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  • The Watson Girl: A Gripping Serial Killer Thriller

    by Leslie Wolfe

    An entire family is murdered and, by a quirk, a young girl is left unharmed. For fifteen years, she believed the killer had been caught, and he’s now on death row, awaiting execution. While trying to be content with her adoptive family, she’s living in relentless uncertainty and the fear of remembering what really happened that night when she was five years old. She’s The Watson Girl.

    A therapist has asked her to participate in regre... more

  • The Place Where the Giant Fell

    by John Henry Hardy
    Carrie Ann Benton and Rodney Buchard have been in love since grammar school. Her father, federal judge Horace Benton, has forbidden them to see each other. The reason? Rodney's mother is Mexican, a fact that may hurt Horace's prospects of becoming governor of Arizona--and one day, maybe president of the United States. But Carrie and Rodney continue to meet meet in a secret location. The judge hires henchmen to kill Rodney,. Will Marshal Greystone unravels the judge's evil scheme before it is to... more
  • Dead Man's Tale

    by David Campbell
    Who killed Arnold Gibbs is no great mystery. Or is it? Dallas homicide detective Reese Barrett strives to solve a riddle, which involved a suspect that has an alibi at the assumed time of death. But more puzzling is why the dying man was kidnapped from a coma ward in a major hospital when doctors projected he had only weeks to live. And who is the victim now occupying his bed, forced into an irreversible coma and bearing Arnold Gibbs's identification? After his partner is hospitalized, Barrett f... more
  • Presidential Conclusions

    by Douglas J. Wood
    Samantha Harrison, now President of the United States, is faced with her greatest challenge yet: how to keep a splintered nation together in the face of unprecedented fear. Ripped from today’s headlines and full of imagined conversations with real politicians, PRESIDENTIAL CONCLUSIONS is a political thriller with unpredictable twists. As Samantha Harrison takes her place as leader of the free world, her dilemmas give readers a taste of the difficult decisions politicians must make and the res... more
  • Decker

    by Kevin Roberts
    Lonely hardware store clerk Tom Decker carries around a beef with his boss, a chip on his shoulder and horrors he experienced in the Korean War. He deals with these demons by taking the moral low ground: crime and the pursuit of dangerous women. But the bedding of the ex-wife of mob boss, Vito Fiori, turned out to be a big miscalculation, leading to kidnapping, blackmail and an impossible bank heist replete with gunplay and murder. To get out from under these impossible circumstances he will nee... more
  • The Doctor Will See You Now

    by Logan J. Hannen

    "Hi, I'm Mike, and I have an empathy disorder."
    If there were support groups for Dr. Michael Blake's condition, this is how he would introduce himself. But there aren't and he probably wouldn't go anyway.
    So, instead, he spends his days working as a hospital diagnostician from inside the safe confines of his office; reading files, writing prescriptions, and saving lives.
    This should be fulfilling, but his specific condition causes his body to experienc... more

  • Family Tithes

    by Colette Tozer
    Family Tithes delves into the mysterious life of the Krone family. With a father, who amidst varying medical degrees, fills the majority of his time by running a crime syndicate and two sons who want nothing to do with him, despite their unique talents, life for the family has never been dull. Although, with their father having disappeared for the better part of a decade, Derrick and Eric Krone have finally settled into something of a normal life. However, that is all about to change. Convinced ... more
  • Decoy Theory

    by Chad M Campbell
    "No event in human history was as infinitely great as the discover of the infinitely small." -Sterling Davis At a private research facility in Northern Virginia a team of biomedical scientists is on the verge of a monumental breakthrough. Logan McBride, a young researcher for the CDC, is tasked with evaluating their discovery; a process for treating disease called Decoy Theory. The research ostensibly holds the key to the cure of a terrible disease, but what will be the ultimate price f... more
  • Clueless in Cleveland (A Sam Carter Mystery Series) (Volume 1)

