden - she may know 140 characters but social media is not her venue. She's an investigative reporter with more enemies than friends - and her friends are very shady. She's on the trail of a stunning story at Pleasure Island. And she doesn't mind using her pick pocket talents or a well-aimed champagne cork or even a pair of 38's (boobs not guns) to get her story. She's tenacious, sarcastic and an ex-con. Meet Ro... more
  • Pages in the Wind

    by Sally Saylor-DeSmet
    Pages in the Wind reaches inside the mind Emily Quinn, a young girl damaged by trauma, abuse, and family secrets. The book opens with Emily detained at the San Francisco County Jail for the first degree murder of her father. An aging, world-famous psychiatrist is hired to help find mitigating factors to spare her from California’s death penalty. The novel re-winds the young girl’s life from the age of eight to nineteen. The eccentric doctor quickly becomes sympathetic to Emily and her horri... more
  • What Child Is This?

    by Alice K. Boatwright
    In WHAT CHILD IS THIS?, it is Christmas in Little Beecham . . . a season to celebrate with caroling, mistletoe, and mince pies. Newlywed American Ellie Kent is looking forward to her first English village Christmas, but a missing Oxford student and an abandoned baby soon draw her away from the fireside into danger. When a young woman is found dead on Boxing Day, Ellie comes to believe that these events may be linked through a group of teenage girls who identify with Shakespeare’s tragic Ophelia.... more
  • Suitors

    by M.L. Shanahan
    CORRUPTION HAS MANY FACES And in a city like New York you can be anyone; Kasey Matthews knows this. A freshman at NYU, she is struggling to adjust to college life while hiding her deeply troubled past. Why did she run away from her small home town? As Kasey rebuilds her life, a serial killer is striking at the core of The Big Apple, terrifying citizens of the city that never sleeps. Who is killing all the suited-up men? Detective Vincent Gunn has landed the biggest case of his caree... more
  • The Fourth String

    by Jill Paterson
    “The Claremont”, an outdated, run-down apartment building, is thrown into turmoil when its latest and most celebrated resident, Crispin Fairchild, conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, is found murdered. His eccentric neighbours and members of the orchestra appear saddened by his death but are they? Is one of them his killer? These are questions Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn asks himself when he takes on the case and unearths not only the innermost secrets of those who kne... more
  • Angela Cray Gets Real (an Angela Cray Mystery, Book 1)

    by Dara Carr
    Unemployed ex-party girl Angela Cray is back living with her no-nonsense mother in Phoenix. After coming within air-kissing distance of a felony charge, Angela is determined to make something of her life. When a sympathetic neighbor offers her work, Angela jumps at the opportunity. She figures it won’t be hard to track down a missing fiancé last seen with two Lady Gaga lookalikes. After all, one of her superpowers is finding badly behaved men. But the trail of the runaway groom has more twist... more
  • The Domino Event

    by Bruce Thomason & JD Hunter
    Clay Randall and his team are once again investigating murder and mayhem in the scenic beachside community of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The Domino Event, the fourth novel in the Detective Clay Randall Series, unfolds with a computer fraud scheme that quickly escalates into multiple murders and explosive destruction. As the clues begin to point toward a powerful Russian crime boss, any misstep by the team could place them in mortal danger. Utilizing authentic investigative techniques, The Domi... more

    by Janet Stead
    Twenty years ago… Mike and Jamie meet online—deep in the heart of a supercomputer they’re both hacking into. Mike is a twenty-two-year-old college senior and Jamie is hiding that she’s a fifteen-year old computer prodigy. Over the ensuing months of dark web excursions, they fall in love, while not knowing each other’s real names or ages. When Mike tells Jamie about his feelings and wants to meet, Jamie knows it’s over. She’s sure that if he discovers her age, his feelings for her will change. W... more
  • Breathe In by Michelle Bellon

    by Chick Lit Cafe
    Breathe in. Breathe out. This mantra gets Tessa Benson through the day. The man she loves walks all over her, and she just wants to get by without her heart shattering to pieces. If she could find her voice, she’d scream. Everything changes in one night, when she’s snatched from the streets and tied to a bed, a camera setup to capture her dying moment. And the person who paid to watch her die…is still out there somewhere. Tessa prowls dark neighborhoods in a quest for justice, but she doe... more
  • Shadows (Southern Comfort Series: Dahlonega Trilogy Book 2)

    by Lisa Clark O'Neill
    Sabrina Paulson has seen her share of tragedy. After almost falling prey to the same man who murdered her sister, she’s managed to put her life back together – but not without an emotional cost. In danger of becoming a recluse, Sabrina is surprised to discover that the one man who is instrumental in bringing her back out of her shell is the same man she’s always disparaged: private investigator Duncan Ross. When a young woman goes missing, Duncan and Sabrina find themselves embroiled in a myste... more
  • Money Slay

    by Mark N. Penn
    The immersive heroic legend of Maxwell Johnston, who learns he can transform humanity with his dreams. Maxwell Johnston displays all the frailties that people exhibit through his high adventures of love, revenge, truth, and intoxication. A race towards fame, fortune, and world peace involves finding and nullifying Osuma, a terrorist organization leader. Maxwell Johnston finds out that his competition includes Douglas Miller, a bureaucratic special security officer, and Amethyst Felucca the luck... more

    by Khaled Talib
    A stolen piece of history, an abducted actress and international intrigue… When the Deringer pistol that shot Abraham Lincoln is stolen and ends up in the hands of a Russian military general, covert agent Blake Deco is tasked by the FBI to head to the Balkans to recover the historical weapon. Meanwhile, the United States media is abuzz with news of the mysterious disappearance of Hollywood movie star, Goldie St. Helen. After Blake’s return from overseas, he receives a tip from a Mexican f... more
  • Dead To Rights

    by Bailey Herrington
  • A Treasure to Die For (A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery) (Volume 1)

    by Terry Ambrose
    Bandit gold and sunken pirate ships. What could be better for the reputation of a quaint coastal town like Seaside Cove? Or a better motive for murder?