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  • Separation Anxiety

    by Rohn Federbush

    Are paleontology museums perfect disposal sites for murdered victims? When two of Drape Taylor's sorority sisters fail to return to Ann Arbor from Chicago for her shower, she never sees them again. Drape is attracted to their landlord, an ideal father-figure for a girl with a sperm-bank dad. Sky, Drape's fiance, is threatening to postpone the marriage out of jealousey. Trying to find out what happened to her friends, Drape puts herself in jeopardy, not realizing she'... more

  • Threads of the Departed Trilogy "Strands"

    by M A Bonuso
    Threads of the Departed Trilogy "Strands" reflects events in NC history from 1920-1938 and how a prominent family's matriarch can really muck up their children's lives. Strands begins in 1988 North Carolina when the main character, Carrie Pyles visits her pseudo aunt Patty McMurphy at her shop, Pheasant Mill Wool and Weaving. Patty ends up dying from a heart attack and Carrie is bequeathed everything. All would be well, but Patty still has a sister Camille alive, and the shop has a mysterious ce... more
  • The Vermeer Conspiracy ISBN# 978-1-62901-239-1

    by Eytan Halaban
    Two Ladies of Yale University. Roommates. One blond, the other brown. One WASP, the other Latina. One Yale legacy multiple times over, the other grew up on food stamps. One vanished, the other was raped by her professor… actually it is about Vermeer.
  • Broken Flowers

    by Howard A. Finkelstein

    A dramatic psychological suspense/thriller about the devastating consequences of drug addiction, Broken Flowers is a powerful story about brokenness, healing, and hope.

    Dr. Mary Crawford is a fifty-year-old psychotherapist operating a successful practice in Los Angeles. Noted for her addiction assistance and suicide prevention techniques, she leads group therapy sessions with addicts in the throes of recovery.

    During one particular session, she is called upon for a case involving ... more

  • Who Killed Randy Ratphink? The Postmortem Adventures of a Fried-Brain Hippie!

    by Jerry Flu

    Turn on! Tune in! Drop dead!

    Who Killed Randy Ratphink?: The Post-Mortem Adventures of a Fried-Brain Hippie! is a paranormal cozy mystery that asks the question: Can a small-town kid with flowers in his hair find happiness in the void?

    Who Killed Randy Ratphink? is the saga of a flower-child’s journey from the Haight to the hereafter.

    As the story opens, Randy Ratphink, baby boomer turned geezer boomer, suddenly finds himself dead—murdered—and his spirit won’t ... more

  • Conventional Murder

    by D. A. Featherling
    Ari Ames knows she was railroaded into chairing the regional convention for home stagers. She expected some challenges...but not murder! When a killer continues to strike, Ari is determined to solve the crimes - even if the police don't want her help. Detective Dan Watkins soon finds, however, stopping Ari is like trying to lasso a Texas tornado. Will Ari unmask the killer in time? Or will she become the final victim?
  • Murder Outside the Box

    by D. A. Featherling
    Ari Ames is a home stager, par excellence. She's equally good at getting involved with murder. When Ari discovers a dead body at a staging job, it starts her on a pathway of murder and mayhem. Can her faith see her through to a perfectly staged outcome -- or will she continue to encounter danger everywhere -- more than she ever imagined?
  • Glossolalia

    by Tantra Bensko

    No one but her uncle will hire Nancy, considering her habit of snapping out of amnesiac fugues, wondering how she got her bruises and a scent of men's cologne. When she sees a crime of poison in progress at his company, she chases the truck carrying the chemical legally deemed too dangerous to use or to dump.

    Her pursuit leads to more earthshaking discoveries than she imagined in a convoluted occult world of political intrigue and esionage. Her subconscious holds the dubious re... more

  • The Devil You Don't (Zoe the Assassin Book 1)

    by Charles Heath
    Is Zoe the devil in disguise? John Pennington believes he has found Phillipa to be the woman of his dreams, and prior to the wedding he is taking her to meet his Grandmother, the family matriarch. He has also promised an old school friend, Sebastian, that he would do a favour for him when he visits Rome, testing a new and unique software programme with incredible possibilities. Suddenly the wedding is off, and he is on his own heading to Geneva. After a chance encounter with the myster... more
  • Echoes from the Past

    by Charles Heath
    What happens when your past finally catches up with you? Christmas is just around the corner, a time for reflection and to be with family. For Will Mason, it brings back both good and bad memories, and a chance encounter, one that finally brings twenty years of self imposed exile from life to the brink. Will knows instinctively it is time to move on. Signs that a man who has been running for so long recognizes. This time, however, there is more at stake. Will has broken his number on... more
  • The Conspiracy of Silence

    by Augustine Sam

    From the Editors' Choice Award-winning poet & the international Book Award finalist:

    A "hypnotic" political thriller... with an epic courtroom showdown.

    The conscience of a town steeped in sexism, vanity, and hypocrisy is pricked by the brutal murder of a mysterious woman in a park in Los Angeles. The shock is transformed into a steamy, seductive scandal when the body turns out to be that of Susan Whitaker... more

  • Snack Van: The novel

    by Jay Saph

    How far would you go to protect the sanctity of your home? What lengths would you follow to get the girl you desire? Get ahead at your job? Get rich, stay high? 

    From an idle village in semi-rural Essex to the corridors of banking in central London, three sets of ordinary but different people become linked through a single act of desperation. Snack van is a story of vengeance. It explores a depth of human emotion. It reminds us we’d do anything to protect what we have and gra... more

  • The Chimera Sequence

    by Elliott Garber
    Cole McBride makes a chilling discovery while investigating a mysterious disease causing the deaths of endangered mountain gorillas in war-torn central Africa. When a humanitarian aid hospital nearby diagnoses a disturbingly similar human case, the former Special Forces veterinarian knows he must figure out how to stop this outbreak from spreading--before it blows up into a global pandemic. Halfway across the continent, a massive cargo ship moves out of Sudan's largest port. Buried deep wi... more
  • Getting Ahead

    by Cathryn Grant
    Office politics, unconsummated desire, and murder send two women down unexpected paths that dramatically alter their lives. Fanatical dedication to her career, an MBA degree, and a savvy awareness of workplace politics are all Laura Bachman needs to take the next step up the corporate ladder. She knows the job is hers for the taking, but an administrative assistant who behaves like a femme fatale, and a sinister jogger at the track where she runs, threaten to derail her. Vanessa Hillman ... more
  • The Hallelujah Horror Show

    by Cathryn Grant
    Obsession, fanaticism, and ambition clash leading to death. As Bob Lambert sneaks a weekly cigarette and observes the church across the street, his obsession zeroes in on Melody Palmer. He is hell bent on forcing her to admit that her faith is useless. Melody's fanaticism blinds her to the true nature of the people at her church and puts her on a mission to convert Bob at all costs. Ashley Lambert's ambition is thwarted by the bleak future being shoved down her throat. Now, her mist... more
  • Buried by Debt

    by Cathryn Grant
    Devon worships Jenna. Their friends say he's obsessed with her. Maybe he is, all he knows is that he wants to give her the world. Counting on a lucrative promotion, he bought a multi-million dollar home in Silicon Valley for her. It's all good because Jenna adores him. He's a lucky guy, and he's confident he has their finances under control. Jenna worked hard to get where she is, harder than Devon and their friends. She thought she had it all -- a soul mate, a fun job, and a gorgeous Mediter... more