    by Nelle Lewis
    Ten years ago, Samantha "Sam" Carter bailed on her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Now she's back - a return less anticipated than a Browns' Super Bowl win - to help her mom out of a funk. Sam heard it was bad, but now Mom's blowing off bingo? Sam begins to suspect that her mom's depression may not be all it appears, but she gets side-tracked when her investigator brother Paul tosses her into a case. They're on the hunt for a client's missing wife, Tracy. Sam discovers she has an old connection to... more
  • Black over Bill's Mother's

    by Stephen Burrows

    Mary Docker, a single mother in wartime, fights for her own and her twin’s survival. The twins have their own problems. A rare genetic ‘miracle’ means one is black, one white. Their destinies lead them to opposite sides of the law, conflict and betrayal.


    Elsewhere in Birmingham, Patrick Quinn, a violent child of Irish descent, makes a deal with the devil, a deal that haunts him down the years and draws the twins into a cataclysmic showdown.

    &n... more

  • Gone on Sunday

    by Tower Lowe
    Polio disabled Cotton Lee’s leg, but not her sexuality, not her mind, and not her ability to connect the murder of her friend Little Mary in 1972 to that of Bead Baker in 1932. Gone on Sunday follows the lives of the Baker family, their black servants, and the townspeople they knew in Homeville, Virginia. Alternating between 1972 and 1932, Cotton Lee’s investigation into the murder of Bead Baker brings out secrets kept for decades. With suspects ranging from a housewife, to a cook, and even a ru... more
  • Wind the Clock

    by Dawn Brotherton and Lawrence Stutzriem
    Bathed in the beauty of Germany on a storybook assignment, Major Jackie Austin is revered across Spangdahlem Air Base as an officer and leader. The Air Force is looking to promote her ahead of the pack. From the outside, she’s got it all, to include a fighter pilot husband, the handsome and popular Stan “Mace” Mason. In truth, things are fraying behind the scenes, as the compromises of a two-career military marriage take their toll. All of it factors into the greatest tragedy Jackie will ever ex... more
  • The Obsession

    by Dawn Brotherton
    When the phone calls began in the dead of the night, Jackie chalked them up to a prank caller. She had had her share of harassment coming up the ranks of the Air Force and shrugged them off. Then she began noticing changes in her home that she had not made, unsigned love letters began arriving, and she knew she needed to worry. Was she paranoid, going crazy, or were men at work not getting the message that she wasn’t interested? In the neighboring town of Sedalia, a more ominous situation was... more
  • Infinite Loop

    by Gordon Brewer
    In this paranormal mystery, Warren wakes inside a new character aboard a tramp steamer returning from Cuba during the 1930s. The man discovers his role as a wealthy playboy, but he has no idea why his character is involved with an unsavory group of associates for ten grand in cash. By the time his ship docks in Boston, Warren is a wanted man, just one-step away from capture and the gallows. The fugitive must adapt to an era of beautiful dames and dangerous lies while trying to find the real m... more
  • The Datura Solution

    by Patrick Faure
    Max Foreman has just come back from a military mission in Africa. What should have been a simple in-and-out covert operation turned into a multiple-week ordeal punctuated by a trail of bodies from Africa to Europe. Worse, Max realizes that the team was betrayed. Escaping to Spain, Max is witness to the kidnapping of Lena, a multibillionaire Russian woman, whom he falls in love with. Max?s relationship with Lena will change his life forever as she is an oligarch trying to fend off organized crime... more
  • The Summer Boy

    by Ray Rhamey

    The air was as still as it was hot—only the whir of a grasshopper’s flight troubled the quiet. Jesse felt like an overcooked chicken, his meat darn near ready to fall off his bones. Mouth so dry he didn’t have enough spit left to swallow, Jesse croaked, “That guy tryin’ to kill us?”

    Turns out the answer is “not yet.” A ranch hand is murdered and bad things start happening to Jesse, just an average kid working on a ranch the summer of 1958.... more