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  • The General's Man

    by HB Siime
    Jack Ramsay, a private investigator in Boston, is struggling with his career and marriage. When the flamboyant mayor of Kampala city offers him a job in the capital of Uganda, Jack jumps at the chance to prove himself outside the world of corporate espionage. In a coup-ridden Uganda of the 70's, President Idi Amin has been overthrown by his army commander, General Okot Okot but the new president himself is struggling to hold on to power. Jack Ramsay finds himself plunged in a city where ev... more
  • Stolen Daisy: A Novel

    by Rachael Isaacson
    Samantha Beckett doesn't have the luxury of selfishness. What she has is a four-year-old sister no one knows exists. Protecting Daisy from their mother's wrath has always been Samantha's responsibility. She knows how to deflect attention. She knows how to bear the brunt of the abuse. She thought she could keep her sister safe. Then Daisy disappeared. The fate of this young girl rests in the proficient hands of Detective Brody, but even with a dream team of law officials on his side, time is... more
  • The Last Christmas of JonBenet Ramsey

    by Laurence Smith
    This is a book that explores the viability of an intruder being responsible for JonBenet's death, this is done by inserting various criminal types into scenarios to see how plausible a scenario would have been. An entire chapter is devoted to a psycho-linguistic analysis of the infamous ransom letter. After establish whether an intruder was a viable suspect in JonBenet's death almost 2 chapters are devoted to a scenario the author believes to have been the only scenario that could have taken... more
  • CRAZY MURDERS (A Molly Tinker Mystery)

    by Misty Reddington
    Crazy Murders is the sixth book in the Molly Tinker Mystery Series. The books can be read as a series or individually. Molly is a park ranger , and her companion poodle has a knack for finding dead bodies under his favorite evergreen tree at Pond Park. Molly's best friend Deputy Chief Willie is being framed for three murders. It's all about revenge. Molly helps her husband, Chief of Police Eric Wade, track down the killers. The book is light and amusing reading.
  • The Deathsniffer's Assistant

    by Kate McIntyre
    After losing his parents in the Floating Castle Incident, the sensitive and mannered Chris Buckley has spent six years raising his magically talented little sister, Rosemary, on the savings that his once-wealthy family left behind. But that money is drying up, and Chris finds himself with no choice but to seek out work in Darrington City as it spirals into a depression. The only employer willing to consider his empty résumé is Olivia Faraday, the manic Deathsniffer. Olivia's special magical gift... more
  • Double Identity

    by Jaye C. Blakemore
    Romance, Deceit, Murder and Revenge It’s 1974, and life is just about to get very interesting for 26 year-old, bright, blond and identical twins, Gillian and Julianne Allenwerth. Raised 5,000 miles apart by their divorced parents—French champagne vintner Cecile Cardin and American billionaire art collector Paul Allenwerth, Gillian grew up in luxury in New York City, while Julianne was raised in artsy, cheerful hardship in Reims, France. As girls, Julianne and Gillian shared twenty perfect August... more
  • Broken Angels

    by Russell Heath
    Kris Gabriel, twenty-four, Alaska Native, and fierce like a wolverine, returns to Alaska—to find her mother murdered; shot in the face by the double-barreled blast of a shotgun. Angry her mother is pushed around even in death, guilty she abandoned her in life, Kris only knows to fight. Relentlessly, she tracks a trail of pain, of lost love, of lives ripped apart by the frozen north’s unyielding law of survival, never suspecting that she has far more at stake than finding her mother’s killer. ... more
  • Psycho-Tropics

    by Dorian Box

    2015 Writer's Digest Award Winner in Genre Fiction

    A high-school reunion in a South Florida town unburies the past (literally), launching a tormented, lottery-winning surfer with a terrible secret on a twisted journey of mayhem and mystery through the Sunshine State in search of a missing woman. Heart and dark humor combine with nail-biting action and suspense in this unhinged tale of revenge, redemption, and love, where everyone has something to hide and nothi... more

  • Son of Caleb: Lottery Book 2

    by kimberly shursen

    The diabolical gripping psychological thriller series continues when
     the sins of the father have been laid upon the son.
    "When it comes to thrillers, Lottery is as good as it gets."
    Five years ago Caleb O'Toole staged his own death and now he's back to reclaim the family he left behind. 
    But when he finds that his family has moved on without ... more

  • Lottery

    by kimberly shursen

    He's the man next door; the handsome, charismatic, and wealthy man every woman wants and all men envy. 
    But behind those light blue eyes, a storm is raging. No one knows what Caleb will do next, not even himself. 

    "A top rate, ripped-from-the-headlines psychological thriller series that crackles with tension." Best 

    Lottery is the first in a series spanning three generations. 

    In San Fran... more

  • Hush

    by kimberly shursen

    From the judge to the jury to the thousands of protestors surrounding a Minneapolis courthouse, no one is safe.  
    "Raw, eloquently described emotions, along with unexpected twists and turns kept me from being able to put the book down." 
    Ann and Ben Grable want what every young couple who fall in love and marry wants; a home, children, and grow old together holding hands as they w... more

  • 099620010X

    by D. K. W.
    Three brilliant young adults are forcibly recruited by a secret agency, one that has unlimited funding and technology decades ahead of anyone else on the planet. While they were always a focus of the agency, their recruitment was expedited to stop a serious attack about to happen. China plans on attacking the U.S. with a computer virus, a Stuxnet variation, designed to sink the economy. The three young adults, Al, Kerry and John, have but a day to stop the virus before the U.S. is placed in a fi... more
  • McCall & Company: Swollen Identity

    by Rich Leder
    BEAUTIFUL BILLIONAIRE SOCIALITE. COLD-BLOODED CORPORATE ASSASSIN. MCCALL & COMPANY BACK IN BUSINESS. Way-off Broadway actress and NYC PI Kate McCall had promised the police and the Assistant DA—her son—that she was all done investigat- ing any damn thing in New York... Meaning beautiful billionaire socialite Brooke Barrington says someone has stolen her identity and the corporate assassin who murdered Kate’s father has shot the eyes out of the CEO of Superior Press... Meaning McCall... more
  • McCall & Company: Workman's Complication

    by Rich Leder
    MCCALL & COMPANY: WORKMAN’S COMPLICATION WAY-OFF BROADWAY ACTRESS. MURDERED PI FATHER. NEW DAY JOB. Off-off-off-off Broadway actress Kate McCall inherits her father’s New York private investigation business after he’s a whole lot of murdered in a life insurance company elevator. A concrete-carrying, ballroom-dancing construction mule says he fell off the scaffolding and can never work—or dance—again, and then sues the contractor for a whole lot of money. Kate assembles the eccent... more

    by Tara Tyler
    Our reluctant hero, detective J.L. Cooper's latest case leads him to investigate simulations - illegal clone androids. While doing his research, he winds up crossing paths with his ex, Geri Harper, and it's no coincidence. Just as he figures out they're after the same guy, Geri disappears then goes on a killing spree. Cooper knows it can't be her, it has to be a simulation. Now Cooper must find the real Geri, prove her innocence, and keep the untouchable villain from winning another election wit... more
  • Pop Travel

    by Tara Tyler
    In 2080, technology has gone too far for hard-boiled Detective J.L. Cooper. He thought he could avoid the pop travel teleportation craze, until he stumbled onto a video of a traveler who turned to dust. Cooper's discovery of the deadly flaw sparks a series of murders, attempts on his life, and threats to his brother. He’d like to pass off the evidence but knows he’s being watched and can’t trust anyone. And who would believe him? The only way he can save his brother is to fool his stalkers... more