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  • Before Holmes Met Watson (John + Sherlock Book 1)

    by Harrison Kitteridge

    It is nearing the turn of the 22nd century, and government-mandated social networking has virtually eliminated privacy and made detective work nearly obsolete. Much to his dismay and shame, Sherlock Holmes never has any cases to solve. He distracts himself from his professional failings with bare-knuckle boxing at an underground fight club and vials of cocaine and morphine. John Watson spends his days in an operating theatre on an Army base in Afghanistan, doing his best to patch up th... more

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Paper Journal (John + Sherlock Book 2)

    by Harrison Kitteridge

    It is nearing the turn of the 22nd century, and Sherlock Holmes isn't having much luck trying to be a detective. Social networking has morphed into a single, centralized, government-linked platform called The Archive. Every citizen has a Personal Archive File, which records all the significant (and most of the insignificant) moments of their lives and is open to everyone else. Birth records, school records, medical and financial records (virtually everything anyone could want to know abou... more

  • The Level Playing Field - Second Edition

    by John Kingston
    The Samurai are not dead, nor is the Emperor an impotent symbol. A secret army using weapons of finance and psychological control, as well as murder, explain Japan’s domination of foreign trade. Their motivation becomes apparent as Scott Maxwell discovers a hidden society, a shakai. Democratic elections uphold the Japanese facade as the shakai manipulates every move in business, foreign trade, the judiciary and the political system. Tokyo’s secret agenda of deception is soon discovered, and t... more
  • Hell Is Naked

    by Jean James (& Mary James - co-author)
    One of WARREN ROBERTS’ SWAT cronies once told him a woman would run naked into the street to save her baby, but a man would stop to put on his pants first. It was an interesting thought, an enigma to ride the back of his mind and wait for a time of future analysis. But time plays tricks and sometimes there is no time for analysis, only for action. Action soon takes on a whole new meaning as he embarks on the most embarrassing job he's ever attempted—working undercover as a movie extra. Just one... more
  • Half Life

    by Dana Barney
    The year is 2025 and retired investigative journalist, Peter Richards, spends his days doing freelance work for shady companies who need help cleaning up their public image. His mechanical heart has gone through a few upgrades and Peter is starting to feel less human. One day, while at his daughter’s gymnastics class, Peter is convinced he recognizes a couple who recently went missing. Determined to discover the truth about their identity, Peter quickly becomes immersed in an online world where ... more
  • The Weight of Shadows (Shadow Series) (Volume 1)

    by Karl Holton
    Three years ago the best murder detective in London is blamed for the death of his colleague and kicked out of the Met. A man with secrets buried in the past and present returns to London, the city that started the mysterious career which made him a billionaire. The two need each other. But they have no idea how much. When you have spent your life in the shadows, what would you do at the dying of the light? A gripping crime thriller mystery with twists from the beginning to end.
  • Wendall's Lullaby

    by Kip Koelsch
    In a race to save hundreds of dolphins, Dr. Angela Clarke and her team clash with shadowy military men out to protect the U.S. from an imminent threat.
  • With or Without Pulp

    by Michael J. Elsey
    John Smith is laying low in West Hollywood and trying to transcend his past by following the precepts of his guru, Ahmanarshi. However, darkness has a way of shadowing the light. When his neighbor Laura goes missing, John Smith will need to tread carefully on the path of good and evil. On his journey, he discovers a dead Russian thug, a truckload of meth laced oranges and Anya, a porcelain-skinned beauty that puts the nerve in nirvana.
  • Night Drop (Pinx Video Mysteries Book 1)

    by Marshall Thornton
    It’s 1992 and Los Angeles is burning. Noah Valentine, the owner of Pinx Video in Silver Lake, notices the fires have taken their toll on fellow shopkeeper Guy Peterson’s camera shop. After the riots end, he decides to stop by Guy’s apartment to pick up his overdue videos, only to find Guy’s family dividing up his belongings. He died in the camera store fire—or did he? Noah and his downstairs neighbors begin to suspect something else might have happened to Guy Peterson. Something truly sinister. ... more
  • The Jewish FBI Agent

    by Martin Ettlinger
    Looted Nazi art discovered The Jewish FBI Agent (Mystery Fiction) \tThe Jewish FBI Agent is a story about finding a source of precious opal, and tracing it’s trip to Harry Winston, where a very expensive piece of jewelry was created. The necklace eventually ends up the property of a digital wunderkind. The necklace, along with a painting by Sisely, that turns out to be Nazi stolen art disappears from the Plaza Hotel safe. \tTwo New York detectives, aided by agents from the Israeli secret sec... more
  • Deadly Provenance

    by Lynne Kennedy
    Mystery and murder surround a Vincent van Gogh painting confiscated by the Nazis and missing since World War II. Digital photographer Maggie Thornhill uses her talents to attempt to authenticate the painting from a 1940s photograph and, in doing so, finds herself following a trail of the lost work of art. Encountering deception within deception in the high-stakes art world, she peels the layers back to reveal not one, but two killers. Both art experts have killed for the painting. Now one is ... more
  • 9781480845572

    by Phil Bradley
    Hiding in Third Person is a story within a story. A mental patient tells a wild story of a bullied runaway who saves the life of a stranger. Together the mismatched pair hide from a vicious killer in the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The patient's story ends in a bloody showdown, with one boy missing. Doctors dismiss the man's story as a lunatic's fantasy. One order,ly though, believes the man, and is compelled to prove the tale true.
  • The Making of Herman Faust (The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series Book 4)

    by Michele E. Gwynn
    When the walls come tumbling down… Herman Faust is the no-nonsense Director of the LandesKriminalamt (LKA), and long-time friend of Kommissar Joseph Heinz. His career spans thirty years, and he is now on the cusp of retirement. Although usually cool and in control, a man of dry wit, it wasn't always so for Faust. With experience, came wisdom, hard won wisdom for which he paid a high price. 1988: For rookie officer Herman Faust, a routine, late night traffic stop turns into the apprehension... more
  • Twisted Doubles

    by Joanie Pariera
    TWISTED DOUBLES CHILLINGLY CRIMINAL… A young, seemingly guileless millionaire businessman, an unsuspecting, progressive, middle-class woman who meets and falls in love with him, a tortured ex-cop who gets entangled in their tragic love story, and a hardworking reporter with a never-say-die attitude - these are just some of the characters in this suspense-filled love story about what it means to hold on to everything that makes you, you. ‘Twisted Doubles’ is not just a story about double trou... more
  • The Renegade Spy (Department 89 Book 1)

    by Mark O'Neill

    A Berlin mobster has hired a ruthless assassin to murder the German chancellor Claudia Meyer. German Intelligence has been trying to catch the assassin for years without success. Now it falls to Captain Sophie Decker and Lieutenant Wolfgang Schmitz to save the life of the chancellor and finally bring down the assassin who has long eluded the German state.

  • Poisoned Palette

    by Jill Paterson
    An enthusiastic crowd gathered at Lyrebird Lodge in the Blue Mountains on that crisp autumn morning, all anxious to acquire one of Florence Fontaine’s much sought after paintings. However, the only art on one visitor’s mind is the art of murder. \t Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn, unwittingly drawn into the case, launches his investigation that reveals a web of past and present jealousy, deceit and revenge, at a time when his own life is unravelling before his eyes. Meanwhile, Claire Rey... more