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  • Devil in the Dark

    by Chris Lindberg
    After a deadly terrorist attack destroys a U.S.-Mexico border crossing in southwestern Texas, Border Patrol Officer Otis Brown and migrant worker Enrique Castillo emerge among the few survivors. When the mastermind behind the attack is revealed to be Javier Oropeza, Mexico’s most infamous drug lord, the Pentagon mobilizes its most skilled strike team – led by their deadliest weapon, the specialist known only as Rage – to take down Oropeza and incapacitate his powerful network. Meanwhile, Otis di... more
  • Fool Whiskey Hero (Drunken Fool Thrillers Book 1)

    by JT Blundell
    Nyah’s father was a cop. He was gunned down and his murder was left unsolved. Three years later, Nyah watches helplessly as three people are slaughtered and barely escapes with her own life. Now the witnesses are being erased and sixteen-year-old Nyah is being hunted by corrupt cops, drug dealers and a ruthless sociopathic killer. Everything Nyah has ever loved has been taken from her. All she wants is someone to pay. Grady Fisk is an alcoholic whose marriage is steamrolling towards di... more
  • The TimeKeepers

    by Jenn Bregman
    A fast-paced thriller, The TimeKeepers plunges headlong into the depraved underbelly of Big Law and big money where greed is king, murder is incidental, and winning is the only thing that matters. Attorney Sarah Brockman is young, idealistic, and naïve. Having left Big Law in search of work that would make a difference, she finds herself barely scraping by running her own personal injury law firm working for clients who can’t pay and pursuing causes she can’t win. Then a random horrific car ... more
  • The Midnight Heist

    by Garry Wiggins
    Blake Nelson was at the top of his game. A high school phenom in football and basketball. He was America’s next big superstar, and then his whole life was changed when a group of dangerous criminals came into town, wreaking havoc on the city of Orlando with a terrifying crime wave. They were like ghosts, infiltrating highly secured buildings, then disappearing with millions in cash and jewels without leaving the slightest trace of evidence. The city was hopeless until Blake decided to become an ... more
  • Auburn Ride: A Johnny Delarosa Thriller

    by David Stever
    Welcome to Port City… Private investigator Johnny Delarosa has seen it all. First as a cop, and now as a private eye. Cheating spouses, embezzlements, and insurance scams are routine. But he meets his match when the alluring, auburn-haired, Claire Dixon, walks into his bar/office and drops a $20,000 retainer in his lap. She wants the hard-drinking Johnny to find $2 million that was stolen from her mobster family thirty years earlier. But $2 million can be motivating. Old mobsters come out of wi... more
  • Where There's A Will: Inspector Stone Book One

    by Alex R Carver
    An armed robbery, a kidnapping, and an enemy that's closer than anyone realises. A rich family, a big house, and everything her heart desires, Alice Keating has a life that many want, and now someone has decided to take it. Inspector Stone has to put aside problems at home and an ambitious underling when Alice is kidnapped, and a multi-million Euro ransom demanded for her return. Can he find her and return her safely to her parents when the man behind Alice’s kidnapping it closer to home than a... more
  • The Rector -- A Christian Murder Mystery, #1 in the series

    by Michael Hicks Thompson
    Combine a suspenseful murder mystery with theology and you have The Rector, with an allegory of Christ's ministry. Martha McRae is a widow living in a small Mississippi Delta town in the mid-1950s. She's obsessed with the sudden death of her Episcopal church's young rector. A murderer could go free if she doesn't investigate. But Martha is torn. If she pursues the suspect, her Bible study friend's awful secret could be revealed. It would be devastating, and life-changing. When the new rector... more
  • The Actress -- A Christian Murder Mystery

    by Michael Hicks Thompson
    When America's most famous actress -- Talulah Ivey -- come to the Mississippi Delta to film a controversial movie, a prominent local citizen is shot and killed outside her bedroom window. A note is found clenched in the dead man's hand. The note holds the key to Ivey's guilt or innocence. Was it self-defense? Murder? Or something else? Martha McRae investigates the who, what, and why in this twisty, suspenseful murder mystery filled with humorous Southern characters. And a bit of theology.
  • Deadly Fare

    by David Liscio
    A serial killer stalks the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. Beautiful young women are disappearing from Logan International Airport. Only State Police Detective Hannah Summers sees the connections. During the investigation, she crosses paths with handsome ex-Special Forces soldier Emmett Decker, who has been hired by the wealthy and powerful family of one victim to find out who murdered their college-age daughter. Set in the late 1980s, the action-packed book also steps back in time to World ... more
  • Ready to Fumble

    by Christy Barritt
    I'm not really a private detective. I just play one on TV. Joey Darling, better known to the world as Raven Remington, detective extraordinaire, is trying to separate herself from her invincible alter ego. She played the spunky character for five years on the hit TV show Relentless, which catapulted her to fame and into the role of Hollywood’s sweetheart. When her marriage falls apart, her finances dwindle to nothing, and her father disappears, Joey finds herself on the Outer Banks of Nort... more
  • A Taste of Sin (Sarah Woods Mystery 4)

    by Jennifer L. Jennings
    Shattered trust, sex tapes, and tainted libations ratchet up the stakes in A Taste of Sin. This fourth installment of the Sarah Woods Mystery Series finds Sarah engrossed in an emotional case involving a dying wife and a husband suspected of speeding her demise. Already ensconced in another case, the budding sleuth must help determine the relationship’s true nature before it reaches a tragic end.
  • Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Volume 1) Box Set (Sarah Woods Mystery Series Boxset)

    by Jennifer L. Jennings
    An Appointment with Murder follows Sarah Woods, who embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind the murder of her assistant.
  • Seed of Control

    by Lawrence Verigin
    Writer Nick Barnes is swept up with no turning back as he discovers a scheme so precisely planned, no one was supposed to discover it...let alone live to tell anyone. Immerse yourself in the action and intrigue of this relevant thriller that uncovers a conspiracy beyond moral comprehension.
  • Seed of Control

    by Lawrence Verigin
    Writer Nick Barnes and his group are swept up with no turning back as they pool their knowledge and discover a scheme so precisely planned, no one was supposed to discover it...let alone live to tell anyone. Immerse yourself in the action and intrigue of this relevant thriller that uncovers a conspiracy beyond moral comprehension.
  • Still Shot

    by Nancy Quatrano
    In this second book of the Point and Shoot Mystery Series, Private Investigator A.J. Buchanan is invited to the wedding of cousin Merline of Louisiana and she and husband Travis are planning some romantic vacation time in the steamy city of New Orleans. She even hopes to learn more about her deceased mother's family, people her father refuses to discuss. But when AJ’s cousins start dropping like flies and Merline disappears, A.J. and Travis find themselves drawn into a macabre play that's as fra... more
  • The Ripple Effect

    by Robin Anderson
    Valient Washington was lost. After a long career in the military and a series of failed marriages, he knew he needed to find a new direction for his life, organizing his home, finding a job, and adopting a dog. After the adoption of Buddy and a chance encounter with a woman and her son, however, Valient found his life changing in ways he could have never imagined. Valient and his new companion, a dog with an extraordinary gift of telepathy, are quickly pulled into an underground world where be... more