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  • The Sins of My Fathers

    by C. Anthony Sherman
  • The Sins of My Fathers: How Three Family Relationships Attempt to Deal with Generational Curses So Prevalent in Their Family His

    by C. Anthony Sherman
    Dexter Simon moved back to the city where he was born and raised, after living in Chicago since he left home at the age of 17. When he returned with his wife, he found that the family of his youth had changed and was unwilling to share the family secrets that were tied to generational curses from their forefathers. Based on his strong faith and leadership position he had as the oldest sibling, he embarks on a path that will lead him to find the answers he needed. Along the way, he exposes curses... more
  • The White Side

    by C. Anthony Sherman
  • The Governor's Appointment

    by C. Anthony Sherman

    The Governor's Appointment raises the curtain on a small town's spiral into greed and corruption and takes the reader on a journey of twists and turns in C. Anthony Sherman's latest fictional novel. Suspense and intrigue surround the city officials and residents of Gloster, a small town in the deep south-- entrenched in tradition and lingering racism. When tens of workers are laid off from the local plywood plant--without severance and no notice--shock waves spread throughout... more

  • The Metal Man of Mount Ash

    by C. Anthony Sherman
  • The Last to Know

    by Lisa Caretti
    The charming but slightly offbeat town of Chester seemed like the perfect place for a fresh start, at least that is what Bretta Berryman’s husband claimed as he sent his wife and two daughters ahead of him to find their new dream home. \tBut when Bretta falls in love and purchases a dilapidated old mansion and begins renovations, she soon discovers that her new home has a history of horrifying evil and devastating secrets, all which appear to be intertwined with her absent husband’s inscrutabl... more
  • Amanda's Room

    by Chuck Miceli

    There is a storm coming, and her name is Amanda!

    Death came for Amanda Reynolds but could not pry her from her home. Her spirit remained and for the next two decades the abandoned mansion decayed but not Amanda's room. When Katie Jarvis and her teammates enter it they find a paradise that defies any natural explanation. After Katie discovers that the room also affects the weather for miles around, the team delves into the house’s history only to have each... more

  • The Torch is Passed: A Harding Family Story

    by Bill Powers
    First there was The Pharm House, Finalist in the Medical Thriller category of the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards, where readers met Nicholas Harding and his daughter, Andrea. Now comes the second Harding Family story. In the exciting new thriller, The Torch is Passed, Andrea has just graduated college and her world is turned upside down when her father, Nicholas, and her uncle, Michael, are shot in a surprising and puzzling attack. As the only family other than her paternal grandmother, ... more
  • HEROINE (A Brooke Kinley Adventures Novella)

    by A.S. Bond
    In this short prequel to the "mind-blowing" bestseller PATRIOT, HEROINE introduces investigative reporter Brooke Kinley as a young woman. While paddling in their canoe in northern Minnesota, Brooke and her brother rescue a trafficked Russian child. But will the price of Brooke's heroism be her own life? HEROINE is an action-packed novella that will appeal to anyone who enjoys adventure, mystery or crime, as well as Brooke's many fans!

    by A.S. Bond
    In Afghanistan, a US Army Patrol is devastated by an enemy with sophisticated weaponry, while in D.C., Pentagon staffer Scott Jenson tips off the ambitious young reporter Brooke Kinley about a billionaire businessman’s involvement in terrorism. But why is the White House determined to protect this businessman, and why does the answer seem to lie in the Canadian wilderness? In a dangerous journey to the remotest parts of the world, Brooke races to prevent a catastrophic attack on America, but can... more
  • His Just Desserts

    by John Raymond Williams
    As the owner of a successful casino, Burt Donaldson makes a lot of money. It irks him that he has to give most of it to the Internal Revenue Service, so he comes up with a plan. He recruits a partner from overseas to set a complicated scheme in action. Thanks to Burt’s influence, his foreign partner is about to win at Burt’s casino—and win big. The part that most people don’t know is that this lucky winner has agreed to give 90 percent of his winnings back to Burt—secretly. Greed isn’t his onl... more
  • The Clown Prince of Paris

    by James Dudley

    Paris, 1954. A city rebuilding from war reclaims its former grandeur, but dangers lurk in the shadows as battle lines are drawn for a new type of conflict.

    Up-and-coming comedian Tommy Malloy is preparing for the biggest break of his career; a series of headline shows in one of Paris’s hottest clubs. With its seamless mix of slapstick, social commentary, and impeccable comic timing, his unique act is sure to be the biggest thing to hit France since the Blitzkrieg (too soon?)

    ... more
  • A Thin Line

    by David Boiani

    John Corbin has been investigating, catching, and convicting murderers, rapists, and pedophiles for twenty years as a Seattle detective. But lately, someone has been beating him to the punch and eliminating these vile criminals before he can apprehend them. John is learning that there is a thin line between innocent or guilty, good or evil, alive or dead. 

    By definition, a thin line is a very narrow division between two alternatives. Some being exact opposites, while others ... more

  • Toxic: A Novel of Suspense

    by Ellen Tomaszewski
    In 1971, single mother Emma Lee Dubois loses her short term memory due to a head injury. Without friends or family, this displaced Southerner is victimized her 63-year-old boss, Leonard. Six months later, Emma Lee regains enough memory to realize she's married to the creepy, controlling codger. And she discovers she's pregnant! As Emma Lee heals, she begins to realize the terrible truth that escaping Leonard may be the hardest thing she's ever done.
  • Society of the Morning Star

    by Christopher Irwin
    When a friend is murdered and a fake Vermeer stolen, master restorer and forger Mark Burton follows the trail to Venice, where he falls under the spell of a mysterious woman and her circle of friends who live in an ancient house on the Grand Canal. There, every door and secret passageway leads Burton deeper into the secrets of the house, with its alluring women and their implacable enemies. Soon he must use all his wits and artistic skill to fulfill his unexpected destiny.