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  • Open Source

    by Matthew Frick
    Based on actual events, OPEN SOURCE is a geopolitical thriller that follows Casey Shenk, a Savannah, Georgia, vending route driver with an insatiable curiosity, as he uncovers a black-market arms deal-gone-bad and the truth behind a high-level plot to shape world politics. Casey draws his evidence from open sources--by reading beyond the headlines. When his theorizing catches the attention of the wrong people and anonymous threats turn deadly, Casey looks to Susan Williams, an intelligent, but i... more
  • A Matter Of Honor

    by Larry Auerbach
    Set in 1877, in New Mexico Territory, former Union sniper Jonah Berryman is presently working as a bounty hunter who is known for bringing his man in alive, but Jonah is here on personal business and is hunting someone on his own time. He has some unfinished business with a doctor who saved his life but left his cousin to die. He has been looking for this doctor ever since the War ended, but not knowing what the doctor looked like has been a big problem. Now he is here in the town of Willow Spri... more
  • The Trial of Grover Henry Hendershot

    by Evan Richards
    In the 1880's, after sustaining a potentially fatal injury in a mining accident, Grover Hendershot's life is profoundly changed. He now possesses certain supernatural powers, as well as weaknesses and obligations which he must come to terms with as he adjusts to immortality and suffers the eventual loss of his beloved family. Grover is left to scour the earth for another human who possesses a rare quality known as 'the warmth' while devoting his life to public service. Why then, are there so ... more
  • The Spirit of Redd Mountain

    by Larry Auerbach
    On his last hunt on Redd Mountain, Warner Barney-a well-known, world-class hunter-more than met his match. As a result of his arrogance and carelessness, several people were killed in a tragic snowslide. Warner has tried to put his past behind him and set new goals. He heads back to Redd Mountain, supremely confident that he is the only man who can bring down a legendary elk; he quickly ands, however, his task isn't as easy as he had expected. To make matters worse, he is blocked at every turn b... more
  • Truth in Hiding

    by Matthew Frick
    A tremor in the desert. A suicide in prison. Unrelated and on opposite sides of the globe. But when Intelligence Watch Group analyst Casey Shenk travels to Washington, D.C., he discovers a hidden connection to a battle being waged in the clandestine world of spies and assassins. Casey's past and present collide in a deadly race to uncover the truth before millions of people are killed in a nuclear war no one can afford.
  • Raven 7

    by Mitch Aigner
    Ted Kingston had worked for the CIA for almost twenty years, and was not very happy about it. Returning from a particularly unpleasant mission overseas and ordered to take a long vacation by his sympathetic boss, he accidentally witnesses an event that would eventually lead him to an ancient file that the CIA would prefer nobody ever opened. A very dangerous file. A file about a top-secret project that began in World War II, as the unstoppable Nazi war machine was rolling across Europe, and the ... more
  • Lo! Jacaranda: A Spanish Gypsy's Cante Jondo

    by Harry Freiermuth
    LO! JACARANDA is a young, Spanish-Gypsy woman in 1760s Spain. As fate would have it, she is born and raised as the daughter of a wealthy ranchero owner. A beautiful life of prosperity and love stretches on before her as the day of her betrothal approaches. However, before the wedding, her gypsy heritage is revealed, and her joy melts away. The Spanish Inquisition condemns her to be burnt at the stake, but always-resourceful Jacaranda escapes and disguises herself as a man. She finds work on a sl... more
  • No Sin in the House of Death: A No Sin Mystery

    by T. M. Raymond
    The reading of the will, a storm swept island cut off from the outside world, and a band of greedy heirs menaced by a disfigured maniac - it’s been done many times before, but never like this.
  • Kwong's Next Three

    by Vic Warren
    Kwong and Matson end up in hot water with Chief Luk before he sends them both on vacation to save them and his budget. Deciding to visit some of Kwong’s old friends in San Francisco, they encounter Kwong’s one great love and murder most deadly. Matson discovers Stone Arrogant Bastard, and the two of them deal with the City by the Bay’s twists and turns in the third instalment of The Inspector Kwong Mysteries. At turns light and violent, The Fog leaves you impatient for more. The Gift and The S... more
  • Kwong's First Two

    by Vic Warren
    The Quartz is the first in a new series called The Inspector Kwong Mysteries, based on characters from Vic Warren’s novel, Hong Kong Blues. The Quartz is not a whodunnit. It tracks the action in Hong Kong and Beijing of both Chief Inspector Lawrence Kwong and the villain, Vice Premier Xiao Mingyu, the fourth most powerful man in the People’s Republic of China. Twists and turns along the way bring them face to face with each other. The McGuffin of the piece, the Qin Quartz, is a treasure from th... more
  • Cold Hollow

    by Emilie J. Howard
    The Barner family relocates to Cold Hollow, a quaint town nestled in a Vermont mountain range. They find it to be quite charming and the inhabitants endearing, except for a few residents. Odd laws are enforced, confrontations begin, and insanity reigns as a madman sits upon his imaginary throne, trying to keep the threads of his dream from unraveling. Will Sophia and Angus Barner be able to protect their children from the malevolence that lurks within the small township? This is the story of Col... more
  • The Initiative: In Harm's Way (Book One)

    by Bruce Fottler
    Sam Maxwell hates his bland, dead-end job at a company that's little more than a labyrinth of cubicles. Seeking a better position, the Blanchard Corporation quickly extends him a surprisingly generous job offer. But something mysterious is lurking beneath the prestigious veneer of this multi-billion dollar technology giant. After accepting the offer, Sam's life is surreptitiously evaluated by a board of directors who are anxious to recruit candidates for their clandestine consortium. To those al... more
  • Brownstone

    by Dean Kutzler
    The key to the world’s fate discovers a devastating secret, divinely hidden since the days of Genesis, as he seeks out his family's murderer, only to find that a clandestine organization plans to reshape humanity on the heels of destruction. When Jack Elliot returns to New York City to pay respect to his dying uncle it’s a race against time. He gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself entrenched in not one, but two murder cases where he’s the prime suspect. What Jack doesn’t k... more
  • Constant Guests

    by Patricia Nedelea

    Constant Guests is a book about the first Tarot ever made. A Parisian party girl uncovers four lost and found stories related to a tarot deck from 1389. This book is a hybrid novel, swinging between history, mystery and fantasy. Some readers consider it a thriller.

  • Probable Cause For Vengeance

    by David Wolf

    Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Carter has been a committed lawman for over 30 years. A decorated Vietnam veteran, he was highly regarded as a patriot and a man of indisputable principles. And now, a tragic rvent has caused him to question his own moral convictions. The year is 2003. A fanatical Sunni terrorist has entered the country undetected. With the collaboration of three jihadi radicals hell-bent on martyrdom, he successfully plans and executes a series of devastating explosions that merciless... more

  • Witch You Well (A Westwick Witches Cozy Mystery): Westwick Witches Cozy Mysteries Series (Westwick Witches Cozy Mystery Series B

    by Colleen Cross
    A Westwick Witches Cozy Mystery Novel Cendrine"Cen" West has an intriguing secret. . . Cen is a journalist descended from a long line of powerful witches who have inhabited the small town of Westwick Corners for generations. Except, Cen is a witch who craves an ordinary life, and as the family black sheep, she doesn't even want to dabble in the craft. . . much to her troublemaking Aunt Pearl's dismay. Then days before Cen's wedding to a "normal" guy, a visiting billionaire is murdered ... more