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  • The Domino Game

    by Greg Wilson

    When Russian federal agent Nikolai Aven starts investigating the affairs of Moscow tycoon, Marat Ivankov, he finds himself caught in a web of corruption involving the lethal Russian mafiya and their powerful political friends. With the lives of his wife and daughter at stake, Nikolai turns to the only person he believes can help, US Embassy attaché, Jack Hartman. But this is Russia. Trust is a commodity that can be bought and sold and nothing is what it seems. Driven by a primal resolv... more

  • He Counts Their Tears

    by Mary Ann D'Alto

    Aaron has a problem.  Aaron likes to play a game, a sick game, with women's minds.  Aaron is a psychopath.  You would never guess as much, because he is so handsome, so captivating, and so very charming.  Yes, Aaron seems too good to be true, because, of course, he is.  Enter the world of Dr. Aaron Stein, and learn just how this perfect gentleman toys with women's minds, and plays with their emotions.  Each woman is a new chance to play his game.  Ti... more

  • Shielded Past

    by patti morelli
    Kate Halsey is a successful manager for an upscale Woman’s Fragrance Company. Kate grew up in Manhattan in the foster care system. Her only friend throughout her lifetime was Annie.Kate marries the man of her dreams and they purchase their first home. The home they both fall in love with is adjacent to the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital in Marlboro New Jersey. On her first evening in the home Kate sees a light coming from the abandoned hospital. The light becomes an obsession that she later sha... more
  • Jane.

    by Riya Anne Polcastro

    Somewhere out there is a line in the sand between sanity and insanity. JANE searches that line out, toys with it, revels in it, and then takes a running leap right over it. 

    Salem Oregon sets the stage for Crazy Town, where the mental hospital sits smack dab in the middle of the city― halfway down Center Street. It is an apt placement when you consider the character of the city and yet it begs the age old question; was it the chicken or the egg? 

    Whether it is ... more

  • The Eighth Day

    by Joseph John

    A warning from a stranger. "Nothing you know is real. Your name isn't Shawn Jaffe, you're not an investment broker, and you're not from Ohio." But the stranger is murdered before he can explain.

    Now Shawn isn't sure who he can trust. Even his own memories are suspect.

    Someone is watching him, controlling him, using him. To survive, he'll need to find out who and why.

    But the stakes are m... more

  • Black & White & Dead All Over: A Lost Hat, Texas, Mystery (The Lost Hat, Texas, Mystery Series Book 1)

    by Anna Castle
    What happens when the Internet service provider in a small town spies on his clients' cyber-lives and blackmails them for gifts and services? Murder; that's what happens. Penelope Trigg moves to Lost Hat, Texas to open a photography studio and find herself as an artist. Things are going great. She's got a few clients, some friends, even a hot new high-tech boyfriend. But when Penny submits some nude figure studies of him to a contest, she gets hit with a blackmail letter in her inbox. "Do ... more
  • The Widows Guild

    by Anna Castle
    London, 1588: Someone is turning Catholics into widows, taking advantage of armada fever to mask the crimes. Francis Bacon is charged with identifying the murderer by the Andromache Society, a widows’ guild led by his formidable aunt. He must free his friends from the Tower, track an exotic poison, and untangle multiple crimes to determine if the motive is patriotism, greed, lunacy — or all three.
  • Death by Disputation

    by Anna Castle
    Thomas Clarady is recruited to spy on a group of radical Puritans at Cambridge University. Francis Bacon is his spymaster; his tutor in both tradecraft and religious politics. Their commission gets off to a deadly start when Tom finds his chief informant hanging from the roof beams. Now he must catch a murderer as well as a seditioner. His first suspect is volatile poet Christopher Marlowe, who keeps turning up in the wrong places. Dogged by unreliable assistants, chased by three lusty women, ... more
  • Murder by Misrule

    by Anna Castle
    Francis Bacon must catch a murderer to regain Queen Elizabeth’s favor. He recruits handsome Thomas Clarady to chase witnesses from Whitehall to the London streets. Everyone has something up his pinked and padded sleeve. Even the brilliant Bacon is at a loss — and in danger — until he sees through the disguises of the season of Misrule.
  • Blood Brothers: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel

    by Randy Weir
    Jarvis must search his heart to forgive and help his big brother Flynn, who he cares for but can’t trust at the same time. Flynn, has dug himself a hole he can’t climb out of, one filled with lies, deceit and peril. Soon both are caught between Feds and gangsters, leading Jarvis to a confrontation with an evil worse than anything he’s encountered before. A monster who may leave Jarvis, and all those he holds dear, dead.
  • Moscow Machination

    by Ian Maxwell
    In 1945, Stalin imprisoned a team of Nazi scientists and forced them to think beyond the nuke. Now seven decades later, they are finally ready. A Russian President cornered by sanctions and a Russian Analyst unencumbered by legacies team up to revive Russia's past glory. Thinking beyond the nuke, the duo unleashes a Russian roulette of international intrigue and tomfoolery. Missing Siberian Tigers, South Beach parties on aircraft carriers, Shenanigans in Pyongyang make this macabre medle... more
  • A Racket in the Burbs

    by Ben Broeren
    Ron McCallister, an Army veteran working as a bouncer at a Chicago suburban strip joint, isn't your typical hero. The only thing he cares about other than keeping an eye on sleazeballs and passing the time with bourbon and books is his dying aunt. But when the mob tries to take out both he and stripper Carey Sullivan, the duo hit back. In their race to survive, a passion explodes between them as powerful as their need to clean up the town and set things right.
  • And Then He: A New Adult Dark Thriller

    by Kim Briggs
    Tiffani thought she’d suck the lifeblood out of a dozen exotic locations by her fifth year reunion. She certainly didn’t envision herself as a diner waitress serving giant slices of pie to diabetic townies. The best-selling author she planned to become now writing, “Hold the pickles.” Yet limited funds, monstrous debt, and a high school sweetheart with big league ambitions of his own force her to set aside her own dreams. She soon discovers loneliness is a seductive mistress. Enter sexy stranger... more
  • The Dolphin

    by Craig Bennett Hallenstein


    Former child prodigy and aspiring psychologist, Sean Jordan, moves to New Orleans, putting his past behind him, until a conservative radio station in a bid for higher ratings outs him as a dangerous sex offender. When the thirteen-year-old daughter of the station’s nationally celebrated talk show host disappears, police scramble to take down Jordan, unaware that he too is a victim of the kidnapper, terrorizing the city on the eve of... more

  • Fast Track to Glory

    by Tomasz Chrusciel


    A long-lost artefact... A ruthless treasure hunter... A race to unveil the mystery...

    Nina Monte has worked hard to achieve her dreams. At thirty-six she’s one of Italy’s youngest professors, and renowned for her knowledge of the ancient world.  Old religious texts might make for lonely companions at night, but that’s nothing a bottle of fine wine can’t fix.

    When a mysterious summons presents a career-making opportunity, N... more

  • The Redemption of Charlie McCoy

    by Christopher Wilsher
    Charlie McCoy is a small-time thief. He’s set up to take the fall for a burglary of a mob boss’s house. But he manages to escape with his life and a bag full of CD-ROMs that incriminate some dirty politicians. Now both the mob and the FBI are on his trail.