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  • Depravity

    by Emilie J. Howard
    The small town of Lehem, Iowa was a large clique, content and thriving. When one charming new resident enters the farming community, it is considered an anomaly. When a second stranger appears, it is a concern. This winding tale will not only introduce you to the small society of Lehem, but also their holiday traditions, and the Warfield family. Who and what they are is for the reader to discover. Welcome to the miasma called; "Depravity."
  • Broken Eagle

    by James T Crouse
    Following his service in a secret U.S. Army helicopter unit, attorney Jake Baird specializes in aviation personal-injury law in Raleigh, North Carolina. When young widow Lisa Thorpe seeks representation and help understanding the XV-11 crash that killed her husband, Jake ends up right where he doesn’t want to be – taking on the U.S. military in a case that is almost impossible to win. At a hastily arranged rendezvous just after meeting Lisa Thorpe, an anonymous, disheveled ex-military of... more
  • Ghosts in the Asylum

    by Roger Alford
    Vicky Rose is a reporter stuck in the City Hall beat, but she knows she’s destined to cover crime. She sees her chance at a big break when the mayor is murdered in his office. Reclusive millionaire Brent Gregor has been trapped in a wheelchair since the night a home intruder killed his father. Now, the only thing he cares about is being able to walk again. The mayor’s murder reeks of mob violence, but all the evidence points to someone else. Vicky knows the only hope of finding the truth r... more
  • House of Eire

    by June Gillam
    Hillary Broome, ghostwriter from Lodi, California, and her detective husband Ed fly to Ireland on vacation, but digging into Hillary's Irish roots tangles them in a battle against a greedy theme park developer where they uncover deadly secrets in the land of a thousand welcomes.
  • The Gem Connection: A C. J. Cavanaugh Mystery

    by Michael R. Lane

    Clinton Windell returns to his Southwest Hills mansion from a successful overseas business trip. Everything was working out even better than he had hoped. After nailing down a major deal for twenty-million dollars in uncut gems that would yield Bellingham Jewelers millions, there was nothing standing in his way. This deal would deliver a coup de grace to the board coup that has been brewing to unseat him as CEO and insure his iron grip on the company would remain. The shareholders would see t... more

  • A Side Order Of Murder: The 6th Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

    by Nancy Skopin
    Private Investigator Nicoli “Nikki” Hunter can’t seem to stay out of trouble in her sixth mystery, A Side Order Of Murder. A thirty-six-year-old beauty, Nikki lives on the California coast aboard a 46-foot sailboat, and rents an office in the marina complex where her boat is docked. Though she normally specializes in covert restaurant and bar employee surveillance, she seems to have developed a perilous sideline investigating homicides. In A Side Order Of Murder Nikki is hired by a wealthy, if ... more
  • Blue Baby (Brandon Fisher FBI Series Book 4)

    by Carolyn Arnold

    Jilted brides-to-be wind up with more than broken hearts…

    “One hellish, fast-paced creep show that demanded my attention…” –Tammy’s Tea Time

    FBI agent Brandon Fisher and his team with the Behavioral Analysis Unit are off to Grand Forks, North Dakota, when the body of a woman is found in her bathtub, dressed in a wedding gown with her ring finger severed.

    It’s the first ... more

  • The Maestro

    by Emilie J. Howard

    Maestro: A great or distinguished figure in any sphere Grim Reaper: The personification of death. Combine these two and place them in the small mountain town of Cold Hollow. Sit back and watch the mayhem unfold as sinister dealings are in the air again. There are new arrivals, job placements, and housing to arrange, but with Mayor Myrna Bradbury busy with wedding planning and her fiance's family arriving in town, will she be able to keep up with the machinations? When a young girl goes mi... more

  • Comorbid

    by Lorelei Logsdon
    When a mysterious stalker turns up in a small Maryland suburb, James Davis's already troubled life gets pushed to the brink of madness. Now, with no way to escape, James must find a way to protect not only himself but all those around him—before it's too late.
  • Brownstone (The Jack Elliot Series Book 1)

    by Dean Kutzler

    The key to the world’s fate discovers a devastating secret, divinely hidden since the days of Genesis, as he seeks out his family's murderer, only to find that a clandestine organization plans to reshape humanity on the heels of destruction.

    When Jack Elliot returns to New York City to pay respect to his dying uncle it’s a race against time. He gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself entrenched in not one, but two murder cases where he’s the prime sus... more

  • Kentucky Weed

    by Jim Miller
    Joshua, a retired Marine, comes back to his ancestral home in the Appalachian hills only to find it has become a battleground between his mother's and father's families who now grow, sell and fight over marijuana. He has to make a stand but it's complicated by his attraction to the daughter of the patriarch of one clan and his sworn obligation to the other. The families, the church, the DEA and the New York mob make demands and whichever path he takes will surely lead to bloodshed.
  • The Eulogist

    by Liz McKinney-Johnson

    Charlie doesn’t see anything inherently wrong with his hobby as make-believe mourner. He enjoys creating a new character for each situation. He likes being a part of the crowd of grieving souls: always accepted, no questions asked. That is until a particularly well-delivered counterfeit tribute entangles Charlie in a dangerous conspiracy of money, drugs and murder in the name of medical miracles. It could be worse. Charlie could be falling in love with a beautiful woman who believes he&... more

  • Dark Seed

    by Lawrence Verigin
    A disillusioned journalist and the grieving daughter of a murdered scientist uncover an immoral and destructive global plot by the largest developer of genetically engineered seed and its parent pharmaceutical conglomerate. Nick Barnes and Morgan Elles learn that the goal of the man behind the organizations is complete control of human existence. He eliminates opposition and interference without hesitation or remorse. The couple quickly find themselves fighting for their lives. And yours. G... more
  • An Unsettled Past

    by C.L. Brees


    In the Denver suburb of Ridgewood Hills chaos lies in wait. Only weeks away from his high school graduation, an early morning triple homicide upends Alex Jones' life when he and his friends find themselves in the crossfire of a twisted plot on the verge of unraveling. To Alex it's just bad luck, however, when those close to Alex become entwined, Alex fears he may be t... more

  • Prospect Park Murders

    by C.L. Brees
  • An Unsettled Past

    by C.L. Brees
    Alex Jones is enjoying his senior year of high school in Ridgewood Hills, Colorado. To the outside world it appears he has it all – popularity, the perfect boyfriend, a fancy house and car. Underneath the appealing facade of a normal life he portrays he is still coping with the murder of his father from thirteen years earlier. His perfect life is shattered in an instant when the secret life his father hid finally comes to the surface as he and his friends become pawns in a deadly game of reve... more