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  • The Lost Spy (Slim Moran Mysteries)

    by Kate Moira Ryan
    It is Paris, 1949. 27-year-old American detective and heiress, Slim Moran, is hired by a British spymistress to find Marie-Claire, a spy long presumed dead. Slim soon realizes that scores from the last war have not been settled. She races to find out what happened to this deeply troubled lost spy because if Marie-Claire is not dead, she will be soon.
  • Strangers Are Just Friends You Haven't Killed Yet

    by Ryan Bracha
    What do you get if you cross a French sex addict hitman, a self righteous left wing blogger with a spam problem, a racist bar room regular and his penchant for porn, an American gangster with a lot of reflecting to do, a small time journalist who dreams of the big time, a weak-willed loner with a Victorian lion hunter alter-ego, a flamboyant PR guru and his devilish plans, a very recently unemployed call centre drone, an old man with a hell of a grudge, and A LOT, of dead bodies? You get this. ... more
  • The Double Cross

    by Michael P. King
    A con artist betrayed by his partners. A plot for revenge. Can he and his new partner outwit his old crew… and escape with the cash and their lives? In 1989, where it all begins… Paul Kendal, 26 years old, is a con artist in a robbery crew. When he has all the information necessary to disarm their targets’ alarm systems and empty their safes, his partners go to work. Originally, it seemed like a sweet plan, but as he begins to have doubts, his partners double-cross him. Now he wants pa... more
  • Daddy Monster

    by Kevin Berg
    Life couldn't get any better. A new baby, the promotion, the new house - everything is finally going his way. A happy family and the comfortable life don't last long, though, once they start receiving visits from something that he does not understand. Or even believe. His daughter, Little Olivia, is troubled by visions of a monster that only she can see. He lurks in the shadows and lives on the edge of their perception, just out of sight, and sneaks in to steal the happiness from the... more
  • Dark Hearts in the Forest: A New Adveture in the Old South

    by Bruce Miles
    Kit Carson's dream of escaping his soul crushing job collides with a serial killer's dream of reclaiming his position in his family's hierarchy. Kit invites four friends to an inherited century old homestead for a weekend of developing a business plan for the property and outdoor camaraderie. A careless shotgun blast puts Kit and his friends in the crossfire of an unhinged killer and his clever drug making partner. What should have been a relaxing outing becomes a case of 21st Century southern d... more
  • Drip: A Gothic Bromance

    by Andrew Montlack
    "A hand, wearing a fancy watch, parted the office blinds, and J.D. felt nauseous with despair: suddenly he knew—knew, even though he could not explain how—that all of his mojo had been permanently taken away." J.D. and George: thick as thieves since the fourth grade. J.D., the troublemaker, the stud: the alpha. George, the sidekick, the misfit: the loser. Upon graduating college, J.D. has convinced the only job creator in rusty Middlestop to hire them. BrewCorp, the hot new coffee and retail ... more
  • The Devil in Black Creek

    by D.R. Bartlette
    1986 is the year everything blew apart … Twelve-year-old tomboy Cassie lives a pretty boring life in small-town Black Creek, Arkansas, until her mom and dad divorce, throwing her into poverty and shattering her sheltered life. Then the rich, elderly Henson sisters take pity on her, taking her under their wings and into the church. Except the handsome, charming new preacher has something strange going on in his shed. When Cassie starts snooping around his property looking for her lost do... more
  • Catalyst (Flashpoint Book 2)

    by Rachel Grant
    When a food storage depot in famine-struck South Sudan is torched, American aid worker Brie Stewart flees, only to land in a market where she’s the next item up for auction. Is the attack on the aid facility another assault upon the war-torn fledgling democracy, or has her family set her up as a pawn in their quest for oil rights? Chief Warrant Officer Sebastian Ford crossed paths with Brie years ago when she was a shill for her family’s company, pushing a pipeline that threatened his tribe’s... more
  • Mysterious Greenfield Wood

    by Vinay Kallat
    Sometimes fate... intervenes. On the surface, the town of Greenfield Woods resembles any other small American town- tranquil, with an eclectic mix of countryside, rural, and suburban. But the quiet can hide things, and while it may not seem like it at first glance, the town of Greenfield Woods is indeed a place steeped in mystery, tragedy, and death! You "could"add young Sam Martinez to that list. Sam Martinez, is a young man who falls in Love with a beautiful, sensual and bubbly girl known as ... more
  • Life Without Shoes: The First Father Ambrose Mystery

    by Emma Cyrus
    It's late summer, and New Life Ecumenical Retreat is anticipating the Fall harvest. One orchard of peaches is already coming on. Father Ambrose and his fellow residents are ready for non-stop preparation, packaging and delivery - work that takes them right up 'til New Years' and brings in most of their revenue. One Saturday morning, a stranger dumps a body in the pear orchard nearest the main buildings. Father Ambrose and Sheriff Charlie Cormley bring two different worldviews to the problem of m... more
  • Descent [Marc Miller #1]

    by Tom Dawn
    Marc is a diver who just lost his best buddy, his dream job, his confidence and his moral compass. While at his most vulnerable, he is lured into a deadly intrigue which tests his will to survive. His path to redemption takes him to an alien, lawless and menacing underworld.
  • MAD Librarian

    by Michael Guillebeau
    Cayocosta72 Reviews said: "This book is truly every librarian’s dream come true. After fighting budget battles over and over again, librarian Serenity has lost her library funding. What’s a librarian gonna do? How about ripping off the city that’s ripping off its citizens? Serenity begins helping herself to the funds that local politicians have been setting aside for their own personal “rainy day “. With the money she amasses she can build a library to thrill readers everywhere. Problem is, thos... more
  • The Portfolio Manager

    by Paul Blueford
    The Portfolio Manager is a financial and terrorism thriller telling the story of Paul Sense a French-American portfolio manager whose professional trade takes him across different financial centers (New York-Paris-London-Geneva-Dubai) to experience the high-powered life that success affords. In these international banks, he encounters shady practices and comical situations. His career takes a turn for the worse when he finds himself entrapped by the Department of Homeland Security for not filing... more
  • The Case of the Anniversary Libation: A Judah P. Benjamin-Horatio T. Burdette Mystery

    by Howard Denson
    THE CASE OF THE ANNIVERSARY LIBATION is a murder mystery set before the Civil War with its “detective” being the “clever Hebrew” Judah P. Benjamin of Louisiana. His amanuensis, Horatio T. Burdette, tells of a Huck Finn odyssey from boyhood, to student, to early fatherhood, all while he is a slave. The 88,500-word novel (1st P, POV) traces Horatio’s boyhood at the Burdette plantations near the Gulf of Mexico. A drunken Rainey Burdette has already caused the death of a horse in an accident that br... more
  • Before Holmes Met Watson (John + Sherlock Book 1)

    by Harrison Kitteridge

    It is nearing the turn of the 22nd century, and government-mandated social networking has virtually eliminated privacy and made detective work nearly obsolete. Much to his dismay and shame, Sherlock Holmes never has any cases to solve. He distracts himself from his professional failings with bare-knuckle boxing at an underground fight club and vials of cocaine and morphine. John Watson spends his days in an operating theatre on an Army base in Afghanistan, doing his best to patch up th... more

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Paper Journal (John + Sherlock Book 2)

    by Harrison Kitteridge

    It is nearing the turn of the 22nd century, and Sherlock Holmes isn't having much luck trying to be a detective. Social networking has morphed into a single, centralized, government-linked platform called The Archive. Every citizen has a Personal Archive File, which records all the significant (and most of the insignificant) moments of their lives and is open to everyone else. Birth records, school records, medical and financial records (virtually everything anyone could want to know abou... more