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  • Buried Secrets

    by S.D. Tooley
    When Jake Mitchell receives a desperate call from a friend, he and his wife, Sam Casey, venture east to a small town near Hilton Head, South Carolina. The friend has no memory of the previous twenty-four hours, doesn’t know how he ended up in a sleazy motel, nor does he know the dead woman lying next to him. The lowcountry is known for its history of wars, Indians, hidden treasure, voodoo, root curses, and century old secrets. The perfect place for Sam’s talents!
  • THE CRIMINALIST A Novel of Forensic Science Suspense

    by John Houde
    In his job as a top-level forensic scientist, Paul Connert combs through scenes of violent death that daily remind him of a guarded secret – a secret guilt over his finance’s gruesome death. Paul becomes attracted to a beautiful Russian model, Vika Koslava, who reminds him of his lost fiancé. Vika is in the US with her sister for an erotic photo shoot. But the photo shoot goes bad, and Vika's sister goes missing. As the twisty plot unfolds, Paul joins forces with Vika to find her, and stop a dea... more
  • Key to Savannah: A Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery (Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series Book 1)

    by Hope Callaghan
    A mother and daughter try to escape their family’s NY mob ties by making a fresh start in Savannah, GA but they soon realize you can run but you can’t hide from the past.
  • Azrael (Detective Allira Rose Series) (Volume 1)

    by M.T. Ellis

    Emily thought her ordeal was over after she escaped a brutal kidnapping. She's wrong. He's coming for her again.

    The body Detective Rose is looking at bears a striking resemblance to Emily, a woman who survived a horrific, sexually motivated abduction five years ago. Her fear is confirmed when Emily goes missing again.

    When another woman, Grace, is abducted, Detective Rose finds herself doubting the instincts that tell her the disappearance is the result of do... more

  • The Han Agent (Microes)

    by Amy Rogers

    In the 1930s, Japanese scientists committed heinous crimes in their quest for the ultimate biological weapon.

    The war ended. Their mission did not.

    Eighty years later, Japanese-American scientist Amika Nakamura won’t let rules stand between her and scientific glory. When the ambitious young virologist defies a ban on the genetic manipulation of influenza, she’s expelled from the university. Desperate to save her career, she accepts a position with a pharmaceutical comp... more

  • Prelude (An Alec Winters Series)

    by Chariss K. Walker

    Prelude is a prequel to Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 2). Get a behind-the-scenes look at sixteen-year-old Alec Winters, a New Orleans teen-jock, before his strange, supernatural transformation. Discover little-known facts about the cultural differences of the deep-south and a good-ole-boy society where ‘right’ is often seen as ‘wrong’ and the prevailing attitudes might surprise you. Learn how the Winters’ secret family conflict was instrumental in ... more

  • Envy Rots the Bones

    by Nina Blakeman
    Venomous vipers of the mind twist throughout the ventricular crevices of the innocent, and the not so innocent. They work down into the deepest recesses until those that are tormented...become the tormentors. Dr. Faye Davis's mind is scientifically trained, but her hands are bloody, wringing with guilt. She's killed her husband's old flame, the mother of his illegitimate twin girls. One of them, Emma, suspects the step-mother, and her plan for revenge comes from a soulless place. Her mind is so ... more
  • Fire at Will's: Estela Nogales Mystery Book 1

    by Cherie O'Boyle
    The house next door explodes in a gasoline-fueled blaze, sending psychologist Estela Nogales and an eclectic collection of neighbors racing to fight the flames. Once the fire is quelled, residents of the village of Arroyo Loco must conduct their own investigation to find the arsonist living among them. What begins as speculation over coffee becomes a more urgent and dangerous search when a body is discovered, another neighbor turns up missing, and a shocking secret is revealed. Too often joined ... more
  • Blood Symbols

    by Izak Botha


    Halfway through her Ph.D., Jennifer Jaine’s faith has been shaken. She has become convinced that the Catholic church’s authority is based on a lie. Desperate to prove herself wrong, she goes to the Vatican, only to be caught up in an international hunt for the truth about the church, the Pope, and how Jesus intended his followers to live their faith.

    A stolen artifact, a mysterious murder, and an escaping intruder lead Jennifer from the Vatican to the streets of... more

  • Remember to Remember: The Mayan Mysteries

    by Carol Parrish-Harra
    Awakening to Mythological thinking is difficult any time but to depart from institutional thinking and enter into the world of intuitive awareness is the opportunity of today. This compilation and personal Insights to the Mayan Prophesies brings a new comprehension in "Remember to Remember: The Lost Mysteries" as the known and unknown carry us toward a new height of understanding. When one approaches the Maya Mysteries as parables and legends, as well as calendars and mathematics, a new doorway ... more
  • The Point of a Gun

    by Steven W. Kohlhagen
    America is experiencing a dramatic increase in terrorist attacks—by jihadists, white supremacists, and Mexican cartels. In the face of these failures by the U.S. Government, intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracies, a group of ad hoc vigilantes has exploded onto the scene. And, surprisingly, this shadowy and deadly vigilante group appears to be led by at least one of the U.S. Government's most senior and trusted Counterterrorism insiders. Is it the FBI's Counterterrorism head? The Army's S... more
  • Deadly Trespass

    by Sandra Neily
    Cassandra Patton Conover is about to become an outlaw. Searching for her wayward dog in Maine’s dense woods, she finds her best friend Shannon crushed under a tree. Then she finds tracks larger than any animal she knows and a mystery only wild animals can help her solve.
  • The Chosen Few

    by Michael John Sheehan

    Every boarding school has its secrets...

    Jack Hayes hopes to have an incredible senior year at St. Paul’s Catholic seminary. But he must stay clear of Father Lawrence “Spider” Webb, the stern Dean of students who rules the boarding school with an iron fist. When Jack and his best friend unexpectedly encounter a mysterious priest, the reclusive old man provides cryptic clues that lead them to uncover long-kept secrets about the school and Father Webb. Their discoveries ... more

  • Dark Nights: The Plan

    by J.S. Bell
    When Bella opens her new club, Dark Nights, in downtown Toronto, she explores a plan to dominate the club industry. When rival owners start to show up dead detectives Levi Daniels and James Miller are sent to investigate the case, but one detective crosses the line when he decides to blackmail Bella.
  • The Nicoles

    by J.S. Bell
    A young girl, Mecca, witnesses the rape and death of her mother while visiting her at a mental institution. As Mecca witnessed this, her young mind, not able to cope, blacked out and can't remember specific details of that day. Soon after, Mecca and her twin sister Bella's father dies from depression and they are forced to live in group homes. As Mecca gets older her blackouts become worst. When she is treated by Dr. Marz, the same psychiatrist who treated her mother, her memory starts to come b... more
  • Lonely Hearts: Killing with Kindness takes on a whole new meaning (DI Falle)

    by Gwyn GB
    Meet Rachel, she loves animals and works at a dating agency, helping bring lonely people together – only somebody is watching her every move and she’s scared… Neil didn’t see who killed him – but his murder brings DI Claire Falle on the case. What she uncovers leads her to discover a serial-killer is preying on the clients of the dating agency where Rachel works. Can Claire work out the connection between all the deaths before Rachel becomes the next victim? What is it in Rachel’s past ... more