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  • Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit

    by Carole Nelson Douglas
    “Midnight Louie is the funniest, hairiest, hard-boiled PI on the planet.”—JANET EVANOVICH Readers are biting their nails as Carole Nelson Douglas’s popular alphabetic Midnight Louie feline PI mystery series nears its end with the 27th entry coming Aug. 25, Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit. A final entry will follow the “Z” book: Cat in an Alphabet Endgame. Even then, Vegas’s hairiest sleuth (whose feline-noir voice has been compared to Hammett, Hammer, and Nathan Detroit) will not be hanging up h... more
  • Protector of Children

    by David V Mammina
    The Covert Alliance of Selective Termination is a secret society dedicated to silencing the most dangerous criminals in the country. For decades, this clandestine band of shadow assassins have slain thousands of suspect drug lords, terrorists, serial killers and everyone in-between. They see themselves as a noble and necessary evil, keeping the United States safe by their theory of "natural justice." But, what if one of their best succumbs to a different kind of fight, one for his own mind? ... more
  • A Book About a Film

    by C. W. Schultz
    Author C. W. Schultz’s fourth release A BOOK ABOUT A FILM is a matchless thriller focusing on a low-budget movie called THE CORNFIELD PEOPLE, which follows journalist Joe Fischer as he investigates the titular group. The Cornfield People are a secret society who know the meaning of life and what comes after death. It is essential to the Cornfield People that their knowledge remain hidden from outsiders, and they will stop at nothing to protect their secret. Schultz surveys censorship throug... more
  • A Taste for Death

    by Don Stevens
    Gerard Bellamont, a famous wine critic with French roots, is found strangled with what appeared to be trellis wire at Allenwood Vineyard, where he was one of the guests to a party the previous night. At this party, Bellamont was heard saying something odd when staring at one of the local wine bottles, “I didn’t like it the first time I laid eyes on it”. Investigator Deville, also originally from France, remembers the victim briefly. The crime scene disturbs him, triggering his memory about his o... more
  • Breaker of Bones (Thomas Berrington Book 2)

    by David Penny
    March 1483, and Spain is preparing for yet more war. Surgeon Thomas Berrington makes a reluctant journey to Qurtuba at the request of his master. He expects only to operate on a Spanish prince and return home to Moorish al-Andalus. But fate has something else in store for him and his companion, the eunuch Jorge. A warped killer has been murdering young women and creating twisted creatures from their bodies. When Thomas is tasked by Queen Isabel to hunt down the culprit he is propelled int... more
  • The Red Hill (Thomas Berrington Book 1)

    by David Penny
    A killer who can’t be stopped. A request that can’t be refused. In 1482 the Englishman Thomas Berrington is living in the last remnants of Moorish Spain. A physician, he is an unwilling friend to the most powerful man in the kingdom. When bodies start to turn up, each showing the marks of a savage attack, Thomas is asked to investigate. When one of the Sultan’s wives is brutally murdered, what begins as a reluctant task turns into a fight for survival. Together with the eunuch Jorge, Thom... more
  • Leon [Anonymous]

    by Adrian Robert Abarca
    LEON [ANONYMOUS] is an espionage dramatic suspense-thriller told in the first person about a young man, Leon, whose mother loses the ability to love after the drowning death of her eldest son. Riddled with guilt Leon matures into manhood and goes off to university to study law only to be entangled in a web of lies and deceit as a childhood friend is kidnapped then murdered by his government's secret police revealing Leon's friend's involvement with a subversive student led organization hell bent... more
  • The Profiteer: War with Iran

    by Mark Williams
    Former FBI agent and corporate warrior, Steve Holmes, vindicates employees accused of sabotage and finds love while battling greed and corruption in a nuclear war with Iran. Greedy corporate leaders and corrupt politicians are the obstacles Steve Holmes must overcome to vindicate the valiant men and women who served as his contractor employees at Kratos before they were soldiers and Marines. Kratos, a name taken from the winged enforcer for the Olympian God Zeus, is an appropriate symbol for the... more
  • Matchbook

