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  • Fate

    by John M. Giles
    Dr. Jerry JisP Johnson is a psychiatrist with a secret. And one of his patients, Jack Fortine, has something Jerry wants. His family. It's a doctor-patient relationship Jack won't soon forget. Doctor knows best. A gripping tale of love, hate, and fate.
  • Political Justice

    by Dennis Carstens
    A politically-driven couple — he a charming governor and she the brains behind their meteoric rise — is poised to blow any preconceived notions you have about politics and power out of the water. Tom and Darla Carver certainly have revolutionary ideas on how to improve America. But improving their own political position and influence is always the underlying objective. Forget the headlines... but have fun guessing who’s-who while devouring this delectable thriller. "Political Justice: A Marc ... more
  • The Majesty: Into the Fog

    Passengers aboard the luxurious cruise ship Majesty face life-threatening drama once it is seized by terrorists masquerading as crew members. Small bands of passengers mount a counter-offensive as they battle to survive the four day voyage from London to New York. Once the ship encounters a deadly green fog, the ambiance deteriorates from a pleasurable experience to a nightmare voyage. The book details the struggle involved as both combatants face the worst ordeals of their lives trying to s... more
  • Preferential Treatment, A Medical-Legal Novel

    by William Parsons
    West Virginia lawyer, Jack Fabian, is a battle-hardened personal injury trial lawyer concentrating his practice in medical malpractice plaintiff's cases. Fabian, who has developed a penchant for big spending, expensive airplanes, top-shelf booze, and luxury vacations finds himself in 2005, feeling the adverse effects of the recently enacted repressive medical malpractice tort reform law in his state that has dulled his enthusiasm for the practice in general and malpractice law in particular. Thr... more
  • The Rushing Noise of Death: A Detective Flagg Mystery

    by Gretchen Mullen and Phyllis Jobe

    "It was almost midnight on New Year's Eve. Martha Leland poured herself a drink, her labors worthy of celebration. She stood before the mirror and toasted her reflection. The clock began to strike and the big fireworks on the bridge behind her reflected their lurid blossoms in the glass. The great booms began and when the bullet struck dead center at the back of her skull, she might have seen the blinding splintered light of the finale, she might have heard the great white rushing no... more

  • The Shepherd's Calculus

    by C.S. Farrelly
    When journalist Peter Merrick is asked to write a eulogy for his mentor, Jesuit priest James Ingram, his biggest concern is doing right by the man. But when his routine research reveals disturbing ties to sexual abuse and clues to a shadowy deal trading justice for power, everything he believed about his friend is called into question. With the US presidential election looming, incumbent Arthur Wyncott is quickly losing ground among religious voters. Meanwhile, Owen Feeney, head of the US Con... more
  • Gertrude, Gumshoe: Slam Is Murder

    by Robin Merrill
    There just isn't enough crime in Mattawooptock, so Gertrude has to convince Calvin to go to the big city—Portland, where she will go undercover as the newest slam poet on the scene. But have any actual crimes been committed, or is this just Gertrude's wild imagination at work?
  • Gertrude, Gumshoe and the VardSale Villain

    by Robin Merrill
    Samantha Cooper is missing and her boyfriend is desperate to find her. Desperate enough to hire Gertrude, Gumshoe. Thrilled to have her first real client, Gertrude gets right to work. But is she really ready for a real case? Can she catch a kidnapper without getting herself kidnapped?
  • Clipton Secrets

    by Marie Thompson

    Wealthy widow Stella Campbell thinks she has found her Shangri-la when she buys a dilapidated rectory in the picturesque village of Clipton. The challenge of renovating the estate helps lift her grief, and she becomes an important member of the quiet community. It takes little time for her to discover Clipton is not the sedate community it appears to be. Many unexpected turns bring heartache and treachery into her life, and she struggles to overcome her demons. It take supreme effort to step ... more

  • Horse of a Different Color

    by John L. Lansdale
    Someone is murdering and mutilating young women in a Dallas suburb, using the same techniques as a case down in Houston the previous year. When the second body is found, it seems the killer has moved his hunting grounds to the Dallas area. As the body count rises, Detective Thomas Mecana – a divorced fifteen-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department – is assigned to the case. He prides himself on always getting his man, but his tried-and-true methods of the past are not working. To make m... more
  • From the Midst of Wickedness

    by Nelson Cover

    Scandal at the university.

    Thomas Simpson, a professor at Sessions University, is seduced into joining the administration of president, Bryan Q. Fitz-Hugh, an extraordinarily brilliant, visionary, charismatic leader.  As the new director of university communications, he begins to have disturbing concerns about the administration.

    The new Beijing Center is dedicated and funded.  No one is sure how it was paid for yet the president is planning such centers worldwide to fulf... more

  • Full Slab Dead

    by EM Kaplan
    When snarky food critic, Josie Tucker, heads to Austin, Texas, to wax philosophical about the local barbecue joints, she stumbles on to a decades' old missing person case. With the help of a local reporter, a Goth ghost hunter, and a Bunco-playing transvestite, she tries to unravel the heart-tugging, hidden history before the whole place goes up in smoke.
  • The Tommy Gun Dolls

    by Daniel Cooney
    A crossdressing, gin-soaked grifter leads a gang of bawdy burlesque girls to avenge their friend's murder in Prohibition Era San Francisco, knocking off Mob-owned speakeasies for clues in this sordid tale of tragic romance. From the city's seedy underworld of seductive speakeasies, to the bootlegging empire that rules the backstreets, up to the Nob Hill mansions of society's elite, pleasure is a sin, and desperate desires are driven by temptation and corruption from the unlikeliest suspects.
  • The Killing Scripture

    by Afshan Jaffery
    Failing to secure a job, Alicia Stone, a law graduate, starts working at a local bookstore. Her boring life takes a different turn when she finds a dead body in her bookstore and her ex-boyfriend, now works for the police, asks her help to get evidence against her boss who is the prime suspect in investigation. She faces a moral dilemma where she wants to safe her boss, but also wants to help the police in catching the criminal. Battling on two fronts, Alicia must catch the killer, who is target... more
  • The Catalina Cabal

    by Bill Thesken
    A peaceful sail around Catalina Island takes an ugly turn as a professional bodyguard gets dragged into the middle of a violent human smuggling ring.
  • Too Beautiful For Words

    by Ronald M. James

    Private Investigator, Sammy Shovel, finally gets the client of a lifetime and rushes to claim his jackpot, but he soon discovers—wealth and pearl coincide.
    Beloved Golden Opportunities, CEO, Joel Ceja, is found murdered one foggy morning. Three months after Joel’s death the police are stumped, they still have no clues to his murder. Golden Opportunities’ employees feel they’re being stonewalled and decide to hire Shovel to assist the police. Sammy acce... more