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  • Death Wish

    by Cathy McGough
    Life is way too short to sit around worrying and wondering what might have been. Sometimes you've just got to take control. This is a story of a man who did just that.
  • One Fateful Summer

    by Vanessa Star

    When Lisa, a small business owner from Los Angeles, arrives to the Mediterranean isle of Cyprus on a summer vacation, she marvels at the welcoming beaches and warm sea, tasty local food and wine, and hospitable local people. However, she soon gets unwillingly involved in a series of dramatic mysterious events. She notices that someone is following her, then Lisa and her friend Elena narrowly escape tragedy when a part of a building collapses on them. Lisa suspects that several brushes with de... more

  • The Patsy

    by Bert Silva
    No good deed goes unpunished. Is that old exhortation at all believable? It became true for J.D. Mize. An impulsive chivalrous act---which Mize later regretted many times over---ultimately resulted in deadly consequences. Released from prison, Mize was determined to lead an honest and productive life. But certain individuals have other plans for him---including the police. The authorities have decided that Mize has violated his parole restrictions and should be returned to prison. His options ha... more
  • Deliver Us From Honor

    by S. E. Valenti
    Deliver Us from Honor is the story of sixteen-year-old Adriana Vazanno, a young girl who is brutally raped and left for dead in 1911 Sicily by a man who is seemingly above the law. Adriana knows that bringing him to justice risks the death of her own father–and she is not willing to pay that price. So when her older brother Antonio finds her ravaged and beaten body in the family’s lemon orchard, she swears him to silence. But Adriana’s mother knows the truth of her daughter’s injuries and is ov... more
  • A Season To Kill

    by Michael Mucci

    A 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist

    A 2016 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention winner - Murder Mystery

    As the new sheriff in the rural town of Macon, Pennsylvania, Chris DeAngelo digs into a series of unsolved cases - only to unearth a dangerous secret that puts him into a killer's crosshairs..."Brilliantly written and truly suspenseful" (San Francisco Book Review) 


    When sma... more

  • Blood Will Tell

    by C.. S. Donnell

    “But he never forgets. You know that.”
    “And he never forgives.”

    Family ties. A good thing, right? Not if you come from Amy's family. Amy escapes her gilded cage only to find herself alone. One by one, everyone disappears from her life. Seventeen years of futile searching end when a letter arrives and leads her through a maze of shifting identities, kidnapping and attempted murder. Will she find the answers in time?

  • Brooklyn's Song

    by Sydney Arrison
    Brooklyn Pierce has just witnessed an attempted assassination, and Detective Song Kai and his partner, Detective Mattice Blake, are on the case. But as the story progresses, sparks begin to develop between Brooklyn and Song, providing the reader with a storyline overflowing with sensuality, compassion and romance amidst the onset of drama, tension, suspicion, deception and murder and an explosive ending, which you will never see coming.
  • The Legacy: A New World Legal Thriller

    by Marjorie Florestal
    What if Christopher Columbus had fathered a child with a Taino Indian woman from the New World? Five hundred years after a discovery that rocked the world, Chris Colón wants everyone to know his explosive secret. He claims to be descended from Christopher Columbus--born of a union between "The Great Navigator" and the beautiful Taino warrior princess, Yaguana. Now, Chris wants his share of the vast Columbus fortune. Chris's revelation threatens the stability of several govenments around ... more
  • The Ephesian Artifacts

    by Patrick W. Ledray

    by Kimberley Koz
    December 21st ~ 84:00 hours to Eve Launch After twenty years of ‘wedded bliss’ to the original Bad Boy of the Northern Hemisphere, my life is not all Sugarplum Fairies and Joy to the World. I could fill pages about my life with Kris Kringle, but I wouldn’t want to destroy your childhood delusions about Santa Claus. Don’t get me wrong. I love my wickedly charming husband. He’s a wonderful father. A steady provider, and still makes all the right moves in bed. Ohhh yah! Yet, here’s the thing: I wa... more
  • Follow the Dotted Line

    by Nancy Gilsenan Hersage
    Andrea Bravos is dazed and amazed when a Styrofoam burger box with her ex's ashes arrives in the mail. Her adventure to find out what happened will upset officials of several small countries, insult the founders of three major religions, give her four adult children acid reflux, and lead her to assault with a deadly golf club. In the process, she will joyfully drag along her soft-spoken but fearsome accountant, while trying to fend off her mooch of a nephew. It’s a convoluted and quixotic cape... more
  • Spike

    by Steve Powell

    They were strangers on a train until she invited him out for drinks. She's sizzling hot beyond reason and he thinks that this is his lucky day. But before he knows what hit him, he blacks out and when he awakens he somehow has enhanced aptitudes. But his situation gets even more complicated when a mysterious voice on a mobile-phone starts directing him and and a large sum of money appears in his bank account. That's when he knows that the world has gone mad and the woman from the trai... more

  • Dial Qr for Murder

    by A.E.H. Veenman
    For defense attorney Isis Ferrelli, life is good—until the second day of the Norman Kane trial… Her client was accused of using QR code software he’d developed to steal a drug called Fentanol. But when he’s murdered, Isis fears someone from her own past might be involved. Her uncle, Louis Fernoza, put her through law school. Now a mob boss, he wants to end their estrangement and make use of the star attorney he created. To protect those she cares about, Isis turns to her crime blog and her alter... more
  • Falling Walrus

    by Robert Wolfe
    A dead fisherman and headless walrus draw Nick John and anthropologist Camilla Mac Cleary into a shadowy world of black-market ivory and ancient prophecies. An Alaska mystery, book one of the Falling Walrus mysteries.
  • The Murder of Sherlock Holmes

    by David Fable
    The year is 1912, and Sherlock Holmes lies dead on the coroner’s table as a shaken Dr. Watson witnesses his autopsy. In the search for Holmes’s murderer, Watson is joined by Christopher Hudson, the 21 year old son of Mrs. Hudson, Holmes’ former landlady at 221B Baker Street. Christopher, recently graduated from Oxford, grew up at Baker Street during the legendary years when Holmes and Watson occupied the flat upstairs. Watson and Christopher explore the grimy East End of London and encoun... more