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  • He Can See Heaven: The Hierophant

    by J.B. Keats
    A cascading adventure of discovery, intrigue, and romance, He Can See Heaven tells the tale of Ellen Shea, an intrepid graduate student on a perilous search through exotic locales for a trove of lost scrolls. Penned by Saint Papias and known to history as the Logia, the scrolls are the first record of Jesus, eyewitness accounts older and truer than the New Testament. They unveil a new perspective of the man-god and predict the coming of a doomsday prophet, the Hierophant, the one who can see hea... more
  • Lucifer's Game: You're Playing It--Whether You Know It or Not!

    by Will Schneider
    Lucifer's Game is an exciting new book written as a novel-like parable about the complex nature of human consciousness and the inner conflict we mortals face between the Light and the Shadow—the two forces that battle for control of the psyche. This thoroughly engaging tale reads like a cross between a metaphysical thriller, a touching romance, and a self-help bestseller. Think Celestine Prophecy sits down at My Dinner with Andre and converses with Debbie Ford's The Dark Side of the Light Chaser... more
  • The Bridgeman

    by Catherine Astolfo
    Some secrets can come back to haunt you… Principal Emily Taylor feels safe in the friendly little town of Burchill—until she finds a body in her school. The murder of caretaker Nathaniel Ryeburn brings back memories she'd rather forget and plunges Emily into a mystery that involves a secret diary, an illegal puppy mill and a murderer innocently disguised as an ordinary citizen. As fear rips through the traumatized town, Emily's investigation inadvertently leads the police to her door, and ... more
  • Surly Bonds

    by Michael Byars Lewis

    When you're solo, no one can hear you scream.

    Jason Conrad is an Air Force student pilot, struggling to graduate pilot training. Rebuilding his personal life, he quickly finds the friends he relies on have bigger secrets than his own. On the other side of the world, a former KGB leader is plotting to overthrow the Russian government. While the 'Cold War' is believed to be over, a renegade group of Russian officers launch a plan that could possibly ignite World War Three... more

  • The Great Apocalypse (Sparlock of the Multiverse Book 1)

    by Daniel Thompson
    Thomas Adams is a talented editor for a major New York book publisher. He lived quietly until a beautiful forensic psychologist came into his life. When she disappears under mysterious circumstances, he becomes obsessed with unraveling a "story" that unites the Bible, a lost masterpiece by Hieronymus Bosch, Jewish legends, apocryphal literature, fairy tales, forgotten Gnostic heresies, end time predictions of nineteenth century apocalyptic sects, and even a religious propaganda film for children... more
  • The Opener

    by John Triptych
    Beneath the gleaming new economies of South-East Asia there exists an underworld of transgression, vice and rampant corruption. Abandoning a recession-plagued America for the easy money of Asia's lucrative but highly illegal boiler room industry, Don Rouse must navigate through a sordid world of drug addicts, deviants, prostitutes and professional conmen in order to achieve his lifelong dream of making it big. But his world is suddenly turned upside down as the police show up and his boss goe... more
  • The Mercy

    by Barbara DeShong
    Suicide doesn’t happen in good families. Never when both parents are mental health professionals. But it did. Convinced the suicide was her fault, psychologist Jessica LeFave is immobilized with guilt. And now her best friend, the one who asked to speak with her last night and Jessica put off, is found murdered, her body on an altar to Santa Muerte. While the police insist her death is one more drug-trafficking casualty, Jessica believes the murder is connected to Camilla’s emotional instability... more
  • We Grew Up Anyway

    by Beau Merrick
    Life in the suburbs of the typical Midwestern city of Saint Louis seemed to follow the benign stories which were read in schools and the Norman Rockwell paintings which lined the quaint, boring walls and hallways of homes everywhere. America in the Cold War era of the early 1960’s was laid-back and content, with social struggles all but gone from the landscape. At least, that was the way it seemed on the surface. But, just out of reach, just past the corner of our eye, lurking in the shadows ... more
  • The Farber Legacy

    by George Encizo

    A gritty suspense novel and psychological thriller. When a prominent attorney and a respected sheriff each take on cases involving heinous crimes, they uncover dark secrets and horrible deeds aching to be brought to justice.

  • Pretty Little Creatures

    by vince milam
    Ebola, ISIS, Drug Cartels. A dark force driving events. A beautiful CIA assassin in pursuit, joined by three dissimilar individuals committed to finding answers.
  • Stolen Memories

    by mary miley
    \tA brutal attack along the banks of the Seine in 1928 leaves a young Englishwoman close to death in a Paris hospital, without a memory in her head. She soon comes up against a vengeful husband who accuses her of the theft of priceless art, the French gendarmes who have linked her to a murder on the Riviera, and a scorned lover who is trying to kill her. The husband, believing his wife’s amnesia is faked, spirits her away to an ancient chateau in the French province of Champagne, where prehist... more
  • Dies Irae

    by BV Lawson

    A mysterious music puzzle. A murdered coed. Sinister secrets.

    Three years ago, Scott Drayco left the FBI after an incident involving his partner, Mark "Sarg" Sargosian. Now a freelance crime consultant, Drayco often helps law enforcement on cases, but he never imagined his estranged former partner would turn up on his doorstep, pleading for Drayco's help. A co-ed at an elite Washington, D.C., private college has been murdered, and the victim's friend -... more

  • Requiem for Innocence

    by BV Lawson

    Crime consultant Scott Drayco is in the middle of a thorny case in Washington, D.C. involving murder victims who were all wheelchair-bound. Then, out of the blue, he gets a worried call from a friend on Virginia's Eastern Shore about an attack on an innocent disabled girl.

    Working once again with Sheriff Sailor and Deputy Nelia Tyler, Drayco discovers almost everyone believes the girl's attack was an accident. But he begins to suspect otherwise when he crosses paths with a badly... more

  • Savannah Dawn: Unconsecrated Visions

    by Janna Hill
    Every young girl has dreams. Some dream of being a super model or a nurse, a doctor or a fireman, a teacher, a writer or a rock star. Savannah Dawn has dreams too. But she mostly dreams of a life without nightmares.
  • Rotten Peaches (The Thelonious T. Bear Chronicles)

    by Mitzi Szereto (co-authored with Teddy Tedaloo)
    “Animal Dwarf Bandits” with Tommy Guns are on a crime spree in Georgia! Dillinger-style bank heists are being committed by a dangerous gang of little people wearing animal masks. Enter ursine photojournalist Thelonious T. Bear. Still smarting from his misadventures in Norfolk, he’s eager to begin his assignment in the American South. However, Thelonious soon learns that the South isn’t all fried chicken and sweet tea. In between encounters with a trigger-happy farmer and a fire-and-brimstone ... more
  • Buried

    by C. J. Carmichael
    Over thirty years ago a series of murders targeting Oregon librarians was never solved. Now someone with inside knowledge is feeding clues to true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, promising him the best story of his career. Pursuing the leads means returning to his hometown of Twisted Cedars, and facing the past he'd rather forget. Local Twisted Cedars librarian Charlotte Hammond prefers her mysteries between the covers of a good book, especially since the disappearance of her older sister, Daisy, ... more