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  • The Book of Hours

    by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
    For artist Gabriela Martinez, psychopaths do hit twice. After catching a glimpse of Gabriela's new work, The Book of Hours, Arnold Wickham has been like a man possessed. He will do anything to claim it and won't allow anyone to get in his way, especially not Gabriela. In the shadow of this new threat, Richard Harrison must protect Gabriela and stay one step ahead of the danger. If not, Gabriela's life, but especially, their future, may very well go up in flames.
  • The Coin

    by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

    A rare French coin, the unlucky artist, Gabriela Martinez, who finds it, and the reluctant CIA operative, Richard Harrison, who gets sent to protect her. And when the psychological games to terrorize Gabriela escalate, Richard must find a solution, if not, it may be too late for them both. Set in the French Riviera, The Coin is a romantic suspense that Kirkus Indie Review declared "a suspenseful, sexy romantic thriller.  A page-turner."

  • Cicada Spring: A Novel

    by Christian Galacar
    On a warm May evening in the spring of 1979, the people of Heartsridge, Massachusetts, are living the American dream. Families are gathered for barbecues. Kids are playing in front yards. Gardens are being kept. The anticipation of the 30th Annual Spring Festival is lifting all spirits. Meanwhile, Kara Price stumbles home through the woods, raped and beaten, her life shattered by a wicked act of violence, perpetrated by one of the town’s most beloved and public figures. Surrounding Kara is a... more
  • Last Call

    by Paul Parisi
    When God and the Devil make a bet, one man's soul—and the fate of the world—are caught in the middle in this debut Christian thriller. Former carpenter James Ryan has a life as close to idyllic as any typical American retiree: a nice house, a wonderful wife, a successful son, a part-time job to keep himself busy and contented. But this peaceful existence shatters one morning when a group of intruders break into James' house, locking him out while his wife, Amanda, is still asleep inside. The ou... more
  • Deep Six

    by Debbi Mack
    Maryland lawyer, Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae, is strapped for cash, when an old college friend asks her to help a citizens group fight a controversial development. Though loathe to take a zoning case, Sam is persuaded by the unusually high retainer, but the matter becomes personal when Sam finds Linda murdered. Finding the citizens group itself sharply divided, Sam investigates, needing to keep the client but not sure who to trust. When her investigation reveals a tangled web of lies, political... more
  • The Far Side of Silence

    by Robert B Marcus Jr and Kim Frank Richardson

    Alexander Gray is an ex-Navy Seal with an impossible assignment. Air Force One is shot down over the Mediterranean Sea with no survivors. The new president secretly orders the U.S. Navy to prepare the Sigonella Naval Air Station on Sicily for a clandestine and experimental operation to save the life of the Russian president, the man most Americans believe responsible for the downing of Air Force One. Antagonistic forces within the U.S. and Russian governments are determined to prevent that op... more

  • Poison Bay

    by Belinda Pollard
    “The Maori call this place Ata Whenua—Shadow Land.” Television reporter Callie Brown likes safe places with good coffee. But she joins friends from the past on a trek into New Zealand’s most brutal wilderness, in the hope of healing a broken heart. What she doesn’t know is that someone wants them all dead. Lost in every sense of the word, the hikers’ primal instincts erupt. Surrounded by people who have harbored secrets for a decade, Callie must choose the right ally if she doesn’t want... more
  • Distant Relatives

    by Stewart Brooks
    Young lawyer Chris Grant's life is dramatically changed when he is recruited by an intelligence contractor for the U.S. government, known simply as The Corporation. After months of training to enhance his already considerable fighting skills, he is sent on his first team mission to investigate the adulteration of medical supplies used to slowly poison both U.S. and Afghan troops. While in Afghanistan, he forms an alliance with a Russian officer, Afon Drachev, who is seeking vengence against th... more
  • Heart Break

    by MF Moskwik
    Isabel Swift is a hard-nosed, down-to-earth, female police officer who protects the citizens of Westchester County and wants to become a detective. From a broken home, her brothers and sisters in blue are her family, and she is shaken by the recent, unexpected death of her mentor, Ben Carter, from what everyone thinks was a heart attack. On her first day back from leave, she is paired with an arrogant forensic data scientist, Mark Jameson, who is more interested in data analysis than solving t... more
  • The Last Entry: A Mystery

    by Teri MacIntosh
    When her father mysteriously disappears, twelve-year-old Bethany Henderson pours her feelings into her journal...including a heartfelt imagining of his return. Bethany finds herself able to overcome any obstacle simply by writing a solution in her journal. Through this strange ability, she manages to bring home her missing father and help a friend recover from a severe accident. On the night her father returns she learns that his disappearance has something to do with his past but her par... more
  • Not Quite Dead (a Lowcountry Ghost Story)

    by Lyla Payne
    A broken engagement sends Graciela Harper crawling back to Heron Creek with her tail between her legs, but finds the sleepy little town too changed to set her life right. Not even her budding drinking problem can obscure her Gramps’s failing health, or erase the mental picture of her first love happily married to her childhood best friend. To top it all off, she’s having a heck of time convincing the town’s dashing young mayor of her unfit-for-dating status. When the ghost of 18th century la... more
  • The Magician

    by D.A. Pupa
    My debut novel is about a serial killer that strikes during Hurricane Sandy along the NJ Shore. After murdering the wife of the FBI Agent who is hunting him, the madman effectively disappears. The investigation goes cold until a "bestselling novel" by a new author reveals classified information pertinent to that horrible night. Is it the killer's way of announcing his return?
  • Know When to Run

    by Connie Flynn
    SHE WOKE UP KNOWING SHE CHEATED DEATH Imagine waking up one morning knowing nothing except you have a huge scar on your head and its clear someone tried kill you. That's what happened to Ky Taylor. Lucky enough to fall into friendly hands, she is now a blackjack dealer on a Mississippi riverboat casino where's she's healed from her injuries. But this day is different. A bounty hunter shows up and tells her she murdered her banker father and ran out on her bail. He's there to take her back,... more
  • Sink or Swim

    by Stacy Juba
    A fun beach read endorsed by contestants from Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race. Ambitious personal trainer Cassidy Novak has gained fame for starring on Sink or Swim, a hit reality show. Not only does she lose and have to walk the plank, but after the game show ends, the terror begins. Upon returning home, Cassidy discovers she has attracted a stalker masterminding his own twisted game. She struggles to focus on her health club job and celebrity endorsement opportunities, but her stal... more
  • Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

    by Stacy Juba
    When obit writer and aspiring reporter Kris Langley investigates the 25-year-old unsolved murder of Diana Ferguson, a young artist obsessed with Greek mythology, not only does she fall in love with Diana's nephew, but she must also fight to stay off the obituary page herself. Get in on the secret - join thousands of readers in discovering who killed Diana Ferguson.
  • The Olympus Killer

    by Luke Christodoulou
    'EVIL UNDER THE GREEK SUN' If this summer you are thinking of travelling to the majestic, sun kissed Greek Islands, think again. A sadistic killer is on the loose. THE OLYMPUS KILLER... Over the picturesque Greek Islands, bodies are piling up fast. Bodies tortured, mutilated and strangely connected to ancient Greek mythology. Hellenic Police Captain COSTA PAPACOSTA is called in to assist young, top of her year, foul mouth, food loving Cretan, Lieutenant IOLI CARA in solving their most comp... more