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  • The 9th Hour

    by Claire Stibbe

    The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 1

    New Mexico/Arizona 2016 Book Award Finalist

    Everyone has secrets. Some more deadly than others.              

    When the ninth young girl falls into the clutches of a serial killer, maverick detective, David Temeke, faces a race against time to save her life. The Duke City Police Department in Albuquerque, New Mexico is no stranger to gr... more

  • Assassination of a Dignitary

    by Carolyn Arnold

    The Italian Mafia never forgets…

    Raymond Hunter’s dark past has returned and demands one final favor. Now fifteen years later, settled as an accountant and family man, he assumed life would be calm. He thought wrong. The Italian mafia wants him back.

    The directions were simple: Kill Governor Behler and be out for good.

    Despite the odd request since the mafia typically respects dignitaries, in order to protect his family, he has no choice but to accept t... more

  • Crossed: The Karma Crusades, The First Adventure

    by A. Bernette
    A dark mysterious stranger on a mission from heaven also seeks vengeance for his brother. Clouded by emotion he mistakenly crosses the minds of the innocent with the guilty. Bette, an average sixteen year old is suddenly thrown into an unbelievable world. How will she find her way back to herself and back home? With the aid of an unsuspecting friend she seeks to reclaim her life. This book is not recommended for children under 13. There are some darker scenes including one involving a m... more
  • Justice for Jessica (Detective Rachel Storme Book 1)

    by Alretha Thomas
    Mousey, overweight Stacey Sullivan would love to trade places with her glamorous socialite BFF, Jessica James—that’s until she discovers Jessica murdered in her own home. Whip-smart detective Rachel Storme is ready to exchange her gun and badge for a gardener’s hat and hoe. But she reluctantly puts her plans on hold when she’s asked to help solve Jessica’s murder. These two strangers from different generations—Stacey a millennial and Rachel a baby boomer—become unlikely friends in their pursuit ... more
  • Legal Thriller: Decree of Finality, a Courtroom Drama (Brent Marks Legal Thrillers Series Book 8)

    by kenneth eade
    A wife, faced with divorce, hires a hit man to take out her husband, then changes her mind and is killed, or so it appears to the police and to Lawyer Brent Marks, who represents the husband. But Marks finds himself questioning whether his client has a role in the murder.
  • A Racket in the Burbs

    by Ben Broeren
  • Two Hot Mamas: Cajun Delight

    by Trudy Robicheaux
    When a dead body winds up in the Bayou of Port Bluff, Louisiana at the Cajun Delight restaurant, owned by Bette and Elvy Deaville, it puts these twin sisters at the top of the suspect list. Any and everyone is suspects as these twin sisters set out to prove their innocence. Bette Deaville has recently cashed in on her divorce and has done quite well for herself. Now that her funds are slowly diminishing, she is thinking of a way to keep her new lifestyle afloat. Elvy Deaville is the unra... more
  • The Prophet from Jerusalem

    by David L. Dotson
    —Jerusalem, 0900 GMT A suicide bombing in the Mahane Yehuda Marketplace takes the life of a child. A sacrificial lamb is slaughtered atop the Temple Mount for the first time in over two thousand years. An intifada erupts at the Western Wall. United Nations Security Council convenes to decide the fate of the Holy City of Jerusalem. The whole world watches. One man is caught in the middle of it all. Jacob Landon stands peering out the panoramic window of his penthouse suite at the King David Hot... more
  • Christmas is Murder (McKinley Mysteries series Book 7)

    by Carolyn Arnold

    “Everything you could want in a Christmassy novella and more!... This cozy mystery will bring a smile to your face and is perfect for a quick read to get you in that holiday spirit!”
    –Wifetime of Happiness

    Mistletoe and mischief…

    Albany’s the perfect image of a winter wonderland, and Sean and Sara’s friend Jimmy is going to be Santa Claus for the upcoming Christmas parade. The trees and decorati... more

  • Blue Fire

    by Joel Canfield
    A missing comic book genius. An all-powerful hallucinogenic designer drug. Max Bowman is haunted by both of them – and he just might lose his mind as a result. When Max takes on the mission to find the long-lost creator of cult superhero Blue Fire, he ends up getting dosed with a chemical that upends his sanity just when he needs it the most. Now he’s got to contend with zombies on the Upper East Side, a cult run by a clueless pawn, a hipster rapist who knows her way around a sword, a sec... more
  • Dark Sky

    by Joel Canfield
    First Lieutenant Robert Davidson. The son of an American military legend and a war hero who died in combat during the Afghanistan conflict. Or did he? The answer could bring down a secret military empire – as well as a guy named Max Bowman. DARK SKY is a sardonic and suspenseful thriller in which an underwhelming hero must confront an overwhelming conspiracy - not to mention himself.
  • All Dressed In Red

    by Carol Husa
    LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND. Life to this point has been perpetually distressing for Casie Valentine. The unsolved murder of her mother and her relationship with an abusive man have left her heartbroken and discouraged. After injuring and fleeing her lover one terrifying night, Casie believes that the future is now promising--where darkness had prevailed light will penetrate, and hopefully remain. IT CAN ALWAYS CATCH UP WITH YOU . . . But upon her arrival in Sarvelle Falls, Casie learns th... more
  • Brain Seize

    by Carol Husa
    A ROMANCE REKINDLED. BUT FIRST THEY'LL PLAY WITH FIRE . . . Quinn Woodstrum appears to have it all: a beautiful wife and son he adores, a charming colonial in the tree-lined suburbs, and a fulfilling career as a criminal profiler. Quinn's insecurities run deep, though, and a particularly trying time both personally and professionally has them unexpectedly rising to surface level. An inaccurate assessment leads to a reckless decision--one that not only threatens to cost him all that he's... more
  • Guarding Shakespeare

    by Quintin Peterson
    The Folger Shakespeare Library is the world's largest repository of Shakespeareana and English Renaissance books, manuscripts, and objets d'art. Nobody alive knows the library better than Special Police Officer Lt. Norman Blalock; he's been guarding it for 25 years. That's why he is the perfect candidate to pull off an inside job and heist from the library's underground bank vault a priceless artifact that can rock the foundation of English Literature.
  • The Devil's Analyst

    by Dennis Frahmann
    What happens when you think your world is perfect, but someone behind the screens is determined to test you in every way possible? As the clock ticks toward the year 2000, Danny Lahti's world starts unraveling. An unknown hacker unleashes a digital attach on his Internet company. A prowler attempts to break into his historic mansion. A long-time friend goes missing. Is it all coincidence, or are these just the first feints by a crazed admirer to force the truth from Danny? And what is the truth?... more