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  • She Pulls Off the Interstate

    by Eugene Ahn
    On an evening like any other, a mysterious woman moves into room Four-One-Three of an apartment building in a new city with the firm determination to start a fresh life here. Quiet, deadly, and haunted by a violent past, she quickly finds herself pulled between the desire to connect with another human being and the desire to fall back into her darker side, even as fate begins to set in motion a series of events that will lead to a cataclysmic encounter with a familiar and vengeful figure, someon... more
  • T.E.N.-a Sci-Fi Thriller: Book 1 through Book 5 (the T.E.N. thriller series)

    by Terry Persun
    In this exciting thriller (series), Tempest Eugene Nesbit (T.E.N.) runs from the government, the same government that ordered his wife to be killed and is now hunting him down. The top secret project he worked on was shut down, but why? His bodyguard and friend may have the answers, and hands Ten a list of who made the final decision about the project and his life sentence. Also on the list are the names of six other scientists about to be eliminated. What government project could be this ... more
  • little secrets, BIG LIES (an ebook at

    by Ronald A Feldman
    Lindsay Riccardi, PhD, NYC clinical psychologist, has been having a bum year and it’s about to get worse. Her husband left for another woman and Lindsay was the last to know. Since that fateful day, and after sleepless and lonely nights aplenty she developed a relationship with a handsome hunk of a jazz piano player who is much more than he seems to be. Lindsay finds herself at the center of a murder investigation which leads to excursions into dark places in her mind and that of her new... more
  • Find Virgil

    by Frank Freudberg
    Get inside the mind of a serial killer as you never have before. Is Martin Muntor a villain or a victim? Can you picture yourself rooting for a madman to succeed in an ingenious plot to kill hundreds of people? It's 1995, and the tobacco industry thinks it's invincible. But is it? Second-hand smoke gave Muntor lung cancer, and he's mad. Very mad...and he's not going to go quietly. Muntor devises a lethal plan to put the cigarette companies out of business, and he doesn't care... more

    by Paul K Brown
    Gasoline is in short supply, rationing at over $17/gal. Aqualene will cost less than a dollar if Adam Harlow can get his formula to NASA before Big Oil gets to him first! A murder outside his makeshift lab in underground Seattle suggests the young mineralogist knows too much, and his troubles have just begun. Follow Adam through a maze of thrill and intrigue to see how he fares against a ruthless oil baron determined to rule world markets!
  • Blame, A Casey Portman Novel

    by Linda Rocker

    BLAME, A Casey Portman Novel, returns us to the West Palm Beach courthouse where bailiff, Casey Portman is caught up in a murder case similar to the Michael Jackson overdose tragedy. But here in the posh communities surrounding the Palm Beaches, a young man dies of an overdose and his mother is looking for someone to blame--and to punish. The prosecutor, Charlie Graham, who stumbled and fumbled in the first novel, Punishment, A Legal Thriller, is back with an ... more

  • Poppy Fever

    by LaRee Bryant
  • Tiger Paw (an FBI Thriller)

    by Charles A Cornell
    As a serial killer wreaks havoc on Wall Street, dismantling a corrupt financier's empire one body at a time, FBI profiler Scott Forrester uncovers the deadly secret of a demon-worshipping Hindu cult that is determined to change the very fabric of society. Firmly in their assassin's crosshairs, Scott Forrester is forced underground to stop the killing spree. But will he survive the deal he must make with the Devil to thwart their satanic plan?
  • Into Exile

    by Philip Winsor
  • Bones and Roses (Cypress Bay Mysteries Book 1)

    by Eileen Goudge
    Welcome to the northern California seaside town of Cypress Bay, where the surf's up, the sixties live on and long-buried secrets are about to surface. From home invasions to cheating spouses, Rest Easy Property Management owner Leticia "Tish" Ballard thought she'd seen it all. Almost four years sober after flambéing her real estate career in an alcohol-fueled blowout, she's finally in a good place in her life when the discovery of skeletal human remains rocks her world and plunges her he... more

    by Vincent Panettiere
    A thoroughbred race horse collapses and dies after finishing last in a race he was favored to win. Hours later the stallion's trainer, a young woman with a promising career, is found dead on a beach in suburban Chicago. The police draw a facile solution - murder/suicide. A woman to blame? Mike Hegan, a veteran police detective being forced to retire on a medical disability, refuses to believe the official version. His search for the truth leads him to a promontory on a Caribbean island ... more
  • House of Lies

    by S.R. Claridge
    A strange message sets Skylar Wilson on a perilous journey to rescue her sister from a deadly cult. Searching for answers, Skylar discovers that the cult stretches far beyond its pseudo-evangelical veil, penetrating the upper echelon of the United States government and pushing a lethal international agenda. To expose the truth, Skylar must first unravel the lies, each one leading her down a trail filled with dangerous scandals and mysterious deaths. For this nightmare to end, Skylar will have to... more
  • No Easy Way

    by S.R. Claridge
    Swerving with the kind of deliberate precision only blind rage can empower, the black pick-up crushes Kansas Oil Tycoon, Lou Miller, leaving Miller’s widow with an impossible choice: Cover the sin that led to her husband’s death and conceal the identity of his killer, or risk the destruction of her family. She carefully weaves a net of protection around her family, but the day she dies it begins to unravel, leaving her grandson, Tom, and his wife in grave danger. Racing to piece together the fam... more
  • High Andes

    by Rolf Margenau
    This is the third book in the Wylie Cypher series. In it, Wylie, suffering from a mid-life crisis, decides to challenge fading youth by taking a trekking vacation across the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountains) of the High Andes in Peru with his daughter, Mercy, just graduated from college. It is 1981. While working with legal clients in Lima, he inadvertently acquires documents that contain explosive and damning evidence about the Peruvian government’s extreme interrogation techniques. He lear... more
  • The Candy Shop

    by S.R. Claridge

    One decision can change everything. One decision can cost everything. And the worst part is there’s no turning back. Kira Sullivan doesn’t realize her new job comes with a price until it’s too late. Trapped in a web of lies that has endangered her family and left her best friend missing, Kira turns to Detective Rocco Sterling for help. She quickly learns that there are no chance meetings, no coincidences and the people in her life are not what or who they appear to be. The d... more

  • Loose Ends

    by S.R. Claridge
    It’s been a year since Angel discovered her true identity in the Mafia world and being the first female boss has had its challenges. She’s been kidnapped, shot at, Tasered, blown up and thrown out of a plane. Not many women can say that. Through it all she has learned that family loyalty means everything, traitors are not tolerated and love can be deadly. Tragedy strikes on the eve of a Maratinzano celebration when a nerve gas attack renders several Bosses dangerously exposed. Racing to secure h... more