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  • Jacumba Connection

    by David C Taylor
    Taylor's novel is a compelling, adventurous and surprisingly funny story of a middle age couple who lose their life savings and inadvertently find themselves in the underworld of Mexican immigrant smuggling. Initially the couple, Charlie and Denice, snuggle their cargo to the U.S. for money alone. However, over time they come to see this is not "cargo"but people with problems, dreams, and stories important and universal in a way Charlie and Denice never suspected. This novel is a rarely availabl... more
  • Due Process

    by Jane Finch
    How quickly can life spiral out of control? Never run away from the past because it will catch you. Eventually. Amanda thought her life was perfect. Handsome husband. Clever child. Lovely home. Then it all started to crumble. First her husband is abducted, then her child. Is it something from her husband's work as a criminal lawyer? Maybe an unhappy client, or perhaps he knew too much about one of his less upstanding clients. The Police have little to go on so Amanda begins to investigate hersel... more
  • The Black Widows

    by Jane Finch
    What makes a woman kill the man she has loved? Three women from different backgrounds, brought together by their determination to make a fortune from their unsuspecting husbands. Carefully selected, the men are lured into the widow’s trap, completely beguiled, until their ultimate disposal. The women meet regularly to discuss their progress and compare notes on new methods of termination. It seems they are invincible. A journey back in time gives the reader an insight into the women’s past and t... more
  • The Cassandra Trigger

    by Adrian Wyllie
    In 2028, a working-class family of four struggles to survive after an economic collapse cripples our nation. Hopelessness, hunger and fear grips ordinary Americans, as an increasingly totalitarian government uses biometric surveillance and brutal enforcement to retain power and crush dissent. The family’s small act of civil disobedience quickly evolves into a terrifying and violent encounter with federal agents, forcing them to leave everything behind and run for their lives. Desperately tryi... more
  • Rivers Crossing

    by D. Keith and Tui Brookes
    River Brookes is a New Zealand student studying medicine in the United States. On holiday, she is exploring the southwester deserts of Texas when she suddenly finds her self caught up in a whirl of drug cartels, vigilante land owners, and government agents. In the midst of all the turmoil, River finds love and the acceptance and family that she had never really known and has always desired.
  • Mosh Pit

    by Michael Hiebert

    Dakota Shane, gigantic country and pop superstar, stands center stage at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon the night six shots ring out through the stadium. Five deaths occur but only four go on record. All four are women.

    But there is so much more to this story than just a mass shooting.

    Snap back in time eight days and follow the lives of a handful of people whose worlds swirl around and bounce off each other like silver pinballs. Who is responsible for this horrid event... more

  • Back Door Down

    by John Zodrow
    A Riveting Techno-Thriller from John Rester Zodrow Arriving with her family on Saipan, an island in the beautiful South Pacific, SALLY BOLT soon finds that this part of America, the "back door" to the United States, is deceptively corrupt. From money laundering to shipping illegal drugs, and even a radical Islamic terrorist secretly sending a dirty bomb to the California mainland, anything goes. But when gangsters brutally murder her husband, MARK, Sally's life turns upside down. ... more
  • Til Death Do Us Part

    by Kenneth Reece
    Daniel Silver has been spending time in isolation with his wife on an exotic beach while accepting the occasional job. Only this last job uproots their pleasant life in their secret corner of the world. Once again Daniel faces more questions with little to no answers, but this time he isn't alone. This time he has a partner to help him at every turn and it's a good thing too because he's going to need all the help he can get.
  • To The End

    by Kenneth Reece
    Three-hundred years is a long time to do something meaningful with your life, maybe even change the world. Daniel Silver has had that long and has done just as much. After keeping his whole life a secret, he's decided to let the world know who he really is and what makes him so special. Now that he's found himself in a relationship, his life seems to be perfect. It's not long before Daniel's easy-going life begins to be continuously interrupted by a series of violent attacks, but with the freedo... more
  • Vengeful Unhinged

    by Jerry Sonenblick
    VENGENGFUL UNHINGED A legal/political thriller CONSPIRACY, HOW HUSHED THE WORDS, HOW VOCAL THE IMPACT LOTS OF GRABS: A series of vengeful roadblocks borne of greed, revenge, betrayal and political self-interest confront David Sherwood, a Tucson lawyer, a gentle spirit with an iron will, during the times that the Civil Right Act was passed in 1965. REVENGE ON HI... more
  • Beach Detective: Woman Overboard

    by Fred Fuld III
    Harry Lido, a private detective in his twenties who lives and works in Redondo Beach, California, gets his first big case of a woman who fell off, jumped off, or was pushed off a cruise ship on her honeymoon. Then the body of a hedge fund manager is found under the Redondo Pier. The dead man's wife hires Lido to find out who did it. Can Lido solve two big cases at the same time? Are these cases connected?
  • Shadowmark (The Shadowmark Trilogy Book 1)

    by T.M. Catron

    "Don't trust anyone, not even me."

    Mina Surrey is pretty ordinary. Bookish, educated, intelligent, but ordinary. She has her life planned out--finish school, write, teach. She works hard, lives quietly. But the one thing all her reading doesn't prepare her for is now the lesson she needs most: how to survive an alien apocalypse

    By the time Mina meets Doyle, she's tired, scared, starving, and broken. When... more

  • Bottle Alley

    by Brenda Spalding
    It's 1938, the carnival is in town and a hurricane is on it's way. Cultures clash when Michael Flannigan falls for Dania, a beautiful Russian Fortune teller. Local Johnny Russo is found dead in Silver Lake and the police suspect someone from the carnival is involved. Can the killer out run both the police and mother nature?
  • Champ: The Misanthrope of the Year

    by Erik Pollet
    Champ is at best a poor excuse for a human and at worst a Private Detective. This Private Eye, or Marlowe, may be the man who can feel no physical pain but he rather much be the man who was left alone with his hutch. However, fate, karma, and history will tell a different story. Champ’s life is set off like a row of dominoes.
  • Choices

    by A. Heyward
    Born to loving parents and afforded an affluent lifestyle, siblings Todd and Kennedy Harrison have it all. Things drastically change when Kennedy begins to attend high school with her brother. He's spread the word that she is "off-limits" to any of the fellas' intentions, good or otherwise. As a top-tier football star, Todd is acutely aware of the games guys play on the field...and off. However, he does not anticipate being "blindsided" by new, transfer student, Jasmine Benton. Beautiful and bri... more
  • A Life for a Life: A Mystery Novel

    by Lynda McDaniel
    When a young woman is found dead in the North Carolina mountains, the county sheriff says suicide. Della Kincaid disagrees. A former reporter in Washington, D.C., she knows how to hunt down the real story. But she’s now living in Laurel Falls, N.C., creating a new life for herself. Without her usual sources, she turns to an unlikely cast of characters—friends, customers, ex-husband, and forger. With their help, she uncovers how unbridled greed has spawned a series of crimes and sorrows. Along th... more