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  • The Devil's Witches by Madeleine McLaughlin

    by Jewel Hart
    Benjamin Coffey would like to retire from homicide. But when the corpses of teenaged girls are found in the forest with black veils covering their faces, he decides to stay just this last time and solve the case. He finds that the enemy he’s facing is more dangerous, more infallible than any he’s ever met.It threatens to destroy him and the people around him.
  • Imperfect Memories

    by Jody Wenner
    After losing her husband and daughter in an all-too-common act of senseless terror, Nina Rogers thinks she might also be losing her mind. Is she slipping because of the tragedy, or is her memory actually failing her? Is she experiencing the same thing her mother did, or is this something different? It might be easy to figure out in a normal person, but Nina is anything but normal. She has hyperthymesia: the ability to recall every minute of every day of her life. As the days go on, she sinks ev... more
  • The Bone Curse

    by Carrie Rubin

    Medicine has no cure for evil...

    Ben Oris, a pragmatic med student from Philadelphia, gets cut by an old bone while touring the Paris catacombs. His companion Laurette, a public health student from Haiti, senses danger and worries an evil curse now runs through him.

    Ben scoffs at the idea--he simply has a wound that won't heal--and back home he returns to his stressful clerkship at the hospital. But when people close to him succumb to a grisly illness and a da... more

  • Afghan Mirrors

    by Michael Connick
    Stephen Connor's exciting Cold War career in the CIA continues, this time during the height of the Soviet-Afghan War. While in Pakistan he encounters his first true love with a beautiful red-haired CIA officer. There Stephen also discovers that he has acquired a mortal enemy within the Agency who is obsessed with destroying both him and his new love. He travels to Afghanistan on an incredibly dangerous mission and finds himself in a desperate battle for survival against the Soviet military force... more
  • Conflux: Threat from the Troika

    by William Brazzel

    A new threat to the United States has emerged within its own borders. Deutsche Christen, a powerful paramilitary organization, led by a ruthless ex-Special Forces Officer, Carl Dietrich, is threatening to overthrow the U.S. government and assume absolute power over the country.

    Bolstered by the overwhelming support provided by two foreign governments, Dietrich believes his forces to be invincible, and his future rise to power inevitable.

    Hoping to garner additional members for his... more

  • Hired Man

    by Mark Beyer
    What would you do if a dying stranger begged you to save his daughter ... then paid you seven figures to do it? When suburban dad Terry Holbrook stops to help the quickly dying driver of an icy car wreck on a dark, lonely country road, he can’t believe the bloody check thrust into his hands is worth the paper it’s printed on. Yet, in no time, Terry and his family are swept into a dangerous vortex of powerful Detroit drug dealers, vicious blackmailers, homicidal white supremacists and the dea... more
  • Nimbostratus: Rain Clouds of Death

    by Hank Patterson

    There is something deadly in the clouds above Aruba. The Alexander family, while on vacation, befriends Sandra Blake and her twin sister who is supected of murder. Quickly they become involved in the biggest NASA cover up in space exploration.

  • The Endora Murders: Heart's Home

    by Michelle J. Ciesielka

    In this crime thriller, a straitlaced young businesswoman, Faith Haleow, encounters drug dealers, pornographers, and other seedy characters while on a dangerous mission to unearth the truth behind her brother's accident. 

    Written with feverish intensity, The Endora Murders: Heart's Home is filled with twists and revelations that are impossible to predict. This story cuts deep into the seedy underbelly of a small town with a lot of secrets. As Faith gets closer to the truth, she finds th... more

  • ISBN 10: 1546496912

    by Dana Stewart Quinney

    Scavenger, they called him at school.  

    Ben was a fool, the others thought, a fool for believing that their world was about to shatter.  Ben and his grandfather worked hard to gather evrthing they could to prepare for the end of the world.

    And then it happened.

    All summer, Artie felt that something was wrong, something she coldn't name.  Then came what would be called The Last Friday.  Suddenly, everyone Artie l... more

  • Hong Kong Central Lee Carruthers #3

    by Marrilynn Larew
    Despite the fact that she quit the CIA, Lee Carruthers is in Hong Kong doing a little job for Sidney Worthington. He’s thinks something is wrong at Wong’s Antiques. Lee finds Henry Wong—just as he’s being kidnapped by the Chau Fong Triad. What does a Triad want with an antiquities dealer? That’s one of many questions, as Lee reunites with an old lover, is caught in the middle of burgeoning democracy demonstrations, and uncovers secrets that may once again upend her life.
  • The Bride Wore Constant White

    by Shelley Adina
    Book one of the Mysterious Devices series of clockwork cozies set in the Magnificent Devices world! A bride in search of safety. Young ladies in search of their father. A man in search of self-respect. But in the Wild West, you always find more than you’re looking for... Margrethe Amelia Linden (Daisy to her friends) is a young woman of gentle upbringing, some talent as a watercolorist, and firm opinions that often get her into trouble. Determined to find her missing father, in the summer ... more
  • The Man from Murmansk

    by Trevor Scott
    Karl Adams is a new CIA officer undercover and immersed in Murmansk, Russia, as a Spanish graduate student at the local university. On a cold February night, while flying a drone, he takes video of a missile on a transporter erector launcher being loaded aboard a merchant ship. This could be a violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty signed by Reagan and Gorbachev. Karl is recalled to America, but not for long. The Agency wants him to continue with his mission, which ... more
  • The Rogue Revolutionist

    by Robert L. Blackburn
    Charley Black is relatively content?for a sixty-three-year-old reclusive revolutionary stuck in Frankfort, Kentucky. With his wife, house, friends, and money now gone, Charley has nothing to lose as he carries out his personal mission to change the world. While holding down a state job, Charley has been conducting a one-man revolution of reason in virtual anonymity?or so he thinks. Without his knowledge, the government has suddenly developed an unnatural interest in the program of the mind he h... more
  • Blackwater Crossing

    by David Griffith
    A fistful of trophy buckles and a dusted-off Counterintelligence degree are of little value in a fight with a drug cartel. But rodeo cowboy Lonnie Bowers has little else when he attempts to rescue his best friend from a Mexican drug cartel . . . stop his divorce from Clarissa . . . and pump new life into his sputtering career. When he crosses the border into Mexico, Lonnie faces the brutal end reserved for all those who dare to cross the cartels. His beliefs about the afterlife have been good en... more
  • Vengeance (Tip of the Spear Book 2)

    by Belle Ami
    Layla Wallace Hassani is living her dream, curating a major art exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. She has it all, a fabulous career, the perfect marriage and the perfect child. She’s madly in love with her husband Cyrus Hassani, a Mossad agent, and lives in Tel Aviv with their four-year-old daughter Cerise. Her life takes a disastrous turn when she’s kidnapped by Iranian terrorists during the bombing of a restaurant in Manhattan. Chained to a bed at a remote location, Layla is a pawn in a ... more
  • Escape (Tip of the Spear Book 1)

    by Belle Ami
    Escape, a sexy romantic thriller with a focus on the dangers of a nuclearized Middle East. When Harvard student, Layla Rose Wallace and her Saudi boyfriend are kidnapped in Dubai and taken to Iran, a deep-cover Mossad agent is activated and given a mission. He is ordered to either get Layla out of Iran, or if failing that—kill her.