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  • Constant Guests

    by Patricia Nedelea

    Constant Guests is a book about the first Tarot ever made. A Parisian party girl uncovers four lost and found stories related to a tarot deck from 1389. This book is a hybrid novel, swinging between history, mystery and fantasy. Some readers consider it a thriller.

  • Probable Cause For Vengeance

    by David Wolf

    Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Carter has been a committed lawman for over 30 years. A decorated Vietnam veteran, he was highly regarded as a patriot and a man of indisputable principles. And now, a tragic rvent has caused him to question his own moral convictions. The year is 2003. A fanatical Sunni terrorist has entered the country undetected. With the collaboration of three jihadi radicals hell-bent on martyrdom, he successfully plans and executes a series of devastating explosions that merciless... more

  • Witch You Well (A Westwick Witches Cozy Mystery): Westwick Witches Cozy Mysteries Series (Westwick Witches Cozy Mystery Series B

    by Colleen Cross
    A Westwick Witches Cozy Mystery Novel Cendrine"Cen" West has an intriguing secret. . . Cen is a journalist descended from a long line of powerful witches who have inhabited the small town of Westwick Corners for generations. Except, Cen is a witch who craves an ordinary life, and as the family black sheep, she doesn't even want to dabble in the craft. . . much to her troublemaking Aunt Pearl's dismay. Then days before Cen's wedding to a "normal" guy, a visiting billionaire is murdered ... more
  • Greenwash (Katerina Carter Color of Money Mystery #3)

    by Colleen Cross

    Forensic accountant Katerina Carter and boyfriend Jace Burton embark on a weekend getaway at a luxury mountaintop lodge just before Christmas. While he writes the biography of a billionaire environmentalist, she explores the snowy wilderness.

    When two local protestors die under mysterious circumstances, Kat and Jace race against time to save themselves from an even deadlier disaster.

    If you like cozy mysteries spiked with spine-tingling suspense, you’ll love Greenwash, a hea... more

  • The Death of Innocence

    by T L Huston
    When eleven year-old Johnny Vegas sees his parents gunned down by a crazed drug addict a monster is born. Bye, bye normal life. Consoling him with god has a plan for everyone isn’t helping. Fifteen years later – the man is patient if nothing else – Johnny has his own plan, and there’s nothing god-like about it. He’s ready to find the murderer and rain down a fury that Lucifer himself would admire. Imagine his shock when he stumbles into a chance encounter with Jennifer Ashton, a gorgeous,... more
  • Blowout: A Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller

    by Colleen Cross

    A Sinister Crime Lies Deep Beneath The Water...

    A Katerina Carter Legal Thriller

    On fraud investigator Katerina Carter's trip to a remote island aboard a luxurious yacht, she suspects the boat's slick and charming owner is hiding a dark secret. With her cunning instinct for sniffing out malevolent cons, Kat tries to warn her friends that something is very wrong with their host and that his moneymaking scheme smells fishy.And why is she only one who thinks... more

  • An Unseen Current

    by Bethany Maines
    When Seattle native, Tish Yearly finds herself fired from her day job and evicted from her apartment all in one afternoon she knows she’s in deep water. Unemployed and desperate, the 26 year old ex-actress, heads for the one place she knows she’ll be welcome – the house of her cantankerous, ex-CIA agent, grandfather, Tobias Yearly, in the San Juan Islands. And when she discovers the strangled corpse of Tobias's best friend, she knows she’s in over her head. Tish is thrown head-long into a myster... more
  • Halfway to Magnolia House

    by Anthony Mays

    Laura Wingate’s life in New York City was falling apart. The man she wanted to marry could not commit, and her job as a museum exhibitions manager was growing stale. Needing to reexamine her life, she packed up and temporarily returned to Magnolia House on the outskirts of Alexandria, Louisiana. A place she had shared many happy days with her grandparents. Along the way, Laura met Kendrick Reynolds, a Hollywood Director, and learned he was preparing to direct a movie, in and around Alex... more

  • The Defenseless (Brandon Fisher FBI Series Book 3)

    by Carolyn Arnold

    How far would you go for those who can’t defend themselves?

    FBI Agent Brandon Fisher never expected he’d empathize with a serial killer.

    |It’s almost Christmas and with the festive season in full swing, Denver, Colorado would be an idyllic destination—if not for Detective Mack McClellan’s conviction there’s a serial killer on the loose. Brandon and his team are called in when a man’s body is found next to a dumps... more

  • Wings of Mayhem (The Mayhem Series Book 1)

    by Sue Coletta
    Shawnee Daniels - cybercrimes specialist by day, cat burglar by night - ignites the hellfire of a serial killer when she mistakenly steals his trophy box.
  • Enclosure: A Trappist Tale

    by Jerry Buzyniski
    Enclosure is a revealing glimpse into the confines of a Trappist monastery through the eyes of Brother Andrew, a young, somewhat naïve novice whose initial perception of the monastery as flawless, rapidly disintegrates following his growing awareness of corruption and his desperate struggle to cope with his emerging bipolar illness, his sexuality, and its impact on his vocation. Falling into the depths of despair, Andrew’s dormant psychiatric condition explodes and culminates in the delusional ... more
  • Personal Lessons with Savanna

    by Michael Seidel
    Studs finally finds the courage to address some of his issues. Unfortunately, a vengeful killer is stalking him.
  • Blood Diamonds

    by Jim Conover
    After discovering that one of her assistants, Ray Pratt and his wife, had been tortured and murdered in Elmwood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Melissa Manigoni, Illinois State Attorney General, places a call to Deuce Ryker, her friend and a top notch private detective to give her a third eye on the scene. Deuce Ryker finds the scene to be as terrible a torture murder scene as he had ever seen, even during his many years on the Chicago Police Department. The sheer number of stab wounds, slashe... more
  • Hell City

    by Allen Shadow
    Al-Qaida isn’t dead — yet! That’s what counterterrorism task force commander Jack Oldham believes as he tracks a new generation of American-born jihadists through a post-bin-Laden world. In “Hell City,” New York is ground zero once again as the former NYPD homicide dick and his crack but colorful crew patrol a maddening world of clues that takes them through the grittiest precincts of the city, the back roads of America, the lawless regions of Pakistan, the faceless chat rooms of the Interne... more
  • Risks, Rewards & Consequences

    by E. X. FELON
    Risks, Rewards & Consequences is a fact-based work of fiction that covers federal crimes where race, sex and religion are of no significance. This book covers more than drugs, sex, and violence. However, no book that realistically covers crimes can be without those. It is a fun, exciting, educational, page-turner filled with fascinating characters from the Caribbean and America, real crimes, and sizzling-hot sex. But what makes this book unique, is that as the story is being told and the crimina... more
  • House of the Fox

    by Cornelia Feye

    Hikers find a body in the Canyon Sin Nombre in the Anza Borrego Desert on the border between Mexico and California. The victim’s brother identifies Ramon Matus, a Mexican-American conceptual artist. Intriguing connections between the dead artist and several participants in a Winter Solstice retreat at the nearby Casa del Zorro desert resort raise questions. Can the key to the murder be found in Matus’ complex and powerful art, or in the U.S.-Mexico border conflict?