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  • Chasing After Trouble (A Derek Chase Action-Adventure Mystery)

    by T.M. DeLawrence
    Chasing After Trouble is an action-adventure mystery following the exploits of Derek Chase, a former rookie cop turned private investigator with a dubious family history. From the beginning, we find Derek forced into an environment he has little experience with. His new boss, Tessa Taylor, has been murdered and her apartment has been terrorized. In opposition to the local police lieutenant’s theory of a prowler breaking and entering, Derek immediately suspects foul play of a different sort and i... more
  • Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray: A Stage Play in Three Acts

    by mike parker
    Oscar Wilde, wrote only one novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is a work of exquisite beauty. Few writers of any era can match Wilde for his marvelous manipulation of the English language. And yet, there is something more, something almost autobiographical about this curious retelling of the Faust myth. In the end Oscar Wilde, along with his creation, Dorian Gray, discovers that beauty is a gift, but only for a season. “The pulse of joy that beats in us at twenty becomes sluggish at forty,” L... more
  • Big: Beginnings

    by Greyson Bryan
    Duncan Luke is no stranger to impossible situations. A high-priced international lawyer, he digs up business intelligence to eliminate threats to his clients or make them millions. Burned out, he wants to take refuge in academia, but his personal life implodes when his soon-to-be ex-wife seeks custody of his autistic son, Sam. To fight for Sam, Duncan is forced to take one last job - an assignment that takes him from LA to Tokyo to Panama City and further and further away from his beloved Sam.
  • Sarah Killian: Serial Killer (for Hire!)

    by Mark Sheldon
    Sarah Killian is not your average thirty year-old single woman. Foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, and a text-book-case loner. Also, she is a Professional Serial Killer. Sarah works for T.H.E.M. (Trusted Hierarchy of Everyday Murderers), a secret organization of murderers for hire headed up by the mysterious Zeke. But a wrench is thrown into the clockwork of Sarah's comfortable lifestyle when, on her latest assignment, she is forced to take on an apprentice, Bethany--a bubbly, perky, blonde with a sev... more
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Brash Blonde

    by Gemma Halliday
    From New York Times, USA Today and #1 Kindle bestselling author Gemma Halliday comes a new take on the legend of Sherlock Holmes... Martha "Marty" Hudson has it all...almost. While her best friend, Irene Adler, is a dot-com millionaire many times over, Marty's days are filled with working as a barista at a Stanford University coffee bar, crashing various courses and lectures, and dodging the rent collector at her crummy apartment. But when Marty suddenly finds out that a long-lost aunt has ... more
  • The Broken Ones

    by Sarah A. Denzil
    An unsettling psychological thriller that unearths shocking secrets and explores broken relationships. Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, Mark Edwards, and Paula Hawkins. A shadow follows Sophie. Watching. Waiting. Her instinct tells her that it's someone she knows. But who? The man she met internet dating? The nurse caring for her ill mother? Or is her mother faking her illness? The only thing she knows is that she can't trust anyone. Sophie must delve into a dark history to r... more
  • Saving April

    by Sarah A. Denzil
    An obsessive, unhinged neighbour? Or a woman desperately trying to save a child? A family broken by lies. A woman traumatized by a dark past. A child caught in the crossfire. Who will save April? Hannah Abbott is afraid of the world. Plagued by anxiety, she lives an isolated, uneventful life in suburban Yorkshire. She rarely leaves her house, and her only friend is Edith, her elderly neighbor. But when the Mason family moves in across the street, Hannah's quiet life is changed f... more
  • Skiing is Murder (McKinley Mysteries Series Book 10)

    by Carolyn Arnold

    “Filled with colorful characters and an intriguing mystery…Skiing is Murder is a fine addition to an established series and can be enjoyed on its own.”
    –Queen of All She Reads

    They’re ready to hit the slopes when things go downhill…

    Sean and Sara are supposed to have a relaxing vacation in Vail, but it all goes up in a puff of powder when there’s a suspicious death on the mountain. And th... more

  • Delilah, My Woman

    by M.F. Sullivan
    A work which beckons the reader into complicity with his own shadow, DELILAH, MY WOMAN tells the story of Richard Vasko, a troubled artist whose pursuit of fulfillment unravels down a depraved and bloody path. Obsessed by two women--the mysterious Susan, and the effervescent Delilah--and the morphing vision of his masterpiece, Richard's quest for perfection devolves into a struggle against the impermanence of being. A tragic exploration of the relationship between art, the artist, and its audien... more
  • "Destiny Be Damned!" ISBN: 978-1-4809-2545-8

    by Herbert Wilson
    Todd Docker, a former police officer, must return to his old nemesis, KCMO, to solve the murder of his friend's young daughter, Alecia, who was only eight years old. The chief of police works undercover for the mob, and hates him. In spite of extraordinary obstacles he discovers the killer, exposes the Police Chief and justice is accomplished under a new chief of police.
  • Vendetta: In Pursuit of a Scoundrel

    by Bert Silva
    They had trusted him. He was smart, charismatic and most important of all---convinced them he could save the company. Instead, he stole from them, murdered, and escaped with millions of embezzled loot. No one appeared willing or capable of doing anything about it. The investment company had been an offshore rogue mismanaged by incompetent executives. One man, on a desperate voyage to an island hideaway, seeks vengeance for his father's death at the risk of his own life.
  • Elizabeth Daleiden on Trial

    by Ron Fritsch
    In this LGBTQ courtroom thriller set in the late 1970s, a politically ambitious state’s attorney charges Elizabeth Daleiden with the murders of her father and two neighbors in the 1950s. Her trial threatens to blow the lid off her Illinois farming community’s darkest secrets.
  • Ring of Ages

    by Patrick Keithahn
    I like to describe the novel as a supernatural historical thriller. Set in present-day Boston and medieval Europe, the novel parallels the lives of two couples and an unusual gold ring.
  • Illegally Blonde (Barb Jackson Mysteries, Book 2)

    by Anna Snow
    After solving the biggest case of her career, PI Barb Jackson's business is finally taking off. Cases are rolling in, she and her staff are getting paid, and she's the apple of her hunky detective boyfriend, Tyler Black's, eye. Life couldn't get much better. Instead, it gets much worse. Barb's best friend, Kelly, is arrested and accused of killing her shifty on-again-off-again rock star boyfriend. Suddenly it's up to Barb to hunt down the real murderer and save her friend's life. Between an ... more
  • Coffee is Murder (McKinley Mysteries series Book 9)

    by Carolyn Arnold

    “Arnold crafts an engaging story that kept me reading until I finished it. The philanthropy of Sara and Sean, as well as their sense of justice despite possible danger to themselves are nice touches that make the story enjoyable. Add in a bit of humor in the form of their disguises and this is fun read. This is the 9th book in the McKinley mystery series. It can be read as a standalone.”
    –Christa Reads and Writes

    A cup a day won&... more

  • The Sterling Forest

    Daniel “Danno” Tory is America's newest Congressman, and “Most Eligible Bachelor.”  But when a beloved uncle passes away, Danno discovers a secret that challenges everything he thought he knew about his family's past…a secret that threatens his congressional seat even before he can be sworn into office. In a personal quest to learn the truth, Danno embarks on a journey that takes him from his hometown of Chicago to medieval castles of Switzerland, through Russia’s ancient monasteries, to a v... more