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  • The Devil's Analyst

    by Dennis Frahmann
    Danny Lahti had it all: fame, fortune, love -- and an obsessed stalker. As the clock ticks toward the year 2000, Danny's world starts unraveling without explanation. An unknown hacker unleashes a digital attack on his Internet company. A prowler attempts to break into his historic mansion which houses, according to Hollywood legend secret vaults. A long-time friend goes missing. Is it all coincidence, or are these just the first feints by a crazed admirer determined to force the truth from Dan... more
  • An Angry Orange Sky: A Gordan Hudde Novel

    by Mark Hudson

    Gordan Hudde former Army ranger and current CIA covert operative needed time to relax. A beach vacation in Mexico seemed an ideal get away; he never thought he would meet the love of his life there. He never thought that he would find peace and family; he never thought it.

    Gordan Hudde also never thought about violent street gangs, cartel run Governments, or the politics within America that allowed the problems south of their border to fester.

    But they forced Gordan to think about... more

  • Sins of the Father

    by Hannah Howe
    For the first thirty-three years of my life I had no knowledge of my father. No idea what he looked like, his name, whether he was dead or alive. Then fate brought us together. Then, a year later, he decided to hire me. Although we had talked for a year, my father was still Gawain Morgan to me, a stranger, not my dad. Would the task of locating Frankie Quinn bring us closer together, or drive us further apart? Frankie Quinn was a con-man, a life-long villain, a member of my father's old ... more
  • Family Honour

    by Hannah Howe
    When the biggest villain in the country makes you an offer you can't refuse, what should you do? In my case, I decided to accept that offer, made by Mr Vincent Vanzetti. Vanzetti hired me to find his missing daughter, Vittoria, while threatening reprisals should I fail in my task. While searching for Vittoria, I had to deal with the other members of the Vanzetti clan: Sherri, Vanzetti's second wife, at twenty-two the same age as Vittoria. Sherri was an 'actress', a porn star with ambitions to ap... more
  • Secrets and Lies

    by Hannah Howe
    Secrets and Lies - Suicide or Murder? Most of the people I encounter are hiding a secret and many of them are adept at telling lies. However, how do you learn the truth about someone who's no longer with us? Author, Barclay Quinton wrote Fabringjay, the story of a man leading a secret life during the Second World War, which was well received by the critics, but was ignored by readers, and Illicit Lust, a book he hated and wrote purely to satisfy his agent and publisher. Illicit Lust beca... more
  • The Hermit of Hisarya

    by Hannah Howe
    Some people will stop at nothing in their pursuit of wealth and power. Indeed, the greedy will often resort to murder. "You've been through a stressful time recently, " my fiance, Dr Alan Storey said. "I'm off to Bulgaria to attend a psychology conference so why don't you accompany me and we'll throw in a holiday as well." Great idea, I thought. However, when I arrived in Bulgaria my inquisitive nature compelled me towards a mystery dating back to the Second World War. That mystery invol... more
  • Ripper

    by Hannah Howe

    "I love breaking the rules." - Cardiff Jack. 

    Someone was murdering prostitutes, placing their bodies in the Bay and covering them with roses. To the media, he was 'Cardiff Jack', to the rest of us he was a man to avoid and fear. 

    Meanwhile, I was searching for Faye Collister, a prostitute. Why was Faye, a beautiful woman from a privileged background, walking the streets? Why had she disappeared? And what was her connection to Cardiff Ja... more

  • The Big Chill

    by Hannah Howe
    Book Three in the Sam Smith Mystery Series. “Emergency!” “Christ! Who shot her?” “Don’t know.” “What a mess.” “Better call Dr Warburton.” *** Bright lights. A sharp, antiseptic smell. Pain. Nausea. Feel so weak. The cat, who’ll feed the cat? “Marlowe.” “She’s babbling.” “She’s lost a lot of blood.” Blackness. “Have we lost her?” I don’t want to die! *** A jumble of images, my mother, my father, but his face is so vague. “Daddy!” Nothing. *** A man sc... more
  • Love and Bullets

    by Hannah Howe
    It had been a week since the incident at the abandoned quarry, a week since I’d shot and killed someone, a week since my ex-husband had been murdered. It had been an emotional week. But life goes on. I’d been hired to discover who was sending death threats to Dr Ruth Carey, a controversial psychiatrist. The trail led to two high-powered villains and soon the death threats were aimed at me, threats that increased following two murders. Meanwhile, after years of domestic violence, I was trying... more
  • Sam's Song

    by Hannah Howe
    Love Hurts. For Derwena de Caro, songstress, female icon, teenage dream, success brought drugs, alcohol and a philandering boyfriend. It also brought wealth, fame and a stalker, or so she claimed. And that’s where I came in, to investigate the identity of the stalker, little realising that the trail would lead to murder and a scandal that would make the newspaper headlines for months on end. Love Hurts. For me, Samantha Smith, Enquiry Agent, love arrived at the end of a fist. First, I had to... more
  • The Hunted Assassin

    by Paul B Kohler
    His name is an alias. His pretense is a disguise. His very existence on Taloo Station is no accident. Martin Wheeler—AKA Jaxon Rasner, is hiding from his past. After nearly a decade of living in obscurity, a team of killers is sent to end his life. Making matters worse, his estranged daughter is brutally abducted. Marked for death, he must return to the life he left behind as he races for survival throughout the Outer Ring, where he has no choice but to embrace the killer within.
  • Inevitable (First Printing)

    by Lindsay Boyd
    Having recently completed a twelve-year prison term for a horrendous crime committed when he was fourteen, Vanburn Holding pitches his hopes for a new life in an intentional recovery community based in northeast Thailand. On the eve of his departure for Asia an encounter with an ailing American high school girl on one of the beaches of his Caribbean island home threatens to derail his plans. Van, however, contends with this frightening occurrence and upon journeying to Asia and establishing hims... more
  • A Bitter Frost

    by Christine Schulden
    Laurel Frost seems to live an idyllic life; she touts a prominent local attorney as her husband, lives in the perfect home, is a member of a prestigious country club. But behind closed doors things look very different. While her husband spends more and more time working on a high profile murder case, Laurel finds evidence that someone keeps breaking into their home. But no one, not her sister, her husband or her psychiatrist believe her. Determined to prove she's not crazy, Laurel teams up with ... more
  • A Bodyguard of Lies

    by Donna Del Oro

    FBI analyst Jake Bernstein is recruited to go undercover and investigate an American grandmother wanted for war crimes during WWII but currently on a tour of England and Ireland with her granddaughter. Jake joins them and runs into complications when his growing attraction to the woman's granddaughter challenges his obligation to remain emotionally detached. As the investigation intensifies, a neo-Nazi group tries to prevent him from learning the truth and Jake struggles to stay alive lon... more

  • The Evolution of Evil (The Blackwell Files Book 6)

    by Steven F. Freeman
    Jan Summit, senator’s wife and world-class biologist, has disappeared from her Alzheimer’s research center on the Galapagos Islands. When cryptologist Alton Blackwell is called in to decode the scientist’s last message, he learns of a breakthrough discovery, one that could revolutionize treatment for the debilitating disease. Alton and wife Mallory, an FBI agent, join an elite force sent to track down the missing scientist. In doing so, they uncover a world of shadowy intrigue—a land where e... more
  • The Hidden Hand Duality of Self

    by Mallah-Divine Mallah
    Bomani resurfaces in a gentrified Bushwick after 10 years in a Federal prison. He has different ideas for himself. He wants to be socially active in the community. His cousin wants him to take the underboss position in a national crime organization. But Bomani has learned too much about the hidden hand (s). His time is running out. Will the love of his two women keep him from going back to the streets or maybe his community activism? No matter which way he chooses he makes enemies. He faces a ... more