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  • Elvis the Gunslinger

    by Romey Connell
    In a feline rendition of the Old West, where cats ride dogs like horses, he stands at the intersection of James Bond and John Wayne. A suave, card-playing Catanova who loves fine wine and is a dead-eye with both pistol and rifle. Along with his trusty sidekick, he’s off to settle a score with a long-forgotten enemy – a crusty mobster who has catnapped the only son of a wealthy and admired captain of industry. Take a train across the landscape and then saddle up and ride into the hills to watc... more
  • The Hacker Chronicles

    by patrick oster
    The Hacker Chronicles Just west of Chicago’s Loop, a bronze marble monolith rises, housing a little known city agency that uses 10,000 connected surveillance cameras to watch everything and everyone in sight in an age of terrorism. Into this hidden world of cops, crime and computers, drops Aloysius Wachter, a hacker who becomes the improbable hero in this cyber-thriller. Nicknamed Vic, he’s a 25-year-old millennial, reared on video game tales of dungeons, dragons, heroes and damsels, whos... more
  • Remorse by Degree

    by Keith Julius
    Daniel Jameson was living the American Dream. With a secure job, a house in the suburbs, and a wife and two children, he seemed to have everything he ever desired out of life. His storybook existence is thrown into turmoil when he witnesses a tragic accident at his workplace. Following the event Daniel begins to question aspects of his life he had long taken for granted. He manages to become separated from his wife Becky and on his own, aimlessly adrift and uncertain of his future.... more
  • Taking Tom Murray Home

    by TJ Slee

    Bankrupt dairy farmer Tom Murray decides he’d rather sell off his herd and burn down his own house rather than hand them over to the bank. But something goes tragically wrong, and Tom dies in the blaze. His wife, Dawn, doesn’t want him to have died for nothing and decides to hold a funeral procession for Tom as a protest, driving 350km from Heywood to bury him in Melbourne where he was born. To make a bigger impact she agrees with some neighbours to put his coffin on a horse and c... more

  • Spirit Circle: A Story of Adventure & Shamanic Revelation

    by Hal Zina Bennett
    Tara Fairfield, an anthropologist at a small university, receives a mysterious package in the mail, apparently from her father, who has been missing for two years. Inside are a few potsherds and a human bone. The package is postmarked Gallup, New Mexico. Moved by the prospect that her father, a journalist, might still be alive, Tara sets off on an adventure that ultimately leads her deep into the back country of New Mexico and an ancient shamanic community where dark plots unfold and the disapp... more
  • The Cult Breaker

    by C K Emmett
    Sally thought her sister had escaped the clutches of the cult she belonged to .. but then she disappears in the night. When the police are unable to help her, Sally turns to the only person who can - a beleaguered former "deprogrammer" called Alice.
  • Thirst for Murder

    by Debra Ison
    Sam and Sarah Richards take on a new mystery in this second novel of the three book series. Sarah's new writing assignment takes her to Kentucky bourbon country. The visit takes on dark overtones, however, as the couple stumble onto a dead body during their first distillery tour. Sarah immediately goes into investigative mode and Sam strives to keep his precocious wife out of harm's way. Their friend, Mac Osborne, returns as their ally to uncover the dangerous secrets behind the murder.
  • The Collection: A Matt Friedrich Art Caper

    by Lance Charnes

    Four years ago, what Matt Friedrich learned at work put him in prison. Yesterday, it earned him a job. Tomorrow, it may kill him.

    Matt learned all the angles at his old Los Angeles gallery: how to sell stolen art, how to “enhance” a painting’s history, how to help buyers hide their purchases from their spouses or the IRS. He made a load of money doing it – money he poured into the lawyer who worked a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney. Matt’s... more

  • Fear the Darkness

    by A.A Schenna
    Amelia was struggling to remain calm, although she was sure there was something terrible going on. Soon, she would come face-to-face with the worst living nightmare.
  • Clock Zero

    by Nawar Alsaadi
    Clock Zero tells the story of Tom, a Millennial wasting his life chasing Likes on social media until he meets Daniel Drake, a mysterious man with a daring plan to free the world of its social media obsession. Tom is captivated by the premise of a new unplugged world, but is Daniel Drake the good Samaritan he claims to be? Clock Zero beautifully captures the existentialist struggle of this generation. A master stroke of wit and suspense, Clock Zero sheds light on the dark side of an always-con... more
  • Tale of the Tape: Two Unlikely Heroes Take Down the Dixie Mafia

    by Alan Ables
    By the 1980s, the Dixie Mafia was at the zenith of its power; its tentacles spread from New Orleans to State Department bureaucrats, Colombian drug cartels and around the world to the men just beginning to invent modern terrorism and trade in nuclear materials. Today’s headlines are only now exploring the depth of that corruption. Tale of the Tape takes historical events – CIA-sanctioned drugs-for-guns trade in Central America, a Soviet "sailor" returned by U.S. authorities to the ship from whic... more
  • Melting Steele (The Jasmine Steele Mystery Series Book 2)

    by Kimberly Amato

    A family brutally slaughtered. A daughter disappeared into thin air...

    Still recovering from the murder attempt that nearly took her life, tough-as-nails New York homicide detective Jasmine Steele is slowly coming to grips with a world that's seemingly gone mad. She has every reason to fear death: her parents are both long gone, and she watched her brother bleed out following a drunk driving accident that left his wife dead and his son an orphan. Now Chase lives with his Aunt Jasmin... more

  • Soft on the Devil

    by Robert Lampros
    When Cindy Myran doesn’t return home one night, within days everyone in her neighborhood assumes she’s dead, but Ian Phillips isn’t so pessimistic. She shows up at his door a week later, in need of help and running for her life. What happens next draws him into a labyrinth of murder, corruption, and danger, where nothing is clear and sinister secrets lurk in the shadows. Only Ian’s courage, faith, and determination can uncover the mystery and deliver him and those he loves out of darkness and... more
  • Levels

    by D H Richards
    Talbot Singh is a small time fixer who is happy to kick around level 29 of a massive city that reaches over a mile into the sky. It's a city where the higher you go the more riches you enjoy, and the appearance of someone from a higher level can only mean one thing—trouble. So when Talbot is hired to investigate the murder of a family friend, what seems like tragic violence tied to a simple burglary turns out to be much more when the authorities from upscale level 35 get involved. Finding h... more
  • The Witch Some Witch: Damning Her and Damning Me

    by Quleen O Queen
    The author has poured forth an unforgiving story of the voiceless while reaching after the suspenseful depths of a beautiful brave world. What is the message of the work – attack apathy and instill the need for awareness. As without it, anyone can turn us into a scapegoat, a victim and even a slave! “The novel as a witty prose of Memory, Revenge, Love and CRIME is a chilling story about a murder in self-defense, dishonour of a hapless girl, a town reeling from riots and a forced sacrifice fo... more
  • The Lafayette Campaign: a Tale of Deception and Elections (Frank Adversego Thrillers Book 2)

    by Andrew Updegrove
    America is rushing headlong into another election year, but something is wrong – the polls don’t match reality. It’s up to cybersecurity super sleuth Frank Adversego to find the Black Hats who are trying to hack the presidential election, and stop them before they do. The action begins when a nameless government agency recruits Adversego to find out who’s manipulating the polls, but he soon learns that the voting results are at risk as well. From then on, it’s a race against time to see who w... more