    by Desiree Prosapio
    At moments tender, and others hilarious, the suspense novel, Matchbook, follows the harrowing quest of a most unlikely heroine. Driven into a deep depression by the death of her daughter, Carol Lassiter has been homeless for three years. She's working out of her self-declared homeless oasis, a perfect place for collecting money while she nods in and out of an alcohol inspired haze. As she gathers her box of "donations," she discovers a matchbook with a phone number scrawled on the inside cov... more
  • Stranglehold

    by Katherine Jeffries
    What if your local police, frustrated by laws requiring them to respect the constitutional rights of suspects, maintained a relationship with a secret group of highly trained vigilantes who could be called upon to make problems go away? AND WHAT if the leaders of such a group amassed such power and ambition that they ultimately became accountable to no one – not even their own well-intentioned foot soldiers? WELCOME to Stranglehold, a new novel by Katherine Jeffries that takes us through... more
  • Fishtown: A Jack Regan/Izzy Ichowitz Novel

    by Neal Goldstein
    It’s been six weeks since the rogue Mossad agents, Nooris and Rabinowitz, were recaptured when their attempt to discover the identity of the person who betrayed them was thwarted by the very individual they were seeking. Homicide Detective Isadore Ichowitz is recovering from the wounds he sustained in the incident when Nooris shot him to convince Vito Coratelli to tell them what they wanted to know. Even though Nooris and Rabinowitz are being detained as terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Ichowitz is... more
  • Ocean City Cover-up

    by Kim Kash
    Euro-trash collides with American gangsta in Maryland’s gleefully cheesy beach resort, in this second installment in the Jamie August novel series. Reporter Jamie August befriends a spoiled Eastern European heiress. Russian mobsters are gunning for the oil tycoon’s party-girl daughter, who has paired up with chart-topping rap star Sniper Trigga. Meanwhile, a raging crime spree is keeping investigative reporter Jamie busy—and so is a hot new boyfriend and a strict jogging and frozen custard fitne... more
  • The Boys Club: An action romantic suspense thriller

    by Angie Martin
    Growing up a homeless juvenile delinquent left its mark on Gabriel Logan. He lived a throwaway existence until a former FBI agent recruited him for a fringe organization for boys like him, ones who could operate outside the law for the sake of justice. As an adult, he sets an example for the others and is slated to take over their group, until his work results in the murder of his pregnant wife. Going through the motions of everyday life, Logan does only what’s required of him with one goal i... more
  • Conduit: A gripping serial killer psychological thriller (An Emily Monroe Novel, Book One)

    by Angie Martin
    Emily Monroe conceals her psychic gift from the world, but her abilities are much too strong to keep hidden from an equally gifted killer. A savvy private investigator, she discreetly uses her psychic prowess to solve cases. When the police ask her to assist on a new case, she soon learns the killer they seek is not only psychic, but is targeting her. The killer wants more than to invade her mind; he wants her. Believing they are destined for each other, he uses his victims as conduits to co... more
  • False Security: A romantic suspense thriller (A Rachel Thomas Novel, Book One)

    by Angie Martin
    Rachel Thomas longs for normalcy, but if she stops running she could die…or worse. Chased by a past that wishes to imprison her, haunted by dreams that seek to destroy her, Rachel finds solace in a love she could not predict. A love she cannot deter. Mark Jacobson is the man who never needed love. He has his bookstore, his bachelorhood, and his freedom. In the moment he meets Rachel, he is swept into a world he didn’t know existed. One filled with the purest of love. One filled with betrayal,... more
  • Blood of My Fathers

    by Bernard Bornstein
    They call the new virus H17N10, and it’s spreading rapidly. Of those exposed, forty percent become infected—ten percent die in agony. To create a vaccine for the virulent, rapidly mutating disease, the World Health Organization must find the original source of H17N10. All evidence suggests the virus began in heavily militarized, ultra-secretive North Korea. In North Korea itself, the health of dictator Kim Jong-il –the Dear Leader—slowly declines, leaving military and Communist Party lea... more