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  • Between: Many crimes go misunderstood and unpunished. But not forever.

    by Barbara Gaskell Denvil
    This is a unique suspense novel, and the twists are not as you would expect . Many crimes go misunderstood and unpunished. But not forever. The young Primo is not sure how he died. Nor is he sure who to blame. But he is most certainly dead and not enjoying it, and so blames himself. He won’t allow those wretched shiny do-gooders to tell him what he should be doing, but the flying gangs from the lower planes are no longer his friends either. Heaven is not the paradise he expected, and now Pr... more
  • The Pharm House: A Harding Family Story

    by Bill Powers
    Do you ever wonder how drugs get in those little brown bottles? Read The Pharm House and you may give it a second thought. The Pharm House, is a suspense/thriller from debut novelist Bill Powers; an awe-inspiring cover advents this title in the newest print edition. As a debut author, Bill Powers introduces a foreboding and darkly suspenseful story in The Pharm House. Even though The Pharm House is set in an international pharmaceutical company, it is really a story about family. It's about Ni... more
  • A Deadly Gamble

    by Pat Mullan
    Corruption, Collusion, Conspiracy leads to one man's downfall. Fear, Hope, Despair take you from New York to Las Vegas in this fast, tense, tale. Revenge drives you to Asuncion, Paraguay. Jim Sharkey, a failed banker, is both the hunter and the hunted. Left to die in the Mojave desert he survives and seeks revenge. The flow of money through the global banking system was once his life-blood. Now it threatens to be his poison. London, Zurich, and the Isle of Man set the stage for the adrenalin-fue... more
  • A More Deadly Union

    by Gayle Carline
    How far would you go for someone you love? Someone is threatening Peri Minneopa’s client. The most likely suspect is a man whose past relationship with her client could ruin his chances at being elected mayor. This would be easier if her boyfriend, Detective Skip Carlton, wasn’t in a coma after being shot. Peri’s been dating him for 10 years, but without a marriage license, she can’t even visit him in the hospital. She knows better than to interfere with the police’s efforts to find Skip’s s... more
  • Freezer Burn

    by Gayle Carline
    “It’s Minn-ee-OH-pa.” Peri Minneopa has heard her name mangled a thousand ways and hates them all. What she does like are clean houses, and dirty martinis. She recently traded in her housecleaning business for a P.I. license. Her timing seems perfect, especially when she cleans a former client’s freezer and finds a severed hand inside, wearing an expensive ring. The client, Benny Needles, is a Dean Martin fanatic who swears he’s never seen the hand or the ring before. It’s a brand new world ... more
  • Forgotten

    by Jane Blythe
    The shocking finale to ‘A Secret to the Grave’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Dead or Alive’ and ‘Little Girl Lost’ With his relationship to wife, Tessa, strained almost to the point of breaking, Detective Parker Bell finds himself once again becoming too invested in his latest case, that of a young woman who was kidnapped and is suffering from amnesia. As he becomes intrigued by and attracted to the beautiful and mysterious young woman he names Hope his friends and family feel that he is losing h... more
  • Little Girl Lost

    by Jane Blythe

    The heart stopping sequel to ‘A Secret to the Grave’, ‘Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Dead or Alive’

    After crashing their car in the woods Detective Parker Bell and his wife Tessa stumble upon a blood splattered child and find themselves thrown headfirst into a nightmare eerily familiar to the one Tessa found herself in sixteen years ago.

    Forced to confront a past she would rather forget, every decision Tessa makes could cost her everything she h... more

  • Dead or Alive

    by Jane Blythe

    The bone-chilling sequel to ‘A Secret to the Grave’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’

    Twenty-one years ago a terrified little girl shot dead a man.

    Lila and Eric Abbott’s world spins out of control in an instant when their young son is shot and their infant daughter abducted in a seemingly random car jacking.

    While working on the case Detective Parker Bell disappears without a trace leaving, his friends and family, including new wife Tessa, frantic to fin... more

  • Winter Wonderland

    by Jane Blythe Blythe

    The spine-tinglingly gripping sequel to ‘A Secret to the Grave’

    Winter is approaching and serial killer, The Iceman, is emerging from hibernation to once again rule the winter with theatrical and brutal murders.

    With the city in the grips of Iceman fuelled terror, Detective Parker Bell is handed the task of finding a killer who is meticulous enough to leave behind no physical evidence and self-controlled enough to lie dormant through spring, summer and fall.

    As h... more

  • A Secret to the Grave

    by Jane Blythe

    A suicide.

    A secret.

    To the grave.

    That was the promise that ten girls made many years ago, and now the time has come when they will be forced to make a choice. Keep the secret and lose their lives, or reveal it and risk the lives of others.

    Detective Parker Bell has just returned to work after shooting dead a killer, when he and his partner land the case of a young woman abducted by a man who has left a list of clues pointing to nine other women he plans to kill.

    <... more
  • Wake Me Up

    by Justin Bog
    A teenage boy lies in a coma, mentally reliving the events leading up to his attack by a gang of classmates on a random wilding spree. Wake Me Up is a trip through the brain of an injured teenage boy whose supercharged perceptions expose the secret sins of those he wants to love and hopes to believe in.
  • What's Done in the Dark

    by Krys Batts
    For nearly a decade, Mona Baker has lived a life of secrets and deceit on her terms. But when her wealthy husband, Aaron, is arrested, she discovers that he also has secrets, secrets that could get her killed. Despite pressure from the police, Mona flatly refuses to cooperate with their investigation—until they drop a bombshell that shakes her to the core. Now Mona has no choice but to help them despite her mounting fears that Aaron's powerful allies are more determined to see her dead than t... more
  • The Sins of My Fathers

    by C. Anthony Sherman
  • The Sins of My Fathers: How Three Family Relationships Attempt to Deal with Generational Curses So Prevalent in Their Family His

    by C. Anthony Sherman
    Dexter Simon moved back to the city where he was born and raised, after living in Chicago since he left home at the age of 17. When he returned with his wife, he found that the family of his youth had changed and was unwilling to share the family secrets that were tied to generational curses from their forefathers. Based on his strong faith and leadership position he had as the oldest sibling, he embarks on a path that will lead him to find the answers he needed. Along the way, he exposes curses... more
  • The White Side

    by C. Anthony Sherman
  • The Governor's Appointment

    by C. Anthony Sherman

    The Governor's Appointment raises the curtain on a small town's spiral into greed and corruption and takes the reader on a journey of twists and turns in C. Anthony Sherman's latest fictional novel. Suspense and intrigue surround the city officials and residents of Gloster, a small town in the deep south-- entrenched in tradition and lingering racism. When tens of workers are laid off from the local plywood plant--without severance and no notice--shock waves spread throughout... more