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  • The Fabergé Entanglement

    by Lesley Meryn & Elle Brookes
    Sabinne ‘Saber’ Darrieux’s father, the billionaire CEO of Frontenac Global Security has been kidnapped. His ransom is not cash in a numbered offshore account, or a briefcase of Bearer Bonds but something utterly unique, incredibly valuable, and until recently, hidden away from the world. The kidnapper seems to know Saber very well, and knows that the next day, through her work as an elite translator she will be in the same location as the Object. She must steal the Object and deliver it to t... more
  • Personal Representative

    by Ray McGinley
    November, 2011. A knock on the door and a Seattle police officer informs CHRIS BRENNAN of the death of his sister, THERESA BRENNAN, a court reporter working on a high profile federal case. Evidence suggests an overdose, and the police suspect suicide. But this is out of character with Theresa, a Catholic woman known for her charitable works. Chris travels to Phoenix to learn what he can, and on the way reflects on her life.\t \tTen years earlier DANIEL TWOFEATHERS, a Tohono O’odham tribal me... more

    by Char Abbot
    Suspense, drama, vigilantism. This book brings it all to the Canadian Wilderness where a morally distraught cop and a murderer meet. Can they survive the wilderness with the unwilling help of each other? Will either get out alive?
  • The Big Weekend

    by Libby Kirsch
    You can run. You can hide. Or you can get highlights. Columbus police make a quick arrest in a murder, but when a tip comes in from someone who knows more about the case than detectives, it’s clear to TV reporter Stella Reynolds that the woman behind bars didn’t pull the trigger. With lowlifes stealing the headlines, why is Stella’s boss only concerned with her hair? He insists a makeover will help her career, but she knows that a visit to the salon will only get in the way of solving the ... more
  • Pigment: The Limbs of the Mukuyu Tree

    by Renee Topper

    "You can't kill a ghost."

    Young American Aliya Scott travels to Tanzania to help children with her condition. There, people without pigment in their skin are called "zeru-zeru," it means "ghost," and they are believed to possess magical powers. When Aliya goes missing, her father sets out on a mission to find her. He soon discovers that she was up to more than teaching the alphabet and handing out sunblock. With each step he learns more about his daught... more

  • Breakaway

    by Valentine Cardinale
    Father Richard Bianchi has taken a leave of absence and rented a house in New Jersey to reflect on whether he should continue his ministry or get married. Soon after moving in, he meets Dana Dvorak, 16, s star on an all-boys hockey team. She lives with her divorced dad, Eddie, who doesn't think much of hockey or girls playing it, although he loves his daughter. What really upsets him these days is the government in Washington, which he'd like to see changed. One night, Eddie is mysteriously abdu... more
  • Death by Pumpkin

    by N.A. Granger
    At the annual Pumpkin Festival in the coastal town of Pequod, Maine, Rhe Brewster, an ER nurse and Police Department consultant, responds to screams at the site of the Pumpkin Drop. Racing to the scene, where a one-ton pumpkin was dropped from a crane to crush an old car, Rhe and her brother-in-law, Sam, Pequod’s Chief of Police, discover the car contains the smashed remains of a man’s body. After the police confirm the death as a homicide, Rhe embarks on a statewide search to identify the victi... more
  • Chasing Enigma

    by John Kurrle

    The assassination of a congresswoman on the streets of Washington, DC brings FBI agent Ray Nicholson to the scene. Quickly, more inexplicable assassinations pop up all across the country. Baffled by the killer’s victims, bedeviled by his motives, foiled at every turn by his cunning and meticulous planning, Ray doggedly tracks the mysterious assassin.

    Making matters worse, Ray finds himself a pawn in an interagency game of chess. All the while, his boss’s words ring in h... more

  • RESURRECT (A Whitney Steel Novel Book 3)

    by Kim Cresswell
    Whitney Steel is back in the third book of the action-packed Whitney Steel series! A pulse-thumping thriller about an infectious outbreak in the tradition of Robin Cook and John J. Nance. After two prominent scientists working at privately owned BSL-4 labs in Nevada and Texas are found murdered, no one makes the connection until investigative reporter, Whitney Steel, receives information about a possible biological attack using a new chimera virus known as 'Resurrect'. But when Whitney beg... more
  • demon heir

    by Cheyanne N-w
    this book is about a child who finds a letter from her mother telling her about herself and how she is a demon. her name is sparrow she soon finds out there are demon hunters. one particularly is trying to kill her because he (Ban ) has a vendetta agents demons even though he is one him self. through out the book these two meet and fight but neither can finish the other off . their hate eventually grows to love.
  • Bully

    by Emme Dun
    Bully is a fast paced legal thriller where "The L Word" meets "Kramer vs Kramer." Bully begins in the 1980s when courts routinely stripped LGBT parents of their parental rights solely because they were gay. Bully then shifts to the 2000s to explore a typical lesbian relationship wherein Lisa meets Windy and they quickly fall for each other, despite Lisa’s plans for a baby. Although Lisa and Windy never marry, when Lisa breaks it off because Windy reveals herself to be a deadbeat, Windy files for... more
  • #KillAydaKhoury

    by Lucretia Castillo
    Ayda Khoury, NSA officer and former Anonymous hacktivist, is on the wrong side of the domestic spying scandal. Doxxed by her former comrades and facing a Congressional hearing, she is offered an out by a mysterious intelligence contractor: Stage a defection, offer a cache of falsehood-seeded data to a famed terrorist, and get close enough to him to find out where his organization is holding the kidnapped CIA chief of Ankara station, Alex Hart. But in the world of cyber-espionage, everyone's g... more
  • The Fog Seller: A San Francisco Mystery

    by Don Daglow

    From the creator of the Emmy® Award winning Neverwinter Nights™, a novel with a unique hero, an unlikely love story, and more twists than San Francisco’s Lombard Street. It's not cozy but it's intimate. It's not procedural but it will make you think, which is why it's been honored both as a mystery and as literary fiction.

    Its influences range from Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep to the Coen Brot... more

  • The Cabin: A Murder Mystery

    by W.D. Frolick
    Buck Woods, a stressed out NYPD homicide detective and former Marine Scout sniper on sabbatical returns home to Orono, Maine Upon arriving back in town, Buck meets up with his old high school friend, Detective Jim Barkowsky of the Orono PD. Jim invites Buck to stay with him, his wife and their two children. The next morning Buck and Jim go to check out Buck's new home, an old run-down log cabin he inherited from his grandfather on two acres of land on Punshaw Lake. Upon entering the cabin, the... more
  • The Cabin: A Murder Mystery

    by W.D. Frolick
    Buck Woods, a stressed out NYPD homicide detective, on sabbatical, returns home to Orono, Maine. He plans to relax by working on an old run down log cabin he inherited from his grandfather. Buck and his detective friend, Jim Barkowsky, of the Orono PD, discover a decomposing body of a murdered man in his cabin. The two detectives set out to solve the murder by putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Unexpected twists, turns, and obstacles abound, leading to a climax that puts Buck's life on... more
  • Demaris Protocol

    by Brian Randall
    In 1992, before “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the CIA secretly ran a dark operational unit known only as the Demaris Protocol. For nearly a decade in parallel to the LGBT movement, the CIA used the protocol in special assignments to leverage same-sex coercion and exploit sexual orientation where it offered a unique advantage. In June 1992, Trey Carter, a closeted, gay, Christian civilian is ensnared in a dangerous trap—recruited and trained within the experimental same-sex protocol. He is specifi... more