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  • The Clown Prince of Kowloon

    by James Dudley
    It is 1957, and comedian Tommy Malloy has received the biggest break of his career, the leading role in the epic musical-comedy film "Hong Kong Harry." While filming on location in Hong Kong, he is tasked by the CIA with a simple but important mission; to approach a series of local smugglers with an offer to sell bootleg films in mainland China, and evaluate their performances for the purpose of future CIA use. Meanwhile, it is a time of crisis for British Intelligence. A communist rebellion... more
  • An Arrest of The Heart (Gerald Spencer Books Book 1)

    by Kate Dunham
    What started out as the biggest case Gerald had seen. Soon becomes a nightmare, he was not prepared for. Finding his target, was proving difficult. Then, Gerald finds himself in the north woods, of a state he had never seen before. Will this case be closed, or will Gerald find himself losing everything.
  • Hagar's Mother

    by Jim Nelson
    Single mother Hanna Driscoll struggles to raise her “bridge daughters,” twins born pregnant with Hanna’s children. In six weeks the girls will give birth and die, leaving Hanna with two infants to raise. Then Hanna’s busy life is shaken when an activist threatens to rescue her daughters from their fate and kill the children they bear. A thriller of twists and turns, Hanna faces challenges from all sides to protect her infants-to-be…only to discover she too questions the mortality of her br... more
  • Harvest: A Josh Ingram Novel (Josh Ingram Series, Book 2)

    by t.g. brown

    A PREDATOR IS ON THE LOOSE . . . A full year had passed since the closure of the O’Henry file and life had returned to normal for Josh Ingram, or so he thought . . . Stranded on a Louisiana back road, Ingram gets word that Rachael Tanner of the FBI Special Crimes Unit is trying to reach him. There’s been trouble in northern Minnesota, not far from where Mary Kowalski, a close friend of Ingram, spent her formative years. Driven by a morbid obsession and a need for closure, som... more

  • 18 1/2

    by B. J. Thompson

    An "Entity" slithers through the streets and halls of Washington DC.

    "The Beast", as Nixon imagines it to be, representing the dark side of Power & Politics which has well stained Administrations Past and Present, becomes unleashed the moment Ed Tooksberry and Harry McClellan, DC suburban audio analysts, uncover the long-thought erased conversation between President Nixon and his Chief of Staff, Bob Haldeman, on the June 20, 1972 Watergate Tape 342...those infamous m... more

  • A Shot of Irish (Ray Irish Occult Mystery Book 1)

    by Gordon Brewer

    A corrupt city ran by a political machine.

    Racketeers and gangsters fight for control of the waterfront.

    Mysterious, bloody murders occur throughout the city.

    Black-robed figures are offering blood sacrifices to an unknown demon.

    Ray Irish has found his home.

    In the months following World War II, Ray Irish travels from town to town trying to drown the memories of pain and carnage with bottles of whiskey. He is a tramp, and his mode of transportation is the inside... more

  • Michael's Song

    by Pernitha Tinsley
    Many of us dream of being doctors, lawyers, pediatricians, or even the president of the United States. We have heroes that we look up to, and role models whose actions become our blueprint as we journey into adulthood. At no time do we dream of being abused, beat into silence, or screamed at for making mistakes that should be learning experiences. The scars on our bodies should be the result of simply being a child, falling and rising to our feet; sometimes shedding tears, and other times s... more
  • Lost Lives (The Emily Swanson Mystery Thriller Series Book 1)

    by Malcolm Richards
    Madness, murder and medicine collide in this edge-of-your seat psychological mystery that will keep you guessing until its nail-biting end. No one knew much about the woman who lived in apartment 12A. Her name was Alina. She was always covered in bruises. She disappeared. Now troubled young teacher Emily Swanson has moved into the vacant apartment, along with a few dark secrets of her own. She doesn’t want to talk about her past or why she suffers from panic attacks. But Emily does want to... more
  • The Mad Hatter's Son an Annie Collins Mystery

    by Helen Starbuck
    Annie Collins, an OR nurse, is unwillingly drawn into a friend's life by her plea for help solving her puzzling symptoms. When a close friend of Libby's is severely beaten and dies and after Libby's apparent suicide, Annie cannot quit asking question. The answers are not what Annie expected and she is drawn further into a life that has derailed, which threatens to derail hers as well.
  • Deceptive Business

    by Barbara Marvin
    A power broker is found murdered in his own home, wrapped in duct tape and stabbed to death with surgical precision. Sarasota detectives arrive and soon find out the dead man is not who anyone, including his wife, thinks he is. A trail of deception and betrayal leads Sarasota detective, Willa Dupree on a hunt for a killer. Based loosely on the Mummy Murder Case of 1959, which remains unsolved.
  • Playground in My Mind

    by J. B. Tischendorf

    It’s the Age of a Child Who Grows To Manhood Quickly In His New Body

    Playground in My Mind is a bit of whimsy story about a boy who has the capability of aging quickly.  The story begins with Michael appearing at the age of 5 years old to the artist, Taylor Bouchand who doesn’t know what to make of him or what to do with him.  When she asks the child where are his parents, he says, “No one is ready for me” and thus begins her association with this littl... more


    by Tara Makhmali

    Lanna Zar is flying through Manhattan’s sun-shower-drenched streets in a state of bliss. She thinks she might be in love. But when an eccentric young woman elbows her in the chest, and the idiot from the high-rise above flicks his half-lit cigarette over the balcony and it scalds her jaw, she is startled into a darker train of thought. “A redhead. A cigarette. Now what, an outline of a body?” Then it hits her like a baseball bat–Sophie. A woman whose death haunts her. ... more

  • The Scorpion Code

    by Carter Hopkins
    Washington City – October, 1861. Civil war is upon us. A spy among us. A mysterious code hides a deadly secret that could change the tides of war. The key to the code, and the fate of the nation, rests in the hands of a young police officer named Levi Love. Answering President Lincoln’s call, 75,000 volunteers descend upon Washington City and transform the nation’s capital into a den of violence and vice. When a beautiful young woman is found dead in one of the open sewers that plague the Ci... more
  • The Prophet's Alibi

    by Timothy Korzep
    The President of the United States has been abducted. While meeting with other world leaders in a uni-fied Europe of the future, President Marge Haydon is among the members of the elite G-10 taken captive by militants who crash a peaceful inaugural luncheon. The terrorists, led by a mysterious man called the Prophet, now have control of some of the most powerful people in the world. Sylvia Jensen is President Haydon's personal assistant. She is a child of the new millennium, trained in anti-terr... more
  • "Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death"

    by Paula Norton
    In Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death, the first in the Amy Lynch Investigations series, our protagonist finds herself in Key West investigating the deaths of four guests at a hotel wedding reception—apparently from ingesting tainted key lime petit fours. Her investigation is beset with problems from the start. Hotel management pushes for a quick settlement regardless of fault. Local police call the incident a tragic accident. Potential witnesses are missing or deceased. Amy fends off pressures fro